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81te. PanzerGrenadier Division

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Ritterick    166



Greetings Soldaten!


Please scroll to the bottom for the application form.


Discord: https://discord.gg/FPWrgdb


Coordinated offensives, and actual teamwork on the German side is slowly becoming a thing of the past. This is an unfortunate trend, and something I aim to directly oppose. In order to fulfill this purpose, the [81.PzG] are being raised.


We will be welcoming players both new and old, and once we have the capability of fielding full teams, we'll open the gates to working with other clans, and both participating in, as well as organizing larger offensives.


For the moment, our current phase is:

Founding recruitment. Establishing A Kompanie



At least 1 level 5+ Infantry.


Willingness to work as a team.

Willingness to play primarily as infantry.

Willingness to learn, if inexperienced.

Willingness to work with teammates whom might be inexperienced if Veteran.

GMT-9, to GMT-3 localization preference, others allowed based on schedule compatibility.


Application Form:

Account Name: Ritterick

Discord Account: @Ritterick#1416

Experience Level: (New, Inexperienced, Rusty, Veteran) Veteran

Assault Teams: 

3x Infantry,

3x Motorized Guards,

2x Pathfinders,

1x Recon,

1x Light Armor,

1x Recon Fighters.

Reason for Joining: I miss the earlier days of more cooperation on the German side. It still happens to an extent, but I'm nowhere near as involved as I used to be in my TX, FJD.13, or FJR.23 days. So, I started looking towards what to fix that with... and there aren't a lot of rather active NA groups actively recruiting. So I'm making one. 


Recruiting is currently open, with meet and greets on discord Tuesday and Thursday, 1:00PM - 7:30PM GMT-4.



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