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    48 minutes ago, hchris said:

    Which month? 😕


    I just did some extensive research in my communications of this morning, and the statement was 'THIS month'

    Without the capital letters though.

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    Apparently these guys are dead serious 🤣.


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    I have asked for an update on this, they told me we will have an updated overview before the end of the month. 

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    Small addition:


    Change-logs have now received their own subsection under 'News & Updates'

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    Get a new pilot, a new plane, and lots more at 50% discount!


    February may be a short month but there’s no shortage of action at Heroes & Generals WWII. We’ve got a massive 50% discount* on our new Starter Pilot Bundle for a limited time only!

    The discounted Pilot Bundle for your faction includes:

    • 1 Pilot
    • 1 Reconnaissance Light Airplane
    • 1 Adjustable Wrench
    • 1 Pistol
    • 5 Ribbon Boosters, each with a total 24 hours boosting time!**
    • Available now for only 2200 GOLD! *- a 50% + DISCOUNT on the total bundle value of 4550 Gold!

      Go grab yourself a new Starter Pilot Bundle now!


      1. Log in
      2. Click the Store Highlight section (lower right corner) that should feature the bundle
      3. Click on the bundle you want in the bundle window (should be at the top)

      *Sale ends March 4th 2019 @ 23:59 GMT
      ** 6 x 4 hours for each ribbon booster

      Original post:

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    The gui.disable was removed as it could be used to exploit some things.

    I agreed that it is useful, so I will see if we can get something like that in return again.

    This will however not be a very high priority, and will take quite some time to get ingame.

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    Written for a slightly younger audience, but I have a softspot for those kind of adventure fantasy books.

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    Today we have restructured the forums. The goal was to make it easier to navigate for both ourselves, as well as the members of our community. In this topic I will go over some of the changes we have made.


    1. Removing overlapping categories

    In the past we've had many categories that overlapped in terms of what could be posted where. If you have feedback about the action game, which you conclude with suggestions on how to fix it, where should you post it? General feedback? General suggestions? General gameplay talk or perhaps action game talk? By combining several subsections we have tried to make it much more clear what goes where. This also makes it much easier for me to find the feedback I wish to find.


    2. Easier socialising

    Our off-topic and historic talk subforums were well hidden. We have decided to move them to make them easier to spot. This in order to make it easier to talk about things non-H&G related and just have fun on the forums.


    3. More new-user friendly

    In the past we have noticed that new forum-users often feel overwhelmed on the forums. We therefore have decided to put more emphasis on a casual area (general) and an advanced area (development). In the casual area, we wish to have a more friendly atmosphere for both new forum-users, but also for our older users. In the development section, we allow much more passionate posts. My goal is to spend most my time in the development section, as passionate posts are often also the most valid and valuable posts. The sections correspond with the moderation levels as described in point 4.


    4. Moderation levels:

    We have added a couple of 'moderation levels'. Which can be found in the pinned rules topic on every board.

    The levels are:

    • Strict: Where there is strict moderation, we are looking for a more positive environment. Rules will be enforced much faster than in other areas of the forum (General, beginners guide, questions & answers)
    • Moderate: Here we will allow a bit more freedom, but still want to maintain a mostly positive environment. Rules will be enforced when deemed necessary (Video & Pictures from the community)
    • Soft: In soft area's you are allowed much more freedom, This does not mean rules no longer apply, but we allow much more negative commentary than in other moderation levels (feedback and suggestion topics, historic talk, and all channels without a specified pinned note)
    • Very soft: While the rules in off-topic still apply, we will only enforce the rules when we feel we have no other choice. Truly insulting, sexist or racist posts can still lead to repercussions. (off-topic)


    If you have any feedback about the new structure, you can leave it in this topic.

    Was one of your topics moved to the wrong subsection, please let me or one of the moderators know and we will move it to the correct category.

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    Do you want to have a conversation with your fellow faction members?

    This is the place to do it! Be careful though, spies are watching!


    Moderation level: Soft

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    Topic has been reopened, as I have unpinned the topic. This allows you to boost the topic.

    However, keep commentary civil.