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Found 1 result

  1. ModeratorAccount

    Read before posting in Bug Hunters section!

    In this sub-forum you can report a specific bug and the Bug Hunters will gather all intel possible and file it into our internal system in order to be fixed. As they have access to our tools, they can do whatever they need to find the bug. The Bug Hunters are volunteer players invited by Reto-Moto, with access to some of our tools and they bug hunt during their free time. Here is your chance to point an issue and help us. Reminder: 1 bug per topic. If you have found 3 unrelated issues, please post 3 separate topics. The more information you can give about an issue, the better the chances they will gather more intel about it and its causes. Then the better the chance of it getting fixed. Severe bugs that can be exploited should be sent directly to the developers via personal message (PM). Example: @Reto.Chuckle, @Reto.GreenBow, @Reto.KriegDK, @Reto.muerteh or @Reto.Circinus, Ensure the Title is "Abusable Exploit: (What the exploit abuses) Bug Hunters are not developers, do not fix bugs, are not paid to do this and are not allowed to give any detail about the status of the issue. They will just report the bugs into our system. Billing, account/password, game not starting issues etc need to be reported via support ticket https://heroesandgenerals.com/support This is not a discussion sub-forum. Please keep posts related to a bug, and details regarding that bug. Any off-topic discussions will be moderated and removed. Equipment balance talk does not belong to this sub-forum. Do not derail any topics. If the bug is in standalone client, please re-log multiple times to confirm if the bug persists. Flash client has a habit of showing incorrect pictures in places. Re-log usually fixes these things. The MissionID is used when we need to get information about what happened in a match. Every battle has its unique ID. So when we need to look into a bug that was only seem in a battle and not easy to reproduce, this ID is valuable to track down the bug. Here we have a tutorial how to get it. Use the following form to submit a bug report in this section: For other problems that are not a bug post in this section https://heroesandgenerals.com/forums/forum/33-players-help-players