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Found 1 result

  1. ModeratorAccount

    Locked in Combat, Workaround

    Hi Soldiers! If your squad is still in combat the match, click the button to bring up the squad UI (bottom middle of screen, 3 people with shield overhead) and press "Leave Squad". To remove "Locked in Combat" so you can join another match even though your previous one is still playing - above where it says "Locked in Combat" should be a gray image of a person with a flag over their head. It says "Leave current battle", click it and click the next prompt that says "Are you sure?" You also have to leave the squad afterwards to be completely free of the previous match. For such or similair issues you can always open up a topic in the players help players section. Where questions / issues about Client & Action game / Software / Hardware can (tried to) be resolved. ~ Astrolite