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Found 5 results

  1. Here`s a list of weapons used by France in WWII (Rework of my old post lost made on march 2016 and lost/broken on the forum update) Rifles: -Fusil Automatique Modele 1917 -Lebel and Berthier rifle - Lebel Model 1886 rifle -Fusil MAS36 - Mas-40 - Mas-44 -Fusil MAS36 CR39 -Ribeyrolle 1918 automatic carbine -Berthier carabine -Meunier rifle - Scopes Lunette de visée APX mle 21 - lunette modèle 1921 Submachine Guns: -MAS-38 -Erma EMP - STA-1924 -Pistolet Mitrailleur Mle1939 PETTER -Pistolet Mitrailleur Type ETVS - German : Machinepistole 721(f) - Chauchat-Ribeyrolles 1918 Machine Guns: -Chauchat -FM-24/29 -St. Étienne Mle 1907 -Hotchkiss M1909 Benét–Mercié machine gun -Hotchkiss M1914 machine gun -Reibel machine gun -13.2 mm Hotchkiss machine gun -Hotchkiss M1922 machine gun - Hotchkiss m1922 second version -Darne machine gun Handguns -Le revolver de 11 mm modèle 1873 - PA mle 35 - STAR 1914 -MAB Model A - MAB Model D pistol - Modèle 1935 pistol - Ruby pistol - Le Français 6,35 mm Melee Weapons -Model 1934 French Airforce Dagger -NOXI FRANCE Marked Fighting Knife -Pelle Modele 1879 - Pelle Modele 1906 Field Gear -Cle a molette -Jumelles HUET MG - First aid kit - French Medic Pouch Anti-Tank weapons: -25 mm Hotchkiss anti-tank gun -47 mm APX anti-tank gun - AC 37 anti-tank gun - AC 47 anti-tank gun Anti-Aircraft weapons: -le Canon de 90 mm Schneider - Mitrailleuse de 13.2 -Darne machine gun -Hispano-Suiza HS.404 -20 mm modèle F2 gun - Mitrailleuse de 25 Grenades and mines -F1 grenade - OF 37 -Mine anti-char de 1939 - light anti-tank mine Model 1935 - Heavy Anti-tank mine - VB rifle grenade -Modèle 1939 anti-personel mine Anti-tank Rifles - Boys anti-tank rifle Mk I Cavalry Mortars - Brandt Mle 27/31 Planes Transport/para - Bloch MB.220 Reconnaissance -ANF Les Mureaux 113 - Curtiss SBC-4 Helldiver (Lend-Lease) - Besson MB.411 - CAMS 55 Fighter -Dewoitine D 520 - Arsenal VG-33 - Bloch MB-152-C1 - Koolhoven F.K.58 - ARSENAL-DELANNE AD 10C2 - SNCASE SE.100 Heavy Fighter - Potez 630 C3 - Amiot 354 Bombers - Bloch MB.174 - Amiot 143 - Bloch 210 - Lioré et Olivier LeO 20 - Bloch 131 - Breguet 482 - Latécoère 570 Infantry Vehicles Cars -Peugeot 202 -Citroën 2cv - Laffly V15R - Laffly S15R -Renault chenillette UE Motorcycles -Peugeot P107 - Gnome et Rhône ax2 Trucks - Peugeot DMA - Peugeot 202 Truck - Renault AGC Half-Tracks - Citroën Kegresse P17 Half-Track SPAA - Citroën Kegresse P19 - Citroën Kegresse P4T AA - Berliet VPR 2 Armoured vehicles: -AM Gendron SOMUA 39 -AMC Schneider P16 -AMD White TBC -AMD Laffly 50AM -AMD Laffly 80AM -AMD Panhard 165 -AMD 178 Panhard -AM40-P -AMD 35 Panhard -Berliet VUDB -Berliet VUDB4 -Citroen-Kegresse M23 -Laffly S15 TOE -Laffly W15 TCC -Panhard 178 Armoured personnel carriers -Lorraine 37L \ 38L Tanks/armours Light tanks -FCM 36 -Hotchkiss H35 - Renault FT-31 - Renault NC - AMR 35 - Renault R-35 - Renault ZB - Renault R-40 - Batignolles-Chatillon - Batignolles-Chatillon DP-3 - Char D1 - Char articule jacquet Amphibious Tank - Batignolles-Chatillon DP 2 Medium tanks - Char D2 - Renault G1 R - AMX 40 - SOMUA S35 - AMX-39 - Char SAV 41 - Char G1L - Char G1P - AMX Tracteur B Armoured combat tanks - AMC 34 - AMC 35 Tank Destroyers - Chasseur de char Lorraine 37L – 47mm - AMR 35 Renault ZT3 - R35 CA - S35 CA - Renault VE Type P - 75 Garnier-Renault - Renault ACG-2 - Char Sau 40 - SAV-AU 41 - SAV-AU 42 - Char ARL 40 Heavy tanks - Char B1 bis -Char B1 ter - ARL 1937 Model S - ARL 1937 Model V - FCM 1A - FCM F1 - FCM 2C - Char D'arret (STCC) - FCM F4 - ARL Tracteur C - Char de Forteresse ARL - AMX Tracteur C (Model 1939) - AMX Tracteur C (Model 1940) - Self Propelled Guns - Canon de 194 modèle GPF - Extra tank info - Extra link: Uniforms - Infantry - Infantry Helmets - Medic -Paratrooper -Pilot -Tanker -Reconnaissance -General -Ranks
  2. British Commonwealth Faction This thread aims to look at all of the various weapons and equipment for a Commonwealth faction that includes the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and India united, just as they were during the war. I envision the Commonwealth being a single faction, largely due to equipment being almost identical and the fact Commonwealth countries would often fight together in battles in joint units. There could be various uniforms depicting theatres and Commonwealth countries, so you could switch it up anytime you wish. All equipment is tiered in order of performance, and additional equipment that could be added in future is at the bottom of each section. Introducing New Factions & A Better Start Ranks Weapons & Equipment The lack of a semi-automatic rifle makes this faction unique, but fast firing bolt-actions could blur the lines between semi-automatic and bolt-action. Do you mod for even more rate of fire, or damage? Bolt-action Rifles: Submachine Guns: Paratrooper Uniques: Light Machine Guns: Automatic Rifles: Shotguns: Handguns: Explosives & Equipment: Handheld Anti-Tank: Melee: Mortars: Medium & Heavy Machine Guns: Static Anti-Aircraft Guns: Ground Vehicles Different tank categories makes this faction unique, Mediums and Heavies are replaced with Infantry Tanks, which are slow and well armoured, designed to support your fellow Infantrymen, and Cruiser Tanks, which are fast and extremely useful for flanking, exploiting gaps and moving armoured units quickly on the strategy map. Infantry Tanks will no doubt require support from the Cruisers and Tank Destroyers, but perhaps they could be the cheapest tanks to use. You will become very familiar with the 17pdr on all of the Tank Destroyers, and armour increases as you unlock more vehicles. Light Tanks: Infantry Tanks: Cruiser Tanks: Tank Destroyers: Close Support Tanks: Super-Heavy Tanks: Reconnaissance Vehicles: Motorised Vehicles: Mechanised Vehicles: Motorycles: Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Guns: Aircraft & Gliders This faction boasts strong Fighters; the Spitfire is your pride and joy here, with fast climbing rates and very quick turn times. The bulk of ground attack power will come from the likes of the Typhoon, featuring 4x 20mm cannons and 8 RP-3 Rockets, and the heavier Mosquito which can contain a mix of both bombs and rockets, with a whole load of additional firepower too. However, this faction lacks any sort of dive bomber, or a plane with larger-calibre cannons (50-75mm). Note: Some aircraft such as the Hurricane Mk I or Spitfire Mk Ia/IIb are omitted due to their inability to carry bombs. Although it would be great to include them as they are iconic, it seems like every aircraft must have some ability to carry bombs. Reconnaissance Aircraft: Fighters: Ground Attack: Heavy Fighters: Paratrooper Planes: Tactical (Medium) Bombers: Strategic (Heavy) Bombers: Gliders: -------------------------------- What other equipment do you think should be included? What's generally missing? What other basic terrain vehicles such as trucks and cars would fit the game well for motorised and mechanised units? All equipment from all Commonwealth nations is welcome, feel free to make suggestions and post your findings. The full list can also be located off-site here (though it is temporarily out of date):
  3. Hello everyone, As none of the old posts for the Empire of Japan have been fully restored yet i decided to simply make a new post. This is mainly for discussion purposes simply because there are a lot of problems which have to be fixed before new factions make sense. This post will follow a chronological order in the different categorys (low-high tier) I will try to not get prototypes into this post, so if you have any corrections or additions fell free to tell me and i will gladly fix or add things. Infantry Weapons and Vehicles Bolt action rifles: Submachine Guns: Light machine guns: Handguns: Paratrooper special weapons: Melee Weapons: Explosives: Anti Tank Weapons: Anti Tank Rifle: Scopes / Sniper rifles Infantry Support vehicles: Cars and Motorcycles: Recon Vehicles: Military Ranks and Uniforms Ranks: Infantry Tanker Pilot Paratrooper Recon / Sniper Tanks Light tanks: Medium tanks: Medium tank destroyers: Planes Recon Plane: Fighters : Heavy Fighters Ground Attack Aircraft: Medium Bombers: Para Plane static weapons / weapon emplacements / Support weapons Heavy machine guns AA Guns AT Guns Mortars Thanks for reading i hope you like it! it was quite some work.
  4. Kingdom of Romania Rifles: - Mannlicher M1895 - vz. 24 - Mosin–Nagant (Captured from Soviets) Submachine Guns: - Orita - PPSh-41 - MP 40 - Beretta Model 38 Machine Guns: - ZB vz. 26 - ZB vz. 30 - MG 34 - PM M1910 Handguns: - TT pistol - Beretta M1934 - Steyr M1912 - Beretta M1935 Field Gear: - Anti-Tank weapons: - 75 mm Reșița Model 1943 Anti-Aircraft weapons: - ZPU 2 Grenades and mines: - M92 - FG-M1 - GMM Planes: -Transport/Para - -Reconnaissance plane - -Medium Fighter/Heavy Fighter/Bombers Infantry Vehicles: - -Malaxa Tip UE Armoured vehicles: - Leichter Panzerspähwagen - Tanks/Armour: Light Tanks: -Romanian FT -R1 (AH-IVR) - R2 -Renault R35/T-26 -Renault R35 -T-38 Medium Tanks: -T-3 -T-4 Tank Destroyers: - Vânătorul de Care R35 -Mareșal -TACAM T-60 -TACAM R-2 -TAs Uniforms - Infantry - Paratrooper - Tank crewman -Pilot - Reconnaissance - General