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    2 minutes ago, axerfan said:

    Known for not getting back to topic

    Known for attempting to rerail threads. 

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    Hi @blujester,


    Thanks for your report, I've verified the issue and forwarded it. 

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    We're aware of this issue, but thanks for your report


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    Hi guys & ghouls,


    I just thought I'd clarify for everyone the conditions for an AT to gain experience. As some of you have mentioned, the 30 victory, 5 defeat (BUT ACTIVELY USED) is indeed the correct values. That said, there is a use/activity condition that must be satisfied in order for the AT to win XP. Additionally, the XP progress bar for Assault Teams is updated at intervals, and not at input change - or put another way, in may take some time to update on your screen. Wait a minute, relog, and check after a battle is finished. 


    With that said, I wasn't able to reproduce any issue with XP allotment for any scenarios you described. 

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    On 16-2-2017 at 9:22 PM, User1325 said:

    It seems i have a problem with Youtube copyright system. Can i upload the video using another website?



    I see you have been able to upload a video now, so I assume this is no longer needed :).

    We currently only accept youtube videos, because we know that youtube works well on the news/steam announcements as well as links on twitter and facebook.


    We have passed the first week, I hope to see some more great videos over the coming days!

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    Hi there,


    As suggested, please check your filters to make sure you've either selected "Pilots" or "All".


    If you still can't find your soldier, please contact support instead.

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    Naming and shaming is not allowed.

    If you wish to report a player, please report them at

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    3 hours ago, Jacky95 said:

    i had fps issues with the previous test,so i would like to try this version out...but i cant.

    RETO could you guys extend the proto till tomorrow noon?pls @Reto.Circinus


    Prototype server will be open for another approx. 12 hours. 

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    Hi @Minebomber, Could you please PM me a DXdiag? 

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    Close Quarter Combat is inevitable in Control Points – here are five tips on creating a Close-Quarter Infantry soldier.


    Sub-Machine Guns & Assault Rifles are your new best friends

    Each type of weapon has unique advantages and disadvantages. The SMG's and AR's are most effective at close range while being able to move. With their larger ammo count and their often fast rate of fire they are capable of taking care of an enemy swiftly.


    Explosives are effective

    Explosives can be very effective to use – Grenades can help you clear rooms so you don't have to engage with your opponent face to face. Also anti-personnel mines allow you to protect your back, they will trigger as soon someone walks over it.


    Melee Combat can be silent but deadly

    If you need a swift approach or don't want players to know where you are, melee combat will help you out. With little sound they are effective at taking care of your opponent without anyone noticing. Knives, shovel or even the wrench can all be used for a silent kill.


    You might need some wheels

    Fighting in close quarters means you have to get into the combat zone quickly. All vehicles are suited for this, but keep an eye out for Halftracks and Cargo Trucks, which can be used to deploy in, so you're at the frontline without risking exposure to the opponents between your objective and the opponents objective.


    Consider using modifications

    There are many different types of modifications possible. For a close range infantry it's recommended to focus on damage and rate of fire. However, be careful, because you'll sacrifice a lot of precision, stability and range.

    This is part of a series of blogposts focusing on tips and tricks for playing Heroes & Generals and getting the most out of your gaming experience. The series will feature content for both newcomers and veterans alike.

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