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Field Medic class and arsenal

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PrivateMarkosL    390

First of all, there are so many uniforms for medics that were made for Medics during WW2 but i'm choosing the ones that would be more suitable in the game










US:M1 Garand,M3 Grease Gun,M1A1 Thompson,M1911,M1917,First Aid Kit,Medic Pouch

GE:Gewehr 43,MP34,MP40,Luger P08,Walther P38,First Aid Kit,Medic Pouch

SU:SVT40,PPD40,PPSH41,PPS43,TT33,Nagant 1895,First Aid Kit,Medic Pouch



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Junell    128

Why post this here? Threads like this are better suited for the Action game feedback and suggestions part of the forum. 


Posting in this part of the forum is (or used to be) a privilege. Let's not use that privilege to make it more cluttered and less relevant to @Reto.Christiano. We want him to use the forum more, not less. 

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