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Found 2 results

  1. Hi all, thank you for your patience! I’ve listed the top voted suggestions below, will try and tag the original owners of those comments so they know their suggestions are being debated here. A link to the original thread can also be found HERE. Firstly, I'll have to say that even though we might reach conclusions on several of these suggestions, I can’t guarantee that any of these will make it through production in the same shape that we conclude - If they make it through at all. Understand that there are a lot of factors that could alter the concepts through production, ie. technical reasons or amount of production required etc. However I’m personally very impressed! If your concept gets to see the light of day, we’ll make sure to credit you (might even name it after you who knows?), and each of the four users who made the suggestions below will get a fat voucher sometime next week (I’ll send you a message here on the forum). Generally you won’t have to worry too much about abuse/farming of a concept, since we’ll either do code that will mitigate those behaviors or outright ban people who abuse/farm certain parameters of the event(against the TOS). If you however see potential loopholes please speak up, but no reason to echo it if a similar comment is already made. I’ll leave my own comments/concerns regarding the individual concepts separately to this main post. - Also if you cannot be constructive with your feedback, your comment will be removed. Original creators of the suggestions, feel free to expand on your concept if you feel the need for it. LEAVE YOUR VOTE IN THE POLL AND A COMMENT WITH YOUR THOUGHTS What do you like/dislike about each of the concepts? What would you like to see done differently in your favorite concept? Are the rewards realistic/fun/good enough? @Lobo[PT] (33 votes) THEME: Field medic OBJECTIVE: heal teammates wounded on the battlefield, ( x amount) heal points and its granted a medic helmet (X2 amount of) heal points a medic camo DURATION: 2 weeks AFFECTED PLAYERS: NEWCOMERS / EXPERIENCED / VETERANS (all) AFFECTED GAME AREA: War/staged - only pvp matches POTENTIAL REWARDS: Unique helmet/camo for a field medic, as shown as example below Everyone can have said camo. Not only top 10. -1 helmet per account -1 medic camo per account. both per account if player was able to reach both event objectives. why: there is, right now no field medic. just users with badges. and a small icon above your head, making it hard to notice/call for help. since there is no "talk commands" to ask for a medic - having a uniform on the medic specialist it's a way to wounded soldiers spot u faster and whistle for help. players like me, already have a dedicated medic (mp40 - med pouch and med pack + both med badges at gold) would find this a great addition to the class. possible "anti-cheat"/to avoid abuses on this event: healing the same player twice in a row, does not count for the stats. @_Finnish_Gamemaster_ (21 votes) THEME: Harvester OBJECTIVES: Kill 500 (or 1000 depending on what is actually a fair challenge) players at a range less than 50 m DURATION: 1 week AFFECTED PLAYERS: All AFFECTED GAME AREA: ACTION GAME POTENTIAL REWARD(S): Helmets with skulls for everyone that has achieved the 500/1000 kill count thing @Mastah (20 votes) THEME: Battle of Britain OBJECTIVE: US faction needs to fend off German troops, trying to overtake Britain's main cities (TBD). Meanwhile the German forces have to face the Soviet threat from the East, trying to overtake Berlin and <fill out> main cities. [Allies get a surplus bonus in vehicle production. Axis get a surplus bonus in planes. Russia gets a surplus in ground forces]. DURATION: 2 weeks AFFECTED PLAYERS: All AFFECTED GAME AREA: RTS / WAR POTENTIAL REWARDS: Unique outfit (British?) for US players. Unique outfit (Officer?) for Axis. Unique outfit (Spetznaz?) for Soviets? Participation of at least < # > battles required @<Winston> (15 votes) Theme: Never surrender Objective: Kill 100 players while having less than 30 hp Duration: One weekend Affected Players: All who have HnG Potential Reward: Skins for SAs or Tier II MPs with blood stains and dents
  2. Hey all! - this is an official call to all players to make suggestions for events in HnG. READ THROUGH THIS BEFORE MAKING A SUGGESTION, IF YOU DO NOT STICK TO THE FORMAT YOUR POST WILL BE DELETED! What I want to do here is to listen to your suggestions for what events you’d like to see in the future, and look at the community reactions to those suggestions - so here are some ground rules: Make a suggestion by copying the headlines below into your post (don’t quote): ------------ THEME: OBJECTIVES: DURATION: AFFECTED PLAYERS: NEWCOMERS / EXPERIENCED / VETERANS (DELETE ONE IF NOT AFFECTED) AFFECTED GAME AREA: ACTION GAME / RTS / STAGED / WAR (DELETE ONE IF NOT AFFECTED) POTENTIAL REWARD(S): ------------ REQUIREMENTS: Event should strive to include as many players as possible, if it’s limited to a specific playerbase a significant argument should be made as to why the event is limited. Events cannot demand any sort of major codebase changes, be realistic with your suggestions! Agree to a suggestion, vote by upvoting the original post suggestion (only upvotes will count towards votes, don’t use likes). If you disagree, simply don’t vote! DO NOT QUOTE A SUGGESTION TO ADD TO IT OR DISCUSS THE THEME ETC. - We will discuss the top voted suggestions in detail in the next iteration of this workshop. You are only allowed to submit 1 suggestion! Any posts/comments made in this thread that are not suggestions or does not follow the above format will be deleted. Do not tag anyone in your suggestion. If your suggestion is voted into the top suggestions you’ll be tagged in PT. 2 of this workshop and asked to elaborate if needed. I WILL CHECK IN ON THIS THREAD DAILY TO MAINTAIN IT, THREAD IS OPEN FOR SUGGESTIONS UNTIL NEXT FRIDAY (25OCT2019).