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    38 minutes ago, wasisndalos said:

    "Buy your new FIghter Pilot for 25% off" - but for the next plane you`ll need a Bomber Pilot ...lel?

    nope. Pilot is pilot. Just like we don't distinguish between tankers in light tanks and tankers in heavy tanks. 

    2 hours ago, AlaskanBas said:

    Nice, P-40 Warhawk, Peshka and Me 410 will be the new planes. I expect some detailed information soon. :)

    Tune in Friday at 1500CET for our Devstream on Twitch to learn more! :D

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    @Aydarke I'm afraid your video is too long.

    The maximum is 3 minutes and your video is 3 minutes and 16 seconds.


    I have to be very strict here, even a video of 3 minutes and 1 second would be disqualified.

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    4 minutes ago, Jacky95 said:

    so i have to make a vid..right? iam a noob in this


    No, we automatically register if you have fulfilled one of these challenges which allows you to participate in that specific challenge.

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    5 minutes ago, pepeNS said:

    No DX12 yet?


    Nope, that's still being worked on (it will not be ready for the new update 1.0.3 either). We'll probably have another prototype session for it as well.

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    They have already been added to the changelog, which can be found here:


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    Play and win! To celebrate that we are now more than 10 million Heroes & Generals 10 contest will run over the next 10 days, letting 10 lucky (and skilled) players compete for a a total prize sum of 10 million credits!

    10 Contests!

    If you during the next 10 days complete one of the challenges in the list below you enter the drawing for a prize of 1 mio credits pr. contest. So 10 lucky players will win 1 mio credits each.

    1. PILOTS - Kill 1 enemy pilot with plane-machineguns or cannons
    2. PILOTS - Kill 1 enemy soldier as tail gunner
    3. TANKERS - Destroy 1 enemy tanks as tanker
    4. TANKERS - Kill 1 enemy soldiers with a support weapon on a tank
    5. INFANTRY - Capture/participate in capturing 1 control point
    6. INFANTRY - Kill 1 enemy soldier with a semi-auto rifle
    7. PARATROOPERS - Capture/participate in capturing 1 control points
    8. PARATROOPERS - Kill 1 enemy Soldier who is capturing a control point
    9. RECON - kill an enemy with a Headshot
    10. RECON - Silent kill of 1 enemy soldier (spade, knife or wrench)

    How do I enter?

    The 10 challenges have been set up so there is something for all soldier types in the game; Pilots, Tankers, Infantry, Paratroopers and Recon. And you can, of course, enter all contests if you have a soldier of each type and complete each of the 10 challenges.

    10 Million Credits!

    Prize: 1 million credits for the winner in each contest! For a total prize sum of 10 million credits.

    Can i participate in all 10 contests?

    Yes, of course, and you can also win more than one contest if you are lucky!


    10 Days!

    When do I enter?

    The contest runs from Tuesday 17JAN17 1000CET to Friday 27JAN17 1000CET.



    New planes coming in the next update – prepare and buy a Fighter Pilot now!.

    To celebrate that we have reached 10 million players you will, for a limited time, get a 25 % Discount on Fighter Pilots.

    Original post:

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    Placing them as you'd like would result in the UI potentially becoming obstructing though, sideways there's 'room' but upwards is the area which you use to look around and such.

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    The vehicle physics (of all vehicles) is currently planned to get a pass with the armor changes. That's entering development, but is a lot of work, so don't expect it too soon.

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    2 minutes ago, Major_woody said:

    didn't you guys already implement this system?


    Yes, but there's room for improvements :)

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    While it is an interesting video. This is not the way to start a constructive topic.

    I will close this topic.