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Found 1 result

  1. We will be gathering some useful information for you people. To improve everyone's bug hunting experience. First up, How to find Mission ID The MissionID is used when we need to get information about what happened in a match. Every battle has its unique ID. So when we need to look into a bug that was only seem in a battle and not easy to reproduce, this ID is valuable to track down the bug. Here we have a tutorial how to get it. Method 1: hgsync This method is the easiest way to get the MissionID of the last match done. This hgsync is the little window that opens with the game. Don't underestimate its capabilities by its size. Just 'Alt+TAB' and you will see the window. The MissionID is right after the /M. The line which contains the MissionID also has other things, like the SessionID for your player in that match, the battle server, the chat server and lots of other things that can be used to track a bug. In order to ease your job, give us the whole line, like the image above shows! Method 2: debugwindow (click the image to see it in full size) When you are on the strategy/lobby part of the game, just type 'debugwindow' secret word to open the debug window. You don't need to type it on the chat, don't even need to type it in any text box. You just need to type it. Some people may experience having the window with a small size, but on the lower right side of it you can expand it. The information is sorted by time, which is in UTC standard. So scroll up and down to find the time the mission started and get the MissionID. Alternative method: Both web and steam, in heroes or generals tab press: English QWERTY: Ctrl + \ Nordic: Ctrl + § Portuguese ABNT and ABNT2: Ctrl + ] The most important part is started with "[ Mission ]", click the image above and you will see how it looks like. The time it started should match with the time shown in the debug window. Give the information that is selected (just like the image above) to us. Method 3: Player log For advanced users. Open Windows Explorer, or Start menu and paste this link into the address bar, which will open the log file. %USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\Heroes and Generals\player-live.log *If you have issues with the link, open the spoiler below [spoiler=File Path]The folder with the file can be found in this path C:\[Your user name]\Appdata\LocalLow\Heroes and Generals\ In this folder, open the file "player-live.log". Important: Do not change anything in this file. Important: Do not change anything in this file. Once opened, press Ctrl+F (Find function) and search for "MissionSession". Use the Timestamps to ensure this is the correct MissionID in question (all times are listed in UTC). Remember to check the time the match started. Give us a copy of that line, just like shown in the image above. -Cheers Ice