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Found 2 results

  1. TLDR: If you didn’t take the time to read this post, then you are not the target audience. ::Preface:: Hello! I’d like to preface this proposal by first properly introducing myself. iAmTheFlyingCow. I am a known pilot, bug hunter, YouTuber, former streamer, and a passionate community member. I’ve done a “Meet the Player” Q&A, and I’ve appeared in Devstream #84. Maybe you know me I am also one of the authors of the first “Honest Proposal,” a comprehensive list of community desired changes that was posted on the old forums. Unfortunately, during the forum system switch, the document got scrambled and pages of work were lost. Indeed, it was a sad event. However, I can safely say that since then the most important desires on that old document have been fulfilled by Reto over the last several updates. Some of the more notable changes have been reworked flight mechanics, new air combat meta, new render engine, further map development, and more. Of course, not everything had been satisfied. Now that it’s summer and I have more free-time, I have decided to revive this list with up-to-date community desires. I recently completed an 8 month study abroad program in Copenhagen which, coincidentally, is the home of Reto-Moto HQ. During my time, I have visited the office in person on several occasions. I have spoke with the developers personally including the game director himself, Red.Bjarne. I have seen a glimpse into the future of Heroes and Generals and some of the points listed below are informed on intel I learned after my discussions with the developers. Just like the previous “Honest Proposal,” my hope and the purpose of this proposal is to spark a dialogue between the community and the developers. Furthermore, I hope this document serves as an overall, ongoing community wishlist to guide future design development. Feel free to leave your own suggestions below so that I can add them to the list if they are reasonable. I will go through each soldier class and area of the game, and list off some changes that I would like to see happen. Here is the order of presentation: Pilot Paratrooper Recon Tanker Infantry RTS Miscellaneous I’ll start with what I know best. ~~~~~ ::Key:: [ ] = Pending [ / ] = Partially Completed [ X ] = Completed * [ ] = Newly Added ↑ ↑ [ ] = Highest Priority ↑ [ ] = High Priority ~~~~~ ::Pilot:: ↑ ↑ [ ] Gun Convergence There should be some kind of mechanic that would allow a pilot to set the gun convergence on planes with wing mounted cannons. This would greatly improve the effectiveness of the P-40 and the 109. Whether the convergence is determined automatically or manually is up for discussion. Personally, I imagine a mechanic similar to the range zeroing mechanic on scoped weapons. You would manually determine the distance at which the guns converge. ↑ ↑ [ / ] More Planes There is no doubt that more planes will be added as the game develops. After all, we still need ground attack fighters and heavy bombers. But one current issue with the planes we have is the P-40 Warhawk balance against the other medium fighters. It’s been claimed that it is underpowered. While I may agree to a certain extent, I think the most effective solution is to add more planes to balance things out instead of solely buffing the P-40 itself. We still need the famous P-51 Mustang which could challenge the 109 and Yak, and Germany and the Soviet Union could get planes similar to that of the P-40. This mimics the armor progression within the tank tiers (ex. M2A2 → Stuart → Chaffee). Aircraft Tiers 2.0 forum thread: Aircraft 2.0 Suggestions forum thread: ↑ [ ] Flak Jacket Reworked I’ll admit it; this badge is nuts. It’s essentially a super Heavy Set for the plane and the pilot (as the badge affects both). However, it’s a necessary staple for pilots because without it, other fighters and AA can destroy planes almost instantly. If the badge is reworked, then it must coincide with a reworking of the AA guns. ↑ [ ] Pilot Only Game Mode This one is straightforward. Dogfights and interdiction missions would easily expand the air game. In war, there could be a “patrol” mechanic on Fighter AT’s that would allow them to patrol an area of the RTS map. When one Fighter AT intercepts an enemy AT moving on an assault line, then an Interdiction Mission is triggered. Example of an Interdiction Mission: ↑ [ ] Pilot Spawn Protection Pilot spawn camping is still apparent in battle. Why not apply the ghosted spawn protection mechanic you have for ground forces to the sky. There could be a part of the sky by the access point that would serve as the protected spawn area for pilots. Fighters that spawn would be invisible until they exit the protected area. This would give them a chance to scan for potential spawn campers before engaging. ↑ [ ] Recon Planes Spotting Ability Reto mentioned in a Devstream adding a spotting mechanic to the recon planes at some point. I predict this change will come with Spotting 2.0. This will give them more value on the battlefield while still being viable starter planes. [ ] Bomb Customization Reto mentioned in a Devstream about being able to customize a plane’s bomb loadout. For example, instead of carrying 6 small bombs on the P-40, you could swap them out for 1 large bomb. I think this could be a valuable change that would add more depth and personalization of a plane. [ ] Defensive Plane Spawn Locations Fixed At the moment, on every map, some of the defensive plane spawn locations do not match the rough direction as the objectives. Take the Factory map for example, O1 is located closer to the west, however, if you decide to spawn on O1, you will spawn in the eastern direction. This is disorienting and confusing. The spawn location of planes should be coordinated with the nearest defensive objective for all maps. This will clear up the confusion and be more intuitive. How spawns are now: How spawns should be: [ ] More Combat Badges Pilots have four main combat badges: Airborne, Aircraft Thief, Bombs Away, and Flak Jacket. Airborne and Aircraft Thief are worthless compared to Bombs Away and Flak Jacket. Therefore, there are only 2 realistic combat badges remaining, which does not yield unique loadouts. More combat badges for pilots are needed. There could be combat badges to carry extra bombs or ammunition, or you could have Bombs Away only affect the bomb reload time and have a separate combat badge for cannon / MG reload time. These are just some ideas. [ ] Opaque Clouds Currently, the sky is moreorless clear or if there are some clouds, you can see right through them. This means that if an enemy ends up on your tail, the only ways to shake them off are by flying low through the trees, pull a series of tricky maneuvers and hope you out-juke them, or have a teammate kill them. All of which don’t necessarily guarantee your safety. If opaque clouds were added to the sky, then pilots could have something to shake off enemy pilots. Not only that, but it would also add another tactical element to the air meta. Furthermore, having opaque clouds means that you could create a micro-world above the battlefield specifically for pilots. I can imagine three distinct zones: the ground (where ground forces fight ground forces), below the cloudline (where ground forces fight pilots), and above the cloud line (where pilots fight pilots). It would create an opportunity for a nice hierarchy within the current level designs. Example of Dog Fighting with Opaque Clouds: [ ] Plane Continues to Accelerate While in Support Gunner Seat This is more of a realistic detail. At the moment, if you are a pilot and switch to the support gunner seat, your plane will stop accelerating and eventually stall. This is not how it works in reality. Planes are not cars; there is no gas pedal that you need to keep pressed down to keep moving forward. There is a throttle that you set and it stays set until the pilot changes it. Not only would this change be realistic, but it would also end the annoyance of your plane stalling shortly after switching to the support gunner seat. ::Paratrooper:: ↑ [ ] More Equipment Points Paratrooper Clip from Band of Brothers: Currently, a stealthy, lightweight recon soldier has more equipment points than a paratrooper. I don’t think this is right. 8 equipment points seems more reasonable for a paratrooper as it would allow them to carry a primary weapon, a sidearm, and maybe some miscellaneous equipment. ↑ [ ] Para Planes Fly Above Cloud Line I’ll admit, as a pilot, para planes are very easy to take down. Primarily because they fly so low. If the para planes flew much higher (I’m thinking above the cloud line), they would be out of enemy pilots’ direct line of sight. This would also allow for more time to pull your parachute if the “parachute delay” mentioned earlier was also implemented. ↑ [ ] Randomized Plane Spawn Just like enemy pilots, para planes are very easy to spawn camp. Randomizing their plane spawn by allowing them to spawn from a large spawn area from the general direction of their access point, instead of a single point, would prevent this. [ ] Add Grounded Paratroopers to Encounter They’re basically infantry at that point. I see no reason not to. [ ] Automatic Deploy If you do not manually deploy your parachute before getting too close to the ground, your parachute will automatically deploy without the benefit of being able to control your parachute. This will lead to a Botched Landing. There could be a Parachute Indicator telling you the latest that you can manually deploy your parachute, similar to the one in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Example of Parachute Indicator: [ ] Botched / Greased Landings Speaking of “superman” landings, let’s be honest; they are a little silly. Being able to pull your parachute 2 meters from the ground and surviving is not how you land. If you incorporated the “parachute delay” mentioned above, then you could deepen the paratrooper experience by adding a skill-based mechanic to the moment of landing. I’m specifically talking about Botched and Greased Landings exactly like in Medal of Honor Airborne. I think this would create a more authentic experience. Example of a Botched Landing: Example of a Greased Landing: [ ] Cannot Carry AT Grenades Another silly tactic here, AT paratroopers. Pistol paras that equip AT grenades, fall from the sky, land on top of helpless enemy tanks, and destroy them. There’s nothing the tanker can do, there’s no way for the tanker to suspect this coming. Tankers should be feared by all; they shouldn’t be afraid of falling sky men. [ ] Manual Deploy The most iconic thing about being a paratrooper is being able to jump from a plane and deploy your parachute. Why take that personal experience away from the player by automatically deploying their parachute for them or having them equip the Free-Fall badge if they want to deploy automatically? In my opinion, the Free-Fall badge should be ingrained in the paratrooper allowing everyone to manually deploy their parachute for a more exciting experience. However, if this were the case, then a “parachute delay” would need to be put in place to prevent everyone from just “superman” landing to the ground. There should be a length of time to slow down to a safe landing speed once you pull your parachute. [ ] Paratroopers Make Sound When Parachuting / Landing At the moment, paratroopers are basically ninjas or silent assassins. Unless you're looking up, there is no way to tell that a paratrooper is about to land / has landed near you. Adding the flapping of the parachute or metal clips in the wind or the loud thud the paratrooper makes as he hits the ground would resolve this issue and further expand the game's sound design. ::Recon:: ↑ ↑ [ ] Reduced Sway Currently, the x8 scopes are notorious for having some of the most uncontrollable, random sway out of all of the scopes. If Recons are meant to be the long-range class, then there needs to be a mechanic to help combat this sway. The most intuitive solution that is common in most first person shooter games is to add a “Hold Breath” mechanic. In Heroes and Generals, one could trade stamina for time with a steady scope. This mechanic would allow Recons to engage targets at longer distances since they would have an easier time lining up the shot. ↑ ↑ [ ] Spotting 2.0 A Recon soldier’s main role should be reconnaissance. After all, it’s in the name. Heroes and Generals is due for a more detailed and fleshed out spotting system. One change that could be made to the spotting system that would make it more appealing to spot things is to add a mechanic that would award XP to spotted targets that are killed by a teammate during their spot. You can also make Recons more special by giving them ability to give more detailed spots such as different icons to mark what type of target it is, or a spot that would follow the target for a few seconds. Standard binoculars could also give detailed spots. Or a “Radio” item could be added that soldiers could carry and could fire it off once every few minutes and would spot everything within a certain radius. There are lot of ideas here. ↑ [ ] Recon Only Game Mode Reto has mentioned Capture the Intel as a possible game mode for Recons that would take place before a main battle is triggered where the winner would receive some kind of valuable intel before the main battle starts. Another idea could be Search and Destroy where the assaulting Recons would be tasked with destroying some valuable cargo sites protected by the defending Recons. If the assaulting Recons win, then they destroy some resources before the battle starts. These game modes would also give the special forces feeling that Reto wants the Recon class to be. How these are triggered exactly is up for discussion. [ ] Character Model Reworked Personally, I don’t think the Recon Character Models are menacing enough. Small details could be added to help solve this. For instance, smaller instances of foliage could be added to the heads or the arms to break up their silhouette, the Soviet Recon could wear his hood instead of his hat, etc. Reference Model #1: Reference Model #2: [ ] Passive Ability Just like paratroopers, the Camouflage badge is the staple combat badge for Recons. If the combat badge was ingrained in the class itself, then players could be more creative with their badge combinations. If the Camouflage badge is deemed too powerful, then why not use the Nimble badge? After all, Recons are soldiers trained in stealth. Something to think about that would help give the Recon class more value. ::Tanker:: ↑ ↑ [ ] Armor 2.0 It’s no mystery that tanks currently do not instill the fear into infantry that they should. A tanker is more afraid of a soldier on a bicycle than he is of another tank. This is primarily due to the power of AT weaponry in combination with the Hit-Point design style of the tanks armor. 3 mesly Sticky Grenades is enough to destroy any tank in the game. There have been discussions of adding critical internal components to the Tanks that one would have to target in order to do serious damage. Doing this as well as having AT grenades maim, not kill, would definitely make tanks a more serious threat on the battlefield that would require team effort to destroy. ↑ [ ] Ability to Use Binoculars and Weapons from the Hatch A useful mechanic that is not only realistic, but would allow tankers to pick off pesky trailing AT Rambos. It would also help make tanks more powerful. ↑ [ ] Tank Only Game Mode Tankers could have a Tank vs. Tank team deathmatch style game mode. Tank only maps could be large and expansive that would encourage more long range engagements or they could have heavy cover such as buildings and foliage that would encourage more ambush engagements. How this game mode would be triggered in war is up for discussion. Tank Battle clip from Belyy Tigr: [ ] In Depth Tank Customization Besides being able to select which rounds you carry, you should also be able to select upgrades that modify the armor, speed, and firepower of your tank. Just like with weapons, these modifications could also help fine tune the balance within the tank tiers, potentially making tier 1 tanks more viable options than the ending tier tanks in some cases. It would also create a personal connection between the player and their tank since they are able to customize the tank to fit their play style. ::Infantry:: ↑ ↑ [ ] AT Grenades Nerf As mentioned earlier, 3 Sticky Grenades is enough to destroy any tank in the game. Add a measly bicycle to that loadout and you are the biggest threat to enemy tanks than tanks themselves. With the introduction of critical internal components to tanks in Armor 2.0, AT grenades should no longer kill tanks, but maim. They could disable or hinder tanks either by damaging their tracks so that they can’t move, damaging their turret so they can’t rotate, etc. The wrench could also be updated with a mechanic to repair these hindrances, which would make it more valuable and play a more integral role to the tanker meta. ↑ ↑ [ ] Bipods Bipods are not only a cool feature to have in a war game, but they are necessary for the rebalancing of LMG’s. At the moment, LMG’s are essentially glorified AR’s. They play too much of an assaulting role when they should play a more supporting role. Instead of clearing capture points Rambo-style, you should be towards the back providing covering fire for your advancing team or defending your own capture point. One way to make this change could be that LMG’s could only hip-fire and would not be able to ADS unless deployed on a bipod. Of course, there would be no recoil if deployed on a bipod. Leaked Bipod image: ↑ ↑ [ ] Scopes Removed from Infantry This one might be a stretch since scopes are so ingrained into the game that removing them completely from infantry and refunding everyone would be a huge headache. Not only that, but some infantry weapons are even more iconic with their respective scopes (M1 Garand, G43, STG-44, etc.). However, having scopes on infantry seriously diminishes the effectiveness of the Recon class. An Infantry sniper can replace a Recon sniper at all reasonable ranges meaning the Recon class has low utility on the battlefield. If scopes were removed from infantry or at least converted to x2 magnification, not only would this give more value to the Recon class, but it would also make a very clear distinction between the combat roles of Infantry and Recon. Recons would be the high-powered long-range soldiers while Infantry would be more of the closer-range assaulting soldiers. Reto has stated in the past that they do not want the Recon class to only be a sniper class, instead they want them to be more of a special forces type of class. Regardless of your intentions, this distinction can still be made on top of making the Recon class more of a special forces type of class. ↑ ↑ [ ] Weapon Balance Reconfigured As mentioned above, LMG’s play too much of an assault role and are glorified AR’s. Below is a proposed outline for a reconfiguration of the weapon balance: SMG’s = Dominate at Close Range / (Assault Role) AR’s = Dominate at Close-Mid Range / (Assault Role) SA’s = Dominate at Mid Range / (Assault / Support Role) LMG’s = Dominate at Mid-Long Range / (Support Role) BA’s = Dominate at Long Range / (Support Role) ↑ [ ] Dedicated AA Assault Team This is necessary to separate the AA vehicle spawns from the APC spawns. At the moment, an AA vehicle has no where near the same utility as an APC. It’s a waste of a spawn. Therefore, they need to be separate entities. [ ] Grenades Reduced to 2 2 grenades is more standard among first person shooters than 4 grenades. Furthermore, less grenades would mean less grenade spam. [ / ] Further Character Customization Besides rank and camouflage (which don't say much by the way), there should be some kind of unlockable distinction that separates the boys from the men, or the casuals from the veterans. This could be accomplished through a prestige system, the exact details are up for discussion. Some examples of the unlockables could be uniform badges, head covers, face covers, weapon wraps, etc., desirable and meaningful cosmetic items that would set your seasoned soldier apart from the others. [ ] Motorized and Mechanized Infantry Vehicles Reorganized It’s strange to see motorized vehicles in a Mechanized Infantry AT, most notably the supply trucks. It would make more sense to motorized and mechanized vehicles to their correct respective AT. However, this creates a problem with the spawn types i.e. spawning Weasels with APC spawns. Therefore, some reconfiguration of the spawn types and numbers in the Motorized and Mechanized Infantry AT’s would be required. But overall, I think the change would be worth it; it would make things more clear. [ ] PTRD Must Be Deployed It is absurd that a 2 meter long, 17 kg anti-tank weapon can be shoulder fired and waved around like a wand from Harry Potter. At the moment, it is essentially a glorified OHK BA and AA weapon. It is only reasonable that the PTRD must be deployed on a bipod in order to shoot. This would stop the silliness of using the weapon in close-quarter situations. Let’s hope this is the case when bipods are released. ::RTS:: ↑ ↑ [ ] Detailed Resource Management Factories, Airfields, and Towns could contribute to the production rates of war resources. In addition, Mines, Oil Refineries, Army Outposts, and Inner City Food Factories could be added to introduce different types of raw materials needed to produce war resources. This would create a nice hierarchy of production. More information can be found below. Reto Resource Management Concept forum thread: Additional RTS Devstream Topics forum thread: ↑ ↑ [ ] RTS 2.0 At the moment, the RTS side is very linear. There's a lot of basic clicking and dragging. More complex elements need to be added to the RTS to make it more interesting. These elements could be detailed resource management (discussed below), organic movement paths (instead of the linear attack lines), branching movement paths, more complex AT movement options (e.x. plane AT's could be set to "Patrol" and flying in an RNG circuit within a specified area. When they encounter an enemy AT, an interdiction mission is triggered), Naval elements introduced, etc. ↑ [ ] Battle Reports for Generals A nice feature that would provide valuable information to Generals regarding their personal assault teams. For example, this could say exactly how many troops were lost, how many units your AT’s killed, what kind of units were killed by your AT’s, how many warfunds were used, and how many were gained, etc. [ X ] Relocation of Faction Starting Points Currently, with Germany starting at Berlin, they are instantly sandwiched by the United States and the Soviet Union. This sandwiching results in the loss of a significant amount of resources for Germany. This initial hindrance makes it difficult for Germany to win the war. Having the United States only start at Edinburgh, Germany only start at Rome, and the Soviet Union only start at Leningrad would create a cleaner triangular clash. This would lead to fair strategic balance between all 3 factions. Of course, it seems odd that the United States doesn’t start at London, Germany doesn’t start at Berlin, and the Soviet Union doesn’t start at Moscow (the most notable cities), but this is a fantasy World War II game after all. Campaign Map Distance forum thread: [ ] War Victor Reward There should be some incentive or end goal to winning the war. A small reward could be giving to all players of the winning faction. What this reward is exactly is up for discussion. An ending reward would definitely make the war more exciting, especially during the last moments of a war. Obviously, before this is implement, the RTS needs an overhaul to equalize the faction win rates. ::Miscellaneous:: ↑ ↑ [ ] Class Limits / Class Number Balance Back in the day, there was a hard limit on class numbers, meaning only a certain number of players could play a specific class at once. For example, a maximum of 3 players could play tanker at once. However, due to the demand of players wanted to play other classes besides infantry, these hard limits were removed and players could play whatever they wanted. While this decision did greatly improve queue times, the match balance greatly suffered. Since no limits were put in place, you could potentially play on / against a team with 9 tankers or 9 recon or 9 pilots, etc. Clearly, this was not ideal nor fun, and Squad 2.0 was introduced as a way to set flexible class limits. It replaced the hard limits with auxiliary seats as a way to control the number of players playing a specific class. However, if players set their auxiliary sets correctly, there is still the potential to get into matches where 1 team has an absurd amount of players playing a specific class. Something needs to be done to readdress this balance issue, either by reintroducing hard limits, reworking Squad 2.0, or coming up with a new system entirely. ↑ ↑ [ / ] Further Map Development This is an ongoing process. Maps should be continually improved as the game changes. New Map Concepts forum thread: ↑ ↑ [ ] M1 Carbine Damage Buff + 15 Round Mag The most iconic weapon from the Pacific Theater is quite possibly the worst weapon in the game. It behaves as a semi-auto M2 Carbine instead of a proper semi-auto rifle. The weapon stats of the M1 Carbine need to be separated from the M2 Carbine, the weapon needs a damage buff to make it more competitive, and a 15 round magazine which was standard issue when it entered service. M1 Carbine Rework forum thread: ↑ [ / ] Gun Sounds Reworked Some of the gun sounds are missing the distinct “boom-crack” feel that real guns have. Just to name a few: the Mosin Nagant, Gewehr, P08, PPS-43, FG42, etc. There is also not enough echo or reverb making the overall sound feel very lackluster. Example of Reworked Gun Sounds: Day of Infamy Gun Sounds: ↑ [ ] Sound Occlusion Updated Sound Occlusion is a much needed addition to further enhance the sound depth in game. However, the current implementation is not quite there yet. Unobstructed sounds sound too close and obstructed sounds sound too far, making it difficult to determine the exact location of the source. Some work is still needed here to be satisfactory. [ ] Ability to Choose Camo Before the Battle Starts Being able to select what uniform camo to wear on your soldiers and vehicles based on the weather report during the loading screen would help unify the colors of the entire team. Not only that, but it would also make camos more tactical and appealing to buy. A system like this would also make way for snow maps, as you would be able to select your snow camo before the battle starts. [ ] Ability to Dive While Swimming Since the stamina bar does nothing while swimming in the water, a mechanic could be added that would trade stamina for dive time in order to protect yourself from enemy fire. You could also deepen this experience further with bullets whizzing by underwater like in Saving Private Ryan. This would also solve the current, annoying problem of bulletproof water. Clip from Saving Private Ryan: [ ] Ability to Shoot Small Arms in Passenger Seat This mechanic would end the awkwardness of having to exit the vehicle in front of an enemy before you can shoot. I imagine that “small arms” would include SMG’s and Pistols. AR’s, SA’s, and BA’s are debatable while LMG’s are out of the question. Plus, a mechanic like this could make way for some cool gangster drive-by moments Example of the Passenger holding a weapon: [ ] Additional PPD-40 / PPSH-41 35 Round Box Mag A nerf was made in the past that reduce the standard number of magazines a person with the PPD-40 could carry down to 2. The number of these rounds in total made it more or less equal with the number of rounds a person with the Grease Gun or MP34 could carry. But I still don’t think it’s the right solution. A 35 round magazine is more realistic for this weapon and would make it more on par with the Grease Gun and MP34. From there, you would adjust the number of magazines one could carry accordingly. If added, I imagine that the box magazine would be the standard weapon setup while the drum magazines would be attachments that one could equip. Using the box magazine would give you the benefit of less sway compared to using the drum magazines. Of course, none of this is truly possible until the Weapon Attachment system gets an overhaul. [ ] Ambient Environmental Sounds For further immersion. Birds chirping, trees rustling in the wind, distant artillery rounds and gun fire, etc. [ ] Blood / Gore For further immersion. According to Red.Bjarne, how much blood and gore is appropriate is not a concerning factor since ESRB ratings do not apply to Free-to-Play games. Meaning, if we want Heroes and Generals to more accurately represent the brutality of World War II, we have the freedom to do so. Call of Duty World at War gore: [ ] Capture Progress Shown in Spawn Menu Overview It would be great information to have that would inform one’s decision on where to spawn. [ ] Cloth Added to Medkit Animation It just looks silly without it. The animation itself is just asking for it to be added. [ ] Correct Reload Animations At the moment, all reload animations have the soldier chamber a new round after he reloads the weapon. However, this is not necessary if he reloads before emptying his weapon since there would still be a round in the chamber. Therefore, in order to be accurate, a second set of reload animations is needed. The current animation set would be used for reloading an empty weapon, and the new animation set would be used for reloading an already chambered weapon. [ ] Correct Architecture There are some instances of architectural discrepancies in the building models. For example, some houses appear to have windows on the facade, however those windows are not shown in the interior. These flaws should be corrected. A more in-depth discussion can be found here: [ ] Crosshair Customization This is mainly for pilots, but I guess it could be applied to mounted weapons and soldier crosshairs as well. Again, this is a pretty straightforward request. Give players more freedom by allowing them to make basic adjustments to their crosshair (shape, color, size, etc.) via the menu. [ ] Enemy Suicides Count as Kill Assists If you damage an enemy or enemy vehicle and he suicides, you should be awarded an assist because you aided him to his death. Team Fortress 2 has a similar mechanic and it works beautifully. [ ] Extra Badge and Weapon Slot Offered to Free-to-Play Players This is essentially the only pay-to-win element in the game, especially with the extra badge slot; it’s just an outright extra advantage over someone with only 1 badge. However, I bet that the main reason why players purchase the Veteran Membership is not for the Extra Badge Slot or Weapon Slot, but for the XP Boosters. If you offered the badge and the weapon slot for free, I don’t know if there would be a noticeable negative effect on sales, but I do know that it would make a lot of players happy. [ ] Helmet Protects From Small Arms Fire It’s no mystery that random spray-and-pray headshots are infuriating. But instead of reducing the headshot multiplier, a mechanic could be added that would let helmets protect a soldier’s head from 1 bullet from small arms before flying off. Now, while I understand that helmets in World War II were not meant to protect the head from bullets, but instead shrapnel and fragments, this could still be a nice compromise between realism and arcade that would help mitigate the random headshot problem while furthering the game’s immersion. [ ] Idle Breathing / Movement Animations It would be a great detail if the soldiers had small natural movements to break up the “stone cold” soldiers we have currently. Some examples could be breathing, slight movements of the head, weapon grip readjustments, etc. [ ] Increased Crouch Movement Speed The “shuffling” is painfully slow. Now, while the developers have said before, “That’s the price you pay for being a small target” it’s still just too slow. Either buff the speed, or alternatively add a “crouch run” mechanic that would allow you to use stamina while crouching. [ X ] Leaderboard Return It was mentioned before that the infamous leaderboard would make it's glorious return one day, new and improved. Personally, I'd like to see a leaderboard with a Top 10 of each Soldier Class sorted by Score per Minute. Lots of ideas floating out there for sure though. [ ] More Weapon Attachments Drum magazines for the Thompson, taped dual magazines for M1 Carbine, bayonets for the BA’s, etc. Each of these attachments could also have equipment points associated with them to balance things out. For example, a stock Thompson could be worth 5 equipment points whereas a Thompson with a Drum Magazine could be worth 6 or 7 equipment points. Heroes and Generals Thompson Drum Magazine clip: ↑ [ ] Playground Tutorial Levels A shooting range to test out weapon modification combinations, an empty airfield to practice flying and bombing, paratrooper jump training to practice botched and greased landings (if added), etc. These are just some ideas of Playground Levels that could not only serve as basic, self-guided tutorials, but also as tools that a player can use to hone their skills and fine-tune their loadouts. Example of Testing Range from Loadout: [ ] Proper Death Animations / Improved Ragdoll Physics The ragdoll physics, while simple and sometimes funny, are an immersion killer. I hope for some proper death animations at some point, especially since we have the first person death cams. Examples of Death Animations: Examples of Reworked Ragdoll Deaths: [ ] Reduced Repair Cost for Pistols Besides the Bazooka, Panzerschreck, and PTRD, stock pistols are the most expensive weapon per shot. The damage output and range does not justify their high repair costs. 1 round from a stock 1911 is 26.5 times more expensive than 1 round from a stock M1 Garand. Clearly, something is wrong here and it’s only reasonable that their repair costs are lowered. See the exact figures here: [ ] Soldier Facial Structure Variety All of the soldiers have the same face, except the Generals. It would be a nice detail if the soldiers had some variety in their facial structure. Each facial design could be assigned randomly each time a soldier spawns or it could be tied to a particular weapon. For example, soldiers carrying an SMG would spawn with a certain face while soldiers carrying a BA would spawn with another. Either way, but some variety is needed here so everyone doesn't look exactly identical. [ ] Soldier Voices For further immersion. A setting to change whether not not they speak in your language or their country's language could also be useful. Example of Soldier Voices: Reto Voice Command forum thread: [ ] Support Gunner Spawn Selection It would be nice to have a mechanic that would allow me to manually select which friendly plane or tank I want to spawn in as a support gunner. At the moment, you currently spawn into the most recently spawned vehicle. If I’m playing with a buddy, this makes it hard to spawn into his plane or tank. I’m imagining something similar to paraplanes, where instead of holding “E” to spawn, you select one of the moving vehicle icons to spawn into. [ ] Vehicle Thief Combat Badges Combined into One Thief Combat Badge The specific vehicle thief combat badges are currently too specific to be used in competitive loadouts. It's no mystery that the Aircraft Thief combat badge is literally the worst combat badge in the game. Combining all three badges into one thief badge will give it enough value to be used more frequently. [ ] War / Battle Ending Victory Celebration There should be something more exciting to the end of a battle / war other than a “Rate the Battle” or some War Stats. Some kind of victory animation or something would be nice. [ ] Weather and Seasonal Effects For further immersion and interest. Summer, fall, winter, spring, rain, show, hail, wind, etc. [ ] XP Earnings Reworked for All Classes It is no mystery that pilots are notorious for making huge amounts of XP with very little effort. This is primarily due to the fact that shooting an empty infantry vehicle with your cannon earns you more XP than shooting down an enemy fighter. Clearly, there is a need for some restructuring here. I propose that the highest prioritized duty for each class be the largest XP earner. For example, for infantry capping points and objectives would earn you the most XP (more XP than now). For pilots: shooting down enemy fighters would earn you the most XP. For tankers: destroying enemy tanks would earn you the most XP. ~~~~~ ::Conclusion:: I’d like to thank everyone that helped me create with this initial proposal: StroupBSlayen, Flynny1201, and KottonGamer. It took a lot of time and effort to create. I hope it doesn’t get buried from other forum threads too easily. I’d also like to thank you the player for taking the time to read this document. Let me know what you think! Am I right? Am I wrong? Why? Leave your feedback! We want this game to be better, we know it can be better, so let’s make it better together. See you on the battlefield, iAmTheFlyingCow
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