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3 Factions with KITS on Uniforms ,Camos & Helmet?

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Hello Folks! I just want to share or entertain you guys with this topic "KITS". Kits is a change the appearance of a weapon/soldiers' model or camouflage. Weapon Kits can be used in certain type of weapon camos too but we are mainly focusing on Infantries' uniform and Helmets. The reason why this should be in game because it would be more detailed like Genre WW2(ish) gameplay and would also look more Bad Boy which this helps look intimidation on our foes based on our Ranks in game. So I'll start off with an example of German Faction with Kits in uniform.

My number 1 Favorite Kit , Folded Sleeve with Leaves on the Helmet,Belt and Satchel. Uniform Can Be changed if the devs refer it. Also Rank Badges should be showed on the shoulders in game to know specifically players may know what rank and who you are. 

Infantry Bolt-Action/Semi AR weapon Kit Class



Machine Gunner Kit. Bullets on the Neck though chest, satchel and belt. Regular Helm. LMG weapon Kit


Backpack Kit for more Detailed in game with default infantries. AR/SeMi A weapon Kit Class



Basic Kit with carry handgun, Satchel. SMG weapon KIT


Last but not least the most important kit in-Game.Helmet Sign and StrapBand on Left Arm. Sanitater or Combat Medic kit Class


This is an Excellent Idea and big change for the game to be more unique and lively in WW2 Genre. It would make the game more Detailed and serious Fun of how each infantries has role. But Cons to this is 1. Fps Drop or Big File adds up in game. 2. Grind Currency or $$$ spent which pretty normal to Reto's system(JK) 3. Takes a long time to do make for devs since all faction and branches need to have kits as well.

Here's another Vet player Suggested from Reddit. https://www.reddit.com/r/HeroesandGenerals/comments/3iu5al/soldier_customization_suggestion/

What you guys think? Feel Free to Comment please. I want to hear your onions! Thank you.


Missing Words and Bad sentence phrases

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GermanSoldier    3,795
10 hours ago, KampferKrat'en said:

What you guys think?


You will probably like this



Though on the topic of Kits, my most favorite Kits must be these:

1. Luftwaffe soldier (in normandy), Camouflage Helmet, Splinter Fielddivision Jacket



2. Fallschirmjäger Machinegunner (in italy), Tan FJ helmet, Green early type smock and luftwaffe tropical trousers


3. Luftwaffe Officer (in Italy), tropical tunic and trousers, jackboots and Luftwaffe visor cap



4. SS tankhunters (in russia,), camouflage helmet cover, camouflage smocks



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Reimond77    78
16 hours ago, KampferKrat'en said:

What you guys think?

I like.


NKVD kit with blue (and red) pants!





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quinnspear    13

Standard soviet uniform right now

Image result for soviet M44 uniform


here is the classic soviet telogreika

(the two men on the right of the group of 4 best display it)

the ability to wear a ushanka instead of a helmet would be cool aswel



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Krzysiek5657    977
On 11/3/2019 at 4:43 AM, KampferKrat'en said:


yes pls, finally i will see GE in bushes ;d

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