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Removal of Scopes on Infantryman and bayonets for all other rifles

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PrivateMarkosL    390


Removed M1903 Springfield and scopes and replaced with Iron sight Springfield M1903A3





Keeping the same weapons but the scopes are removed on the infantryman



Removed Mosin Nagant Scope Variant and scopes and replaced with MN1891/30 Standard issue:




M1 Garand:

Already in the game but the bayonet is not:




The same as the M1 Garand:





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Fine with removing the infantry scopes but the current scope customization system is way better. Also the Zielacht is relistic as German snipers often were purposefully selected from hunters and hunting scopes were quite common. 

In early war the around 4x ones were common but in late 43 a request was made for the civilians to donate higher mag scopes (6x-8x) 


The ZF41 scope on the other hand was issued to standard infantrymen (the best marksman in the squad) 


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Jøhnson    15

Bayonets would be able to fit on the following weapons:

(The following use the Seitengewehr-98 which all German infantrymen had given to them, the universal German bayonet)


G41 (Not ingame, very similar to the G43 but with no detachable magazine and the barrel rod which the G43 lacked and so could not fix a bayonet)

MkB42 (Same rod issue as above with the StG44 - There's a good post about carbine tiers RETO could consider by Akinaba, can't find it rn)



M1 Garand (M1 Bayonet was most used on the Western front as it was shorter and they had no Arisaka spears to worry about - Longer version is the 1942 bayonet)

M1903 Springfield (I don't know but doubt if the M1 Bayonet fit, but the 1942 bayonet did)

M1 Carbine...? (I think M4 Bayonet. Post-War. Give it half the range of a knife if you add it. But don't anyway.)


Mosin-Nagant (Specialised spike bayonet)

SVT-40 (SVT-40 specialised knife bayonet)

AVS-36 (AVS-36 specialised knife bayonet! it all makes sense!)


Bayonets would as usual be a USSR speciality, the US would have two and currently Germany can only fit one. I would suggest a firing mode or similar-functioning key which gives it the functionality of a very extended shovel with nice animations - The poster doesn't really expand on really anything. Rifle bayonets while iconic more to the Great War were used in the Second World War too, especially of course on the Eastern/Pacific front but the Western Front too. Dedicated melee weapons are annoying to fit in with some loadouts and are mainly used for cheese rather than actual combat, so bayonets could be a nice addition to keep BA rifles relevant at very close ranges.


Since the SG98 is already an item ingame as well as the AVS-36, I'm not sure how you would deal with that. Either a refund, just allow them as melee weapons alongside the rifle bayonets or a mechanic which allows them to be dedicated to a rifle or taken as melee, or whatever RETO thinks.


Bayonets could of course be damaged and when fired, especially ones which are attached to the barrel, could damage the rifle's harmonics. They would weigh the rifle down at the front causing a loss of stability, precision, range or whatever, balancing them a little and making sure not every recon and the noob who spawned on their R75 has one. Bayonets would I advise have very long reach when attached to a rifle, but a shovel or longer cooldown between hits and a lot (70hp?) of damage per hit.


A historical and not game breaking addition. reto pls

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