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    Individual changes (not all set in stone yet, but I don't see any reason why Christiano would say no to them).

    I might be off by 0,1 or 0,2 with some weapons.



    - MG42 6,4 to 8 (but 50 more bullets)

    - PzB: 4,8 to 4,3

    - Gb4 5,4 to 4,4

    - MG13 3,8 to 3,6



    - 1919 6,2 to 8 (or around 8 )

    - M2 carbine 3,0 to 3,2

    - BAR 3,8 to 3,2

    - Johnson 4 to 3,6



    - DP-28 5,7 to 5,1

    - AVS 3,5 to 3,0

    - PTRD 4,8 to 4,3


    I think that's all of them, but I may be mistaken.


    I'm not really allowed to give out numbers, but I think I can make it vague enough. I don't have stats on how many people log into the game, but I do have stats on the use of weapons.

    I can see how many individual players have used certain weapons. I need to add that this same person can spawn multiple weapons and can be in the list several times.


    But what I can say with certainty, is that in the past 31 days, a full month, several individual hundreds of thousands of players have played the game. Not thousands, not tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands.


    There may of course be some double accounts in there, but that is a very small amount and won't change the fact that several hundreds of thousands of players have played the game.

    So even if this poll would be answered by a 1000 people, it's still not representative of the entire playerbase.


    I try to adept many of things that I read on the forums or on discord into the plans that I am making. I make a lot of adjustments based on the feedback here, because I know a lot of guys on the forums have a lot of knowledge about the game. But I also know that a lot of players mostly look to what they find the most fun. And not necessarily to what would be good for other players.


    I'm not blaming people for doing that, in a lot of ways that makes perfect sense. You play the game for you, not for noobkiller23. But it does simply mean I won't copy paste everything that is stated by the people on our social channels.


    You guys have a huge impact on what the game looks like, in terms of changes that I am making. but you guys are the 0,01% if even that. The influence that you guys have for such a tiny percentage of the community is massive and rather than being upset with the fact we look more towards the people we don't hear than to the people we hear, you guys should be happy with how much influence you actually have.

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    - M2 carbine kicks to much upwards

    - M2 carbine increase ROF to 600

    - M1 and M1/A1 carbine increase ROF to 450

    - DP-28 reload should be reduced to about 5,1

    - MG-34 reload should be reduced to about 5,5 (currently longer than DT-28, while less bullets)

    - MG-13 reload time should be reduced to 3,6

    - BAR reload time should be reduced to 3,2

    - Johnson reload time should be reduced to 3,6

    - MG42, small reduction swayperbullet, pretty big increase recoil (sway nullified too much by tight grip, will stay problem even with badge reduction, also simply considered overpowered)

    - 1919, small reduction swayperbullet, small increase recoil

    - Maxim-Tokarev, small reduction swayperbullet, small increase recoil


    I have forwarded these changes, I expect this will be the last batch. Not completely sure if they will still be able to be on proto before release. As we are getting closer to release and really need to work on the last bugfixes.

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    Seeing I keep getting comments on the headshot multiplier, I want to do yet another poll about this subject.

    But this time I will do it a little bit different. The same rule applies, that we need a 60%+ vote before we decide to make such a change.


    In poll 1, there are only 2 options:

    - Change

    - Don't change


    IF, the poll goes to 'change', then we will do a second round. In this round you will be able to pick the modifier.

    I will keep this poll open for about a week.


    Please note: We might hold on to changing the multiplier until the next balancing patch, which will be either end of this year, or early next year.

    That way we can also change some weapons damages if needed.


    *Poll is not binding, but whatever comes out of it I will highly recommend to management

    **Please note that even if the multiplier will be changes, it will most likely take some time before it will actually go to live

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    Server is back up btw

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    Prototype server will go down for a little bit, while we add the following changes:


    Weapon Tweaks:
    GranatBüchse reload decreased.
    GranatBüchse bipod enabled.
    GranatBüchse projectile speed increased.
    Ampulomet projectile speed increased.
    PTRD and PanzerBüchse ROF increased.
    Flamethrower spare ammunition reduced.
    Pistol ROF increased.
    M1, M2, M1A1 Carbine range and damage increased.
    RangeNear decreased on PPD and PPSh
    FG42 ROF increased to 540
    MaximTokarev ROF increased to 600
    Bolt Action Rifle ROF increased. (by decreasing the recoil time)
    "Chrome Moly 4150" barrel mod damageFar increased.
    Fixed bug with reload times on Carbines and AVS-36.

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    Assuming non heavy set

    thompson TTK is 60/600*2= 0,2

    PPSH TTK is 60/800*3= 0,225


    PPD TTK is 60/650*3= 0,27

    Grease gun TTK is 60/462*2=0,26

    Mp34 is 60/500*2=0,24


    So when it comes to TTK, the ppd and ppsh are actually below other weapons.

    However, seeing it has 71 bullets you can run into a building while shooting much easier. 

    With other weapons (espesially mp34) you tend to be a bit more cautious as you want to make sure you hit.


    Another point is that the damage of these 2 weapons has a much harder drop off, espesially since I want to increase that drop even further.

    At 10 meters or so, the guns already become 5 hit kill, while the other smg's are still 3 hit kill.

    At 20 meters, it's probably 6 or even 7 hit kill, while the other smg's are 4 hit kill there.


    So when you run into a house, the ppsh will certainly be really nice to have in your hands, but in most other places, the other smg's will probably be better.

    I really find it hard to predict if they will be really really good, or will actually struggle because of how short their range is.

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    On 9/15/2020 at 10:55 PM, J.Killmister said:

    So basically you say "vets" should be punished for spending time in understanding the game and ignored,just to make some casual weekend warriors more happy?If your issue is keeping the casuals/newbies around,create a tutorial(something that has been recommended long time ago) to explain badges etc.


    You get a 30% bonus, how are you being punished?


    I do not understand this obsession about the fast reload badge.

    We're going from 40% to 30%, you guys are acting like the fast reload badge will increase reload speed in the future.


    30% is still a massive percentage.

    I'm also getting quite tired of the 'Reto doesn't listen'. 


    Based on feedback, I have massively cut back on changing the badges.

    I very clearly stated that I wanted to move them all to 25%.


    Based on community feedback I have pushed this back up. Just because you don't get exactly what you want, doesn't mean we don't look at the feedback.

    I have made a ton of adjustments on changes like this based on comments from the community.

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    I have made the following nodes from here and the discord, which I have asked the devs to look at:


    - In the killfeed it says player1 killed player 2 instead of the name of the weapon

    - Hoarder badge does not work on the flamethrower

    - Request to make flamethrower 7 (but no option for less ammo), so you can get a pistol and medkit

    - Flamethrowers should have less ammo

    - Getting messages that players find the repair too high

    - When somebody uses a flamethrower next to you, you can hear a strange ticking sound made by the weapon, like multiple SMG rounds being fired at once (may already be fixed)


    - Pistol ROF is too low, requires a buff of 20% across the board

    - Further increase range far for the M2 carbine, to put it closer to the STG and AVS

    - Increase M2 carbine damage (10%) so it can 4 hit kill against gold heavy set

    - Decrease range near for PPD by another 50%

    - Decrease range near for PPSH by another 50%

    - Increase Fallschirmjägergewehr 42 RPM to 540 - Increase Maxim Tokarev RPM to 600

    - Another 10% decrease for the bolt-action rifles Bolt cycle time (make it shoot faster)


    - Bots, especially PPD bots, became too strong with the gun changes

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    16 hours ago, dra1002 said:

    It makes sense that in September it is the 1k war and in October the event. The players who have returned to fight the 1k war will surely be proud. 


    It was difficult to know when the 1k war would be, you just had to open the map and have a minimum of organization to make a event for it... oh but you HAD TO OPEN THE GAME... sorry, I understand that Reto didnt see it 😂


    We are not sitting on our asses waiting until war 1000 starts ;) . We have an update with flamethrowers coming up and a lot of other things as well.

    So we simply scheduled it as a specific time.

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    We will do an event for it, but it will have to be done in october if I'm saying that correct.

    There were some things that took priority first.


    Stats like that I don't really have, but perhaps Reto.Umbra can dig up something