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Found 2 results

  1. Once you have reached level 5, you will be able to play in "war" mode. To help you better understand the game and especially when it comes to playing in "war" I have created the following guide. Having reached level 5, you could say that you know the basics of the game, but still the "war" mode can be quite scary when you have only played in staged battles Those 10 points will help you understand some aspects of the war mode (FPS). 1/ "War mode"? What does that actually mean ? In "war mode" or "war" you are not playing with Reto's ATs but with Players' ATs (AT= Assault Team = the resources). This means that those same players have to pay Warfunds for their ATs to get deployed, reinforced or upgraded. And as Warfunds (WF) do not grow on trees, you have to use the resources sparingly. Every time you are spawning in war, every life and every vehicle you are losing, cost WF to the player who owns the AT you're playing with. To clarify if you still think a fighter pilot is meant to skydive on a point, you are not ready to play in war. To make it simple if you're not an excellent fighter pilot (20/1 K/D ratio at least) you still need to train in staged battles. And that is normal, nobody is born a great fighter pilot. The same goes for the Tankers / Snipers / Paratroopers. Everytime you kill / destroy something (enemy) in war, the player who owns the AT you're playing with, also wins WF. Another aspect of War is that the battles are by definition not balanced as the players with ATs (or Generals) send their ATs as they wish and most of the time, as they can too. So if you're looking for balance in games, continue to play in staged battles. You will always find there the same type of ATs on both factions. In war there is way more infantry ATs than other type of ATs, this is the reason why you should always own, at least one infantry soldier. 2/ APC The APC (= the truck) has for purpose to take people to the points, but most importantly it is a mobile spawn point. Basic rules of using an APC are : NEVER use the MG of the APC except if in case of immediate threat to the APC or its driver. (And I will never emphasize enough on the "immediate" aspect of it). Why not using it? The answer is simple, if you know where to place your APC, you can basically spawn behind enemy lines. But of course for the APC to reach that place, you will have to do it smartly and quietly. Meaning you are using the APC MG, you're getting it spotted, once it is spotted, its life expectancy, and therefore yours, become very very low. For the same reason, do not ever use the horn of the APC. Don't spawn APCs relentlessly, if you see there is a lot of enemies with Bazookas, PTRD or tanks, stop spawning them. Same, if you see a veteran player in your battle telling you to stop, when in doubt ask him why he is telling you that. Always have a health box on your APC. Don't spawn an APC in war more if you have, at least, an ammo box on it. (This last point goes also for the tanks / jeeps / kübelwagen, recon vehicles...) NEVER unlock a friendly APC. Once an APC is unlocked, your team players are not able to spawn on it anymore. Nevertheless if you see an enemy APC, and you have nothing to destroy it, you're welcome to unlock it. If you spawn an APC, make sure you have yourself (or one of your friends) equipped one soldier with a wrench to repair it. Same goes for pilots and tankers. 3/ PLANES / TANKS / PARATROOPERS ... You will maybe find surprising to get into a game and not being able to play with you tanker, or another type of soldier. This is mainly because, as I explained it earlier, the planes and tank ATs cost way more than the basic infantry ATs. Therefore, the players who own them, usually decide to send them when : they are themselves or their team in the battle. the outcome of the battle depends on it. And no, it is not always useful to have tanks in a battle to win it. 4/ Ping and Generals map You will often see players complaining of having a bad ping. To avoid that, and some other issues, you should always enter a battle in war via the Generals map. This way, you can choose a battle, according to its ping, and you will also know what type of ATs there is in the battle before entering it. The 1st player to enter a war battle take the ping. Also I will not explain the RTS part here, but there is still one more thing to keep in mind, you can win a city / skirmish /... by fighting for it, but you can also win it by auto-resolving it. Meaning that if you see that your faction sent 1000 infantry soldiers in a battle and the enemy 200, if less than 3 persons on each side enter that battle, after 30 minutes (for a town or 10 minutes for a skirmish / encounter) the battle will be won by the faction that have the more troops. If you see there is less than 180 infantry soldiers or 90 other types of soldiers on one of the side in a battle on the map (that it is not yet started), the battle is NO FUN meaning, the battle can't start so no point trying to get into it. 5/ VEHICLES Remember to equip your vehicle(s) with a Panzerfaust / ammo / health box. Each vehicle spawned, destroyed or not, will take from the resources of your faction and will cost WF to the AT owner. So please don't spawn a motocycle to ride 100 meters or end at the bottom of the river, take a bicycle instead, it is free. 6/ MINES Both friendly and enemy mines will kill you if you walk / drive on it. How to distinguish a friendly mine from an enemy one ? Simple, friendly mines always have a red warning sign when you are at close / medium range. Enemy mines don't have that warning sign but you may be able to spot them on the ground. 7/ Testing your new recon or your new vehicle. This should be done in staged battles until you are confortable using it, and / or you have leveled up your new weapon. So even if you have a infantryman level 12 don't come to war with your tanker level 5 or your other infantryman level 1 without the good ammo / weapons. 8/ Join a team If you enjoy playing in war mode, you should definitely put some thoughts into that. That makes the battles way more interesting when you communicate via TeamSpeak with half or more of the players in your battle. A team will also give you a lot of little tricks and advise you on the best and quickest ways to level up. All the big teams own ATs, and usually a lot of them, so they will be the more able to help you with your own when you will reach level 12. They will also be the ones to explain to you their faction strategy, and help you understand what happen on the generals map. Teams looking for players forum sub-section 9/ OBJECTIVES Depending of the map (only talking here of the cities, not the skirmishes) there is 2 or 3 main objectives (O1 - O2 and sometimes O3). They are the most important points on the map. The attacking team has 30 minutes to take one of those objectives. After that, as long as a team has one objective and the other team also has at least one, the battle continue. After 30 minutes, the first team that win or win back all the objectives win the battle. This is why it is really important to focus on those objectives, to defend them against the enemy and not to go take D1 to close a line for exemple, and especially if this is not 3 players that are going there but half of the team. You should know the maps by heart, to help you, you will find all the maps in the last section of the guide. 10/ RECON Are recons usefull in war ? Sure. Is a team with 10 recons going to win a battle ? No. Recon are great to spot the enemy tanks, recon vehicules, help defend a point from afar. The problem is, many players, discover that by playing recon they will get a good K/D ratio, win XPs and Credits. And BTW, of course you are supposed to have an excellent K/D ratio, when you stay hidden behind a rock or a tree for most of the game. Anyway, this is not why you should play recon in war, you should play it not only because you are an excellent sniper, but because you are helping your team by warning them upon enemy tanks, infantry arrival on the capture points. So if you see there is already 3 or 4 recons in your team, then please switch to infantry. You will be way more useful to your team that way, notably helping them to cap objectives and defending them. MAPS Main objectives are in red. For all the large maps, blue lines -> O1 , green lines -> O2 , yellow / orange lines -> O3. NB: neon yellow/green is considered as green Town Mountain Town Airfield Forward Airfield Factory the 3 skirmish maps Depot Encounter For Steam users, this guide is also available here. This guide is also available in french here. The german version of the guide on Steam - translated by Florendil - is also available here.
  2. The Players-help-players/Technical support subforum. How to get people to reply your help thread. In-game related issues: Missing characters. Missing purchases. Missing buttons, features, etc. Technical solutions: Reinstall the game. Run the game as an administrator. Verify your graphics card drivers. Verify Adobe Flash. Verify DirectX. Open your Firewall ports. Black screen problem. Stuck at Anti-Cheat enabled, fetching your profile. "Overlapping window detected" message error. Crashing when changing resolution. Server Down for maintenance & Other Unexpected Errors. The Support Knowledgebase. Submitting a ticket to Support. The Players-help-players/Technical support subforum. As it name says, this is a players-help-players subforum. It is unlikely that a moderator or a developer will reply to any posts you make, and you should try to make a post that attracts the attention of other users in a positive way.Don't: Start a topic with "HELPPPPPP" or "Plz look!!!". From my experience, few people bother to check those threads. Be lazy. There are probably plenty of guides and comments explaining how to solve problems like the one you have. Regular users have a limit of patience about replying to the same stuff and might not bother to help with your issue if you haven't taken the effort to do some research before posting. Necro threads. If a thread is older than 6 months, it is unlikely that the solution posted there still works or that any of the users will reply. Do: Indicate which is your issue in the starting line. Users are more likely to reply if they know how to help you without even reading the whole thread. Use a correct grammar and orthography. Check if there are previous threads about your issue. Reply to your helpers, tell them if the solution worked, and thank them for the time they spent helping you. 1. Missing characters. There are reasons why a character might be "missing". A few things that you can do: Check the faction on top of the bar with the soldier heads. It is possible that you are looking for an American character but you have selected the Soviet ones, f.e. Check the class at the bottom of the bar. There's a button with a diamond shape that allows you to filter between classes. Maybe you are looking for a tanker, but you have clicked to only show infantry, f.e.... Close and open again the game. It is possible that you can't see the soldier due to a Flash error (that means, the soldier is still there, but you can't see it). If none of the options above work, contact Support. 2. Missing purchases. Before posting, make sure that you have checked the following things. If you are missing a recently purchased character, follow the advice stated in 1. Missing characters. If you bought a weapon or vehicle from the Shop, or a Bundle, check all your soldiers. It might be possible that you bought it with the wrong soldier. Close and open again the game. It is possible that you can't see the object due to a Flash error (that means, that object is still there, but you can't see it). If you want a refund of a wrongly bought character, skin, weapon, vehicle, bundle, etc., contact Support. Take into account that Support will not refund used equipment. 3. Missing buttons, features, etc. If you have a missing icon, or a button, etc., make sure to: Close and reopen the game, as it could be a Flash bug. Verify the game files and plugins, as explained below. 1. Reinstall the game. Sometimes, the best solution available for a persistent problem is just to uninstall the game and reinstall it again. To uninstall Heroes & Generals, go to the Start menu and search the Control Panel. There, go to Programs and click Uninstall a program. Once you get there, just find Heroes & Generals and uninstall it. Once uninstalled, you can re-download the Steam version here or the standalone client here 2. Run the game as an administrator. Go to the folder Program Files > Heroes & Generals > live ; If you use Steam, the location should be Steam > SteamApps > Common > Heroes & Generals You should see the program called hngsync.exe ; right-click it and select "Run as administrator"; The H&G Sync window should look for any missing files and re-download them. 3. Verify your graphics card drivers. If you own a NVIDIA graphic card, check here If you own an AMD or ATI graphic card, check here 4. Verify Adobe Flash. You can install the newest Flash version here[get.adobe.com] (of course, you don't need to install the "optional offers"). 5. Verify DirectX. In order to check your DirectX version, follow the instructions in this here. Use Windows Update to download the most recent version. 6. Open your Firewall ports. Follow the instructions in this article of the Support Database. 7. Black screen problem. Some players report that they are able to join games and that they hear the sound of a battle in progress, but can only see a black screen. If that describes your issue, please try the following: In Windows’ search bar, type the following: %appdata%/../LocalLow/Heroes and Generals In that folder, you will find a file named “localsettings.ini”. It stores settings such as screen resolution and graphics quality. Open the file and edit the: render.resolution="*x*" and fill in a resolution that fits in your screen, after you have done that close the file and start a game, then edit the resolution manually. You can also open the file via the hngsync screen, the small window that opens up with H&G. See screenshot > Click on File and choose Edit localsettings.ini In the text file search for the line render.enable_true_fullscreen= and change it to FALSE save the text file and give it a try 8. Stuck at Anti-Cheat enabled, fetching your profile. Make sure that Steam and the Standalone client isn't running. Click Start in Windows and type "Internet", then click on "Internet options" (see picture/link 1) http://i68.tinypic.com/k1tfm0.png Click on "Settings" in Browsing History (see picture/link 2 ) http://i65.tinypic.com/2agkmra.png Then click on "View files", now a new folder will show up. Click on "Internet address" and delete every file that is named "hw.live.game.heroesandgenerals.com" under "Internet Address" (see picture/link 3). http://i68.tinypic.com/16ixoo4.png Now reboot your computer and try to launch Heroes & Generals again. 9. "Overlapping window detected" message error If you are receiving an error message that reads “Overlapping window detected. Inputs are disabled so please close the window to regain control“, this most likely means that you are running another application parallel to Heroes & Generals, which opens a transparent window on top of H&G and/or disrupts the key inputs that are sent to the game. Read this article [heroesandgenerals.com] of the Support Database and follow the instructions there. 10. Crashing when changing resolution In the H&G Sync window, open the File menu and select "Edit localsettings.ini". Replace the line saying "render.enable_true_fullscreen=false" with "render.enable_true_fullscreen=true". Open the game and change your resolution in game. 11. Server Down for maintenance & Other Unexpected Errors Please try the following steps: 1. Type this file path in Windows' search bar to find the folder: %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\ 2. You will find a directory called "HeroesAndGeneralsDesktop". Simply delete it, and reboot your machine. 12. The Support Knowledgebase You can check and read the articles at the Support Knowledgebase here. Submitting a ticket to Support If none of the suggestions above worked, you can send a ticket IN ENGLISH to the Heroes & Generals Support. Acknowledgements: I'd like to thank my fellow moderators for their help and every user who has taken the time to post useful replies, as many of those have been added to this thread.