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    When we do a public test of the things I've been working on you can try it out.

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    AR has not yet been turned off! Auto-resolve is still active.

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    AR has not yet been turned off! Auto-resolve is still active.

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    "If I was in World War II they'd call me Spitfire!"
    This song works great as an alarm clock ringtone, BTW.


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    2 hours ago, Makcen said:

    So, as I interpret it, this means that update 1.09 won't contain any "minor" or parts of armor/vechicle updates? If so, what can we expect instead? The announced tier 3 fighters? Vehicle paintjobs, weapon camos?


    Don't expect armor overhaul in 1.09 or 1.10. It's still a significant amount of work. For 1.09, I will let you know once I have a little more details and confirmation on what will and won't be in it.

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    3 hours ago, Mastah said:


    Perhaps a little to late but the 'built-in' mechanic should just offer "fading when aiming at it" combined with raising the objective markers a little.


    But since you already decided to do it that way, i'd like to warn you that without raising the markers, they will still be a nuisance for those that don't want to have them fade away when looking at the objective...


    Also: does this count for scopes too or just iron sight?



    Not sure if I understand. The settings allow you to decide yourself when the objective icons will fade away.


    It's for scopes and ironsights. This part is actually already in-game (aim at an objective and you'll see). So the extra option is to have it in hipfire mode as well. 

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    3 minutes ago, SilvaRodrigo said:

    When you ban a cheater, do you ban only the account? or also the IP? or also you do hardware ban?

    If you do IP ban, what happed if the cheater uses dinamic IP?


    There are more ways to ban people than just account ban and IP bans. 

    I don't want to get into how or what, since that will help people ways to circumvent the bans.



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    1 hour ago, Tumult_inc said:

    @Reto.Vashu Don't know if you saw the suggestion above, but since you're adding stuff for 1.09 would this be feasible?


    I'll add it to my wishlist we will discuss soon.

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    2 hours ago, LuisCyphre said:

    Thanks, that still covers ATs in the scrollbar, at least one.


    Why not simply put that window where the matchmaking button is instead of above it? Would be out of the way completely.


    Look closely and you will see that the scrollbar is there. It is not covered. It might look like it, but it is not. 


    I think for now we want to look into other things that can help the experience in the game.

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    4 minutes ago, BushElito said:

    Actually, CEO said no more NDAs

    Meaning, Reto folk can say anything they want that is happening behind the scenes and aren't going to get sued for that.


    He is talking about the Reto Reference Regiment, which is this:

    So I'm afraid I'm still not allowed to tell you everything about our upcoming 'Germans from the moon' update


    (/joke just in case)