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Found 1 result

  1. Dear Reto, Could we have the old Mountain Town readded as an extra map? It could be added as a second town in the mountains and could bring good games for Vets and new players as well! I personally miss it a lot and it was a fun map. I'm sure many players misses it as well. Gameplay of Mountain Town from March 2014 in Open Beta Gonna tag a few members: @Fegaris@BrandonSolo10@RZ2000@sfscriv@Rolf_Mützelburg @AfonsoQQ@Geronimo553 @Patton1995@Flint74 @Terminally_Chill@Matt6767 @GermanSoldier@arsnicthegreat @gruntmajor@SK1M3R@SilvaRodrigo @_Rainbow_Dash@pvt.RoQe @Guthrie@jackrusell@Champi0n @BroskyBro@TT'T@drkfrontiers @RadicalEdward2@ManWithAMission@Marv2.0 @boomthekid @Subass39 @_Finnish_Gamemaster_@Binson@Fegaris@meforte Maybe you guys can add ideas for it to be back Gonna tag a few Devs as well: @Reto.Desji @Reto.RedBjarne /Discuss ~RD