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    Hello, I've just tried to look into this.


    Can you guys do me a favor and look at the battle reports after a match has ended where you didn't get any Assault Team XP and see the participating Assault team list for your faction?


    It's in the "BATTLE" tab for the battle report (I'm sure you know this)

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    22 minutes ago, Kickassinator said:

    @Reto.GreenBow Could you clarify something. If my squad is on say B line, and I see the adjacent C line starting to fall, I jump on my bike and head to the point to help defend, will I get the defense bonus's by killing enemies in and around the point being captured?


    Yes. Lets give an example: we're playing Town and our team is attacking. We own C4  and the enemy owns O1. Even if your squad is in line B, and not C, you will get defence points if you help defending C4 (while being inside the point).  What Greenbow meant is something different: that you won't get defence points if you kill someone while sitting in C2, since C2 is not adjacent to C4, so the reward doesn't apply because the enemy can't cap C2.

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    For our list of reported Community Issues we also have a report about a lack of map rotation in certain areas. As we have discussed this matter internally, we'd very much like players to able to select starting capitals for their faction or to rotate starting capitals. However, there's currently no system in place for this and the project is not a priority.


    What we can currently (quite easily) do, is to ensure there's a certain amount of diversity in attack lines in place on the war map.


    I know there are several areas on the war map, where the attack line is usually the same depending on  the direction you attack from. I'd like specific examples of these areas (town names + preferably screenshot of the area), so I can pass this along and we can rotate some of the towns here, so attack lines become more diversified.


    You'd help a lot if you could provide the following:

    • Town names in a specific area which lack rotation
    • Screenshot of the area


    It's also possible to request different type of maps to be added in certain areas. F.e., if you feel a certain area lacks airfield range or forward airfield f.e. I can't promise that all these suggestions will be implemented, but it's a good way for me to combine the 2 things and have a look at it altogether.

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    6 hours ago, dummysolid320 said:

    I have issue where I kill two guys on the point yet still only get a total of 20 xp for defense, where as based in what you say, it should be 40 xp. Is it supposed to be this way or is it just a bug?

    Let me try to make this more clear:

    - You get 10 points bonus when killing an enemy that is trying to capture your friendly capture zone, independent if you are inside or outside of that zone. (the old bonus, still applies)

    - You get 10 points bonus when killing an enemy while being in a friendly capture zone, independent if the enemy is within or outside of your zone. (the newly introduced bonus)

    The old bonus only applied (and still only applies) if the enemy is within the capture zone, the new bonus applies if you are in the friendly zone. For the newly added bonus, it does not matter where the enemy is but it matters where you are (namely within the friendly zone).

    Therefore, both bonuses apply if you are in the capture zone together with the enemy soldier, but only the new one applies if the enemy is without the capture zone.

    Both bonuses contribute to the "Defense" stat shown in the HUD and in the battle report - they are not listed separately.

    So, if you kill an enemy that is not within your capture zone, you get 10 points Defense-bonus (0 before), if he's within your capture zone (and you are too) you get 20 (10 before).


    NB: It's important to note that defense bonuses only apply if the enemy can actually capture your point. This means the enemy capture-point needs to be adjacent to yours on the same attack line in the Assault game mode. For skirmishes and encounters all capture-points are valid, without adjacency requirement.

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    1 hour ago, hailanger said:

     I didnt use any exploit, software or bug.



    As long as you don't exploit any collision bug, that's the only thing that matters :) I watched the replay out of curiosity: nice parkour skills xD
    I had seen people up there before, but I wasn't sure how they did it.
    So to recap: if you can reach a place by jumping normally (not through walls/roofs/ceilings/floors/game area boundaries), then you can snipe from there with a clear conscience :D

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    3 hours ago, Rendragon said:

    Due to all the threads I've noticed getting locked due to "nonconstructive feedback" (@Reto.Millan and others)


    Checking my own records, and if I'm not mistaken, since the beginning of the month I've locked 7 discussions so far. Out of those, three were stuff like ban appeals and naming and shaming. I'm convinced it might be a bit early to suggest creating some sort of no-go area for the moderators.


    2 hours ago, Yhe_Irishman said:

    Censorship is my least favorite activity by devs. Off topic/ directly offensive/ non constructive posts should be moderated, with public warnings or possible editing-removal, but what we have now is so fu/cking frustrating to deal with.


    Users would then claim that deleting and manipulating their statements is another form of censorship, and that allowing threads to go wild and then having the mods to step in and issue warnings would be a way to censor users by allowing them to break the rules, then warn them for those infractions so we can give suspensions whenever it's more convenient for us.


    I will close this thread now for discussing moderation. If anyone feels like the discussing any of the issues that were pointed out before, please feel free to PM me.



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    3 hours ago, GÜNO06 said:

    Just shut up 


    Nonconstructive feedback, creating posts that are not aimed at conducting a discussion.



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    2 minutes ago, Thisbirdisonfiya said:

    it could be about his squadmates infront of him aswell, 


    If that's the case, I am still not able to reproduce the issue. @PaveMentman if you're still experiencing this, could you provide a video of the issue? That way I'll have a better idea of the details leading up to and during the incident.

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    Had a closer look at the images you provided, are you sure this guy isn't the player you're referring to? 


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    1 hour ago, PvssyFeckMaster69 said:

    Hello and all others of the HaG community! 


    We've had a lot of discussions already about the auxiliary slot system and instead of removing it, I would have a much easier and better way:


    Would it be possible, to add a small help button somewhere, which you can press and it explains to you, how the auxiliary slot system works? 


    Because this way, new players would know how to use it, once they rank up, instead of experienced players getting mad at them. 


    Also you could add information like what does it mean, when it says "there are no resources"? That's really all there's to it. 


    I hope this gets seen by the developers of HaG. 

    (PS: sorry for posting this previously in the wrong thread) 




    The auxiliary slot system is going to be removed, allowing again to switch classes without the existing squad restrictions. Therefore, we're not planning to release any tutorials.