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    Attention Soldiers!

    Join us Friday the 21st of June on Twitch at 15:00 CEST / 9am EST!

    Our live stream will be a little different from the previous one, our Technical Graphics Artist Reto.Christiano have temporarily taken Reto.Gargamel's seat, and will join our Game Director Reto.RedBjarne in the stream and answer your questions live!

    Click here to tune in

    If you happen to miss our live stream we will put a link of the VOD on this page, after the live stream has ended.


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    On 6/17/2019 at 10:22 PM, SirMrGuyHuman said:

    I could've worded that better, I meant that conflicting views from the community pointed Reto in the wrong direction because of the overflowing of... odd thoughts


    Work smart, not hard. I understand that you put in herculean effort into the game, but here's the rebuttal: the game looks straight from 2010 (not an exaggeration).


    It's nice to see a Reto employee admit that they were wrong and that they have struggles instead of insisting on "working as intended", "vocal minority", etc.  

    It's all good, and I totally understand where you are getting at. Since the massive lay-off, we've had to do a lot of re-structuring internally which was a difficult and time consuming task. Even though things will move a little differently I think, over time, that you will see that we are in fact setup pretty well to accomplish a lot moving forward.


    On 6/17/2019 at 8:15 PM, BLCKYEEZUS said:

    ...But requesting fix of sounds and crashes is NOT too much... quality-polished not crashing not lagging game (even not with modern graphics, screw it, just with good optimisation and stability) will attract lots of long-term players...

    Couldn't agree more and that is not a tall ask - But I was not questioning the base of the argument he made, but the evidence he suggested to drive it with. It rubbed me the wrong way, to set an expectation with titanic teams against ours.


    And I'm sorry, but I simply don't have the time to address everyone in here, but I've read most of your comments in my spare time and made notes. I hope to have time to check in again soon :) 

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    10 hours ago, Kerebo said:

    Give the biggest faction that out populates the other factions biggest stockpile and even faster production. How did this make sense in your minds that it would be fair in anyway?


    These events are a big waste of time and only is enjoyable for the faction that is "setup to win" and the ppl who play the faction that wins.


    Should have a special server for this or something. Waste of time.


    They don't have a bigger stockpile. They are fighting 2 factions on their own. The faction with the biggest stockpile is the US. Germany needs to fight 2 fronts, so double the resources means 1x the resources on each front.


    However, seeing that every faction is currently complaining their faction is the weakest, I do believe we did a pretty decent job on balance. It's a shame though, that so many people aren't willing to try it. They don't deploy as their faction will certainly lose, causing their faction to indeed certainly lose. If you don't give it a fair chance, it indeed will never work. For many years we have been having getting requests to move capital cities around and try some things out. With these events we finally are doing that. We're setting up different scenario's which can be used for new tactics.

    On 6/18/2019 at 12:59 AM, FJR2_Lt._Wotan said:

    Also at an event I expect that I or the German faction will be given the opportunity to win.

    I do not see that here at best will.

    Germany just won. So I suppose it's not that out of the question.

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    Oh apologies, the second point needs to be 'anti-tank rifles' not 'anti-tank weapons'


    Currently when you shoot at an enemy tank and you penetrate, 50% goes to internals/health and 50% goes to armor surface.

    Now it's 75/25.


    That means that in theory wherever you shoot does 50% extra damage. It may be too much, and then we might tweak it again, but in theory if it used to take you 6 shots it might now take you 4 shots. However, hitting the internals might go from 4 shots to 3 shots.

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    3 hours ago, Reto.Hades said:

    We have actually decided that the war victory ribbon x10 will stay as the new 'norm' at least until we have rebalanced it better. the previous setting was simply too low. So the x10 will stay in effect this war, but won't be mentioned in the description of the event


    46 minutes ago, Limecat69 said:

    Great an event where Germany finally has an advantage starting with more cities but now no war victory bonus xp but the other factions both got to massively exploit it in the other events and max out their war victory ribbons....

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    16 hours ago, FTG_Bayonetta said:

    How about release the damn stats for which faction won so many wars during dunkirk instead of simply saying it was onsided


    16 hours ago, Hitchens117 said:

    Statistics like pretzels can be twisted to suit whoevers ox needs gored


    Actually very simple explanation for this one ;) I wanted to add it but forgot to ask it initially. Last war I kept score myself so I didn't need the stat. Our statistics guy does not work until this Wednesday, so in order to get the post out I had to just write 'many wars'.


    In many ways I don't believe it makes much difference if it was 20 wars or 30 wars. It was too many, which is unfortunate. This was one of the reasons to no longer mention the war victory ribbon boost in the event introduction (it is still active and will remain also after this event). As we hope that participation becomes more important than winning.

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    Plating will not be visible, headshots will still kill in 1 hit (except over long ranges with for example pistols or smg's, but that is already the case).

    Mines should of course also still kill with 1 hit, it is good that you mention it though, as we might have to take a look if this is still the case.

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    Hello everyone!


    As we have mentioned in the last devstream, we are working on something called armor plates. In this post I want to explain how they work.

    We are looking for your feedback on them, as well as feedback on the heavy set badge.


    To start off with the heavy set, we want to find a new role for it, meaning we no longer want it to decrease damage on your character. We have created a couple of options ourselves that we are considering, but I won't share those straight away. The reason being that we would like to have an open discussion about this subject, without us steering it in a certain direction with our options. Depending on the suggestions we get from you guys, we might share our list later this week.


    Then we have the armor plates. First of all the main reason for them is that the heavy set badge gives a massive advantage for veterans compared to new players. We no longer want this advantage to exist. Therefore every new (infantry) soldier, will start off with armor plating. Veterans are of course also able to equip it.

    New players don't have a lot of equipment, so for them it is very easy to have it on their character, veterans however need to make the choice between better/more equipment, or to equip the armor plating.


    So how does it work:

    - The armor plates are an item, which are set to cost 3 equipment points

    - *When you get hit, the plates will absorb 30 damage before the soldier takes damage

    - Armor plating can be replenished at ammo crates
    - The equipment type is communicated as a "Shield" icon. This is visible on the item in the flash client and a section of armor health after your normal health bar in the action client

    - Amor plates have a big impact on stamina, meaning you are unable to run very far

    *What this comes down to is, if an enemy shoots you for 50 damage, your plating will first absorb 30 damage, then the soldier takes the remaining 20 damage


    I want to ask everyone to stay constructive and to not attack other players on their suggestions. If you do not agreed with a suggestion, please either answer politely, or ignore the post.

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    In the past I have of course mentioned we had some tweaks coming up, this was unfortunately delayed but they are back on the menu again.

    While not all changes have been done yet (we want to change some assault team sizes as well, but want to wait until after the current event), we have at least 3 points in testing.


    The first one probably won't be liked as much, which is that we are adding a short reload time between hand-held anti-tank weapons, meaning the H3, RPG and Sticky's.

    The second one, is that we have increased damage for anti-tank rifles, but we have a more steep decline of penetration power on range. This means that on short range they will be more effective, while long range they will not be able to penetrate.

    The third one has effect on both infantry versus tank, as well as tank versus tank. Currently when you penetrate, 50% goes to armor surface, and 50% goes to the internals/health.

    We have changed this into 75% going into internals/health and 25% going to armor surface.

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    I have updated the opening post