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Found 1 result

  1. List of supporting threads: sfscriv Collection of Goodness Here is an Executive Summary: (Short Version) Original post below ----------------------- ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ----------------------- Original post below It's time to put our experienced veterans and their high ranked soldiers to work. Integrating organization into the game brings random players into the war effort as part of the team. Let's include all random individuals in each faction's collective actions to Win the War. With many years of military and military gaming experience, allow me to explain how we could integrate leadership positions into Heroes and Generals (H&G). Military organizations became more specialized as military technology evolved. Question: "How can One-Man influence 500 soldiers, a Battalion, to conduct a series of complex tasks under less than ideal conditions with little time?" The Answer: A military staff was formed as an extension of the commander. Each staff section has a unique function in order to more effectively conduct combat operations. Also, special-purpose elements provide direct support to the infantry battalion's maneuver units. In the image above, I am introducing the organization of a real military infantry battalion to the readers and then offering a slimmed down version for integration into H&G. Infantry Battalion: The commander is overall responsible for conducting military operations with the authorities to decide on the use of men, weapons, and equipment. At the battalion level, the military staff is comprised an S1-Personnel, S2-Intelligence, S3-Operations, S4-Logistics. When the battalion is deployed, the commander is located at the Tactical Operations Center (TOC) with the S2 and S3 planning and synchronizing operations. The S1 and S4 are located in the Combat Trains with the Battalion Aid Station (BAS). The legend below explains the terminology used in this presentation. Within the Headquarters Headquarters Company (HHC), are the staff sections and specialty platoons (SCT-Scout, AT-Anti-Tank, MTR-Mortar, SPT-Support). The specialty platoons provide the battalion commander and the line companies with organic specialized support. From outside the battalion, a FO-Forward Observer and TACP-Tactical Air Control Party are assigned to the battalion to provide Artillery and Close Air Support (CAS). Within the battalion, there are a lot of small elements providing communications, transportation, and number of other services. The Scout Platoon is deployed forward with direction from the S2, the three line companies are the main fighting force of the battalion, and the HHC provides support positioned to the rear of the main fighting forces. The abbreviations, acronyms, and a description of the terminology used in these images are explained in the LEGEND. Now, we begin to integrate aspects of the Infantry Battalion Function into H&G: Some of the symbols above should look familiar and others were created by me for H&G development consideration. The Scout Leader (SCT) is on the left. The duck icon is not official; can't take this stuff too seriously. The Pathfinder and Recon Plane fall under the Scout Leader. Scout Asset View Distance & Special Abilities Under the Commander (CDR) in the center column, the Anti-Tank icon is possible soldier type addition along with the medic in the right column. They are both 'Possible,' but not necessarily 'Recommended' as they would not have there own dedicated vehicles or Assault Teams (ATs). The Executive Officer (XO) has the aircraft with the exception of the recon planes and would also guide Anti-Aircraft (AA) soldiers, AA vehicles, and AA Assault Teams. The Cargo Trucks will provide needed logistical support to the front lines. Artificial Intelligence (AI) bots will be controlled by the XO described in this thread: Innovate! Bots do the Dirty Work!! Here are the boiled down specialized functions that would be provided by a military staff for integration in H&G. The S1-Personnel section is not present as the spawn of available resources covers that function. The Commander steps into the position of the S3-Operations to guide maneuver forces. The role of conducting surveillance and counter-surveillance will be lead by the Scout Leader with the assets needed to conduct those types of missions needed by an S2-Intelligence section. The Executive Officer (XO) will take on the role as the chief logistician (S4-Logistics) to guide support forces to push needed supplies to the front lines. The Commander will coordinate with the XO for aircraft support, Anti-Aircraft support, and transportation. There could be Command Teams (CMD TMs) at different echelons of each Faction guiding activities across the whole Campaign Map: There has been an new Cargo Truck Assault Team added to the first image above this text depicting the Cargo Trucks that would be owned & controlled by XOs and operated by bots in this thread: Recommendation for Cargo Truck function change for action battles The bots/NPCs/AI (Non-Player Characters/Artificial Intelligence) would do the dirty, time-consuming jobs no one wants to do. The XO as part of the three-man leadership team would prioritize tasks and directly control bot activities in the action battles and on the campaign map. The XO would have to decide how to best utilize the bots to support the Commander's fight to victory. Innovate! Bots do the Dirty Work!! The primary duties of the bots would be to provide logistic support, assist with transportation, defend control points, build protection and obstacles, and repair vehicles. Ground Convoy The concept of Prisoners of War (POWs) and POW Camps would also be a series of tasks for the XOs and would be the mission of the Ground Convoy ATs to move the POWs from the frontlines (Airfield Map) to the Rear Area. POW AT (SCT) This next image depicts the recommended Command Team Leaders (Commander, Scout, & Executive Officer) and their responsibilities: Here is the Faction organization for the separate Command Teams guiding their soldiers to Victory on the Campaign Map: Depicted above are three 'Fronts' per Faction and three 'Efforts' per Front. For example, the German Faction would have a Western, Northern, and Eastern Fronts each of those fronts would have three Efforts with each having leaders orchestrating the friendly force activities within their area of operation. Leaders by Layer: - Faction: Command Team - One team of three leaders to guide their Faction to Victory - Rear Area XOs - One behind each Front amounting to three personnel - Front: Command Team - One team of three leaders embedded into each of the three Fronts - Effort: Command Team - One team of three leaders embedded into each of the nine Efforts - Assault: Command Team - One team of three leaders per 'Assault' action battle - Skirmish: Platoon Leader - One per 'Skirmish' action battle - Encounter: Squad Leaders - Dependent on action battle population and server network population 3 - Faction 3 - Rear Area XOs 9 - Front 27 - Effort 42 - Campaign map leaders per Faction Total (13 Command Teams) Not including the leaders in the Action Battles, there are 42 designated leaders per Faction with three current Factions. That's 126 Leaders synchronizing and de-conflicting efforts. Here is the suggested hierarchy in a different format: Down the left hand side are the operational areas and down the right hand side are the corresponding units associated with the areas of operation. CMD TM - Command Team PL - Platoon Leader SL - Squad Leader TBD - To Be Determined (Dependent on server network population) Unlocking Leadership Positions: PL - Platoon Leader Assault - Assault map Command Team E - Effort Command Team F1 - Front Command Team F2 - Faction Command Team The Platoon Leader would be one player for each faction in the action battle guiding and coordinating with the squad leaders to assist the whole team in functioning more effectively to win the match. Placing the Platoon Leader at rank 13 rather than 12 encourages new purchased level 12 players to grind for rank 13 to unlock the platoon leader role and gives the player base a more experienced leader. The same model would be used for the Assault map Command Team leaders. Leader Ranks for map & echelon level: - Encounter: Squad Leaders rank 6 and above - Skirmish: Platoon Leader rank 13 and above - Assault: Command Team rank 16 & 17 - Effort: Command Team rank 19 & 20 - Front: Command Team rank 21 and above (also Rear Area XOs) - Faction: Command Team rank 22 The image below depicts the current action battle maps available for H&G. The overlaid PL and CMD TM images are a proposed first phase to conduct a proof of concept discussed in greater detail in the link below. Coordinating team activities relies on communication: Progression Approach to Attain VoIP Communications with Phased Integration Communication Topics: Tips of Communicating Effectively <Pilot and Infantry Coordination> - authored by @ninkanoob An Online Gaming Communication Article Supporting TEAMPLAY Concepts: Innovate! Bots do the Dirty Work!! Specialized Function - Assault Teams Anti-Aircraft Soldier Recommendation for Cargo Truck function change for action battles Existing Markers - A Better Understanding of the Threat Should there be Fire Teams within the H&G Squad? TEAMPLAY topics - H&G developers Campaign Map concepts: RTS Enhancement/Overhaul - Capture Options & Partisans authored by @ghostdoggo Partisan, Pathfinder, & Mech Recon Forecasted Resource Management (H&G Developer Concept) Specialized Function - Assault Teams Enhanced Battlelines Campaign Map Distance Analysis - Recommendation Campaign Map (RTS & War) topics - H&G developers Multi-Echelon Command Teams .