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Found 2 results

  1. Please use the links below to find the section and topic you're looking for, or feel free to scroll through. Do not create any new topics if they are subjected in the list below New faction suggestions Italy Britain & Commonwealth France Finland The Netherlands (Dutch) Belgium Japan Republic of China Communist Occupation of China Hungary Romania Poland Canada Sub-Faction Czechoslovakia Sub-Faction Australia Sub-Faction United States of Brazil Sub-Faction Blue Division Axis Sub-Faction Mexico Sub-Faction Weapon suggestions General M1/M2 Carbine discussion General PTRD discussion General STG-44 discussion [U.S.] Weapon suggestions [Ger] Weapon Suggestions [SU] Weapon Suggestions [Weapon Suggestions] Shotguns Rifle scope / Binocular lens reflection Exact weapon stats DPM for Soviet Paratroopers Mortars and Machine gun tripods New Soviet Anti-Tank Weapons Bipods 1.0 [M1 Carbine] & [M2 Carbine] Rework Mauser M712 C96 MkII unpin sound M2 Hyde-Inland SMG Vehicle suggestions Mixed New motorcycles New infantry terrain Vehicles List of tanks - Super thread [U.S., GE , SU] List of Infantry vehicles - Super thread [U.S., GER, SU] Anti-mine vehicles Anti-Tank Canons for Infantry Refueling Tanks Track Types Engine types for tanks New civilian vehicles Official armored cars thread United States C47 Skytrain interior fix M2 Medium M4 High-speed Tractor LVTA-4 M4A6 Sherman Heavy Tank M6 John Deere Model "A" armored tractor M5 GMC Germany Neubaufahrzeug Kugelpanzer 12.8cm Flakzwilling 40 Panzer II "Schwimmpanzer" Idea for the panzer II Ausf. Luchs Sdkfz 265 Panzerbefehlswagen Ausf B Krupp/Ardelt Waffenträger 88 cm Pak 43/3 L/71 Nebelwerfers, Panzerwerfer and SdKfz 301 "Wanze" Goliath Tracked Mine SdKfz 301 "Wanze" Panzer 38 (t) N.A SdKfz 251/1 Panther/M10 SturmTiger Dicker Max Sturer Emil Soviet Union T-22 aka TG-1 KV-1B KV-7 T-12 & T-24 B13 Katyusha T-34 with concrete armor T-34E T-34/57 Model 1943 T-29 Model 1936 SMK Model 1939 Zveno Project T-100 Heavy Tank T-35 Heavy Tank Khtz-16 SU-76i, Soviet TD Aircraft suggestions Aircraft 2.0 suggestion set [Feedback Thread] Aircraft tiers 2.0 Tier 2 Reconnaissance Planes Tier 3 Reconnaissance Planes Tier 4 Reconnaissance Planes Dive Bombers [U.S., Ger, SU] Tier 4 Fighter Planes (Jets) Game related suggestions & General topics Make Heroes & Generals historically accurate Uniforms [Rank based uniform unlocks] Marine/Naval Infantry equipment Sub-Faction starter infantrymen Special class for good players Infantry 2.0 update ideas Trench System Story mode campain Rank on character Ranks rework and New levels Multiple character selection & Squad Ideas Bomb reticule Landing gear key Lives/Spawning suggestions for staged battles Compas Radio communication idea/uses Career Suggestions Engineer Combat Batalion Combat Medic Map Suggestions Old Mountain town as a 2nd mountain map Steam Suggestions Steam cards, backgrounds and badges This thread is ALWAYS being updated!
  2. Please use the links below to find the section and topic your looking for or feel free to scroll through. Do not create any new topics if they are subjected in the list below Topics that can be found here Helpful information regarding H&G Changelogs Heroes And Generals FAQ Beginner guides Tips and tricks Assault Teams Costs & Earnings Five tips to get you started in heroes & Generals Five tips to improve your stater weapon Individual player tips Forum & Steam related questions: Rules and guidelines Feedback & Suggestions Steam Cards, Backgrounds and Badge Community guidelines for conduct in the FPS. Game performance / technical questions: FAQ How does the game work? Small technical help Known Issues & Developer Feedback Discussion Statement About Cheaters Ask a bughunter Ask a veteran player Re-enabling console How to contact Customer Support? How to make an Dxdiag? FPS / Low FPS Related Forwarding Ports in Windows Firewall NVIDIA Settings to Help Stabilize FPS [Solution] Download error unable to update files [Solution] Stuck in game loading and/or display driver crash [Solution] Stuck at Anti-Cheat Enabled, Fetching your profile Game related suggestions & General topics Gun names! General STG 44 Discussion General PTRD Topic Discussion General m1/m2 carbine Discussion Avianti Italia The British & Commonwealth France: Weapons, vehicles and uniforms Reworked Finland: Tech Tree Japan Army Hungarian Romania Useful Links: Clans Hot topics! Teamspeak Youtubers Heroes And Generals Wiki Dev Streams with timestamps Credits & Reto-Crew Meet the developers! Staff forum activity Talk with other players in your own countries language here The following list of short articles were written by Reto.Gargamel to help players develop a better understanding both of the various features in the Heroes & Generals game client and also of various aspects of Heroes & Generals gameplay Heroes & Generals: Half the Battle blog index. If you have any threads or information you fill should be shared here please inbox me or any other Moderator. This thread is always being updated! Keep our forum clean and respect our rules. Creating threads that have been answered and shared here will just see the removal of your thread without any notice. SEARCH! before posting. Best of regards, The Moderators