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    51 minutes ago, bocaz said:

    Reto will not read it,




    In all seriousness, I personally still read this thread along with the other constructive comments regarding 1.12 - as do several of the devs. But since the vehicle update is no longer "the new update" and just the state of things, comments in the designated feedback threads have dwindled down, understandably.  


    We are doing hotfixes every week and it might seem that we are not tackling the bigger issues, but some of them take some time. If you're interested, here's a list of just some of the main issues that we are working on:


    Framerate drops - this is not a 1 fix to rule them all-situation, but hotfixes are rolling out to hopefully help this issue.

    Sound - we don't have a audio designer, but we are getting external help so Sternum can focus on his primary tasks (eg. RTS)

    Spawn camping - this is mainly a level design issue and I know that DropTable have plans for the existing maps. Meanwhile we are trying different things, like having a grace period on deploy maintenance after spawn, so you don't rake up deploy time.

    Too many tanks in battle - we're very aware of this! We waited a bit to act on this as it could be a result of a new vehicle update, making everyone want to try out vehicles. Solutions are in the works (perhaps a hard cap, I haven't heard the latest).

    APCs - hotfixes to combat APC spam is coming next week!
    M2A2 going full Punisher - hotfixes are also rolling out next week (enjoy it while it lasts ; ))


    These are just a few off the top of my head, there are several more, so don't be alarmed if I didn't mention what you think is the biggest issue. Feedback is still being collected, even if we're not as visible in the forum as we might like to be, there is simply not time to respond as much as everyone would like.

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    • Excessively communicating the same phrase, similar phrases, or pure gibberish.


    • Excessive Capitalization



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    A bug in the setup accidentally deleted this topic. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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    You might have noticed that we skipped updating the Development Overview in september. The reason for this was, that we were finishing work on the ‘Deploy! Drive! Destroy!’-update, and the release of this massive update has a huge impact on what we are now working on.

    You can find the link to the 'Development Overview' both here and in the top menu under 'DEVELOPMENT'.

    The work on the Krepost Encounter map, that takes place in the same Eastern European setting as the Khutor-map, has moved into In Development. And we expect to start playtesting this map on our Prototype Server before long.

    You will also notice that we have moved three new tank destroyers into In Development; the Jagdpanther, M36 Jackson and SU-100. And if you are curious to see how the new additional faces for soldiers will look like, we have added a preview image of one of the new American faces.

    Below you will find a list of what we have added and what we have updated on the Development Overview:

    New Projects

    • Visuals: Recoil animations added to FINAL DEVELOPMENT
    • Gameplay: Squad Linking added to FINAL DEVELOPMENT


    • Gameplay: Vehicle Update - Damage moved to RELEASED
    • Gameplay: Vehicle Update - Deploy moved to RELEASED
    • Gameplay: Vehicle Update - Handling moved to RELEASED
    • Gameplay: Vehicle Update - Terrain Particle Effects moved to RELEASED
    • Visuals: Animation updates - Armored Vehicles moved to RELEASED
    • Tech upgrade: Physics moved to RELEASED
    • Tech upgrade: Sound moved to RELEASED
    • Vehicle: Jagdpanther moved to IN DEVELOPMENT
    • Vehicle: M36 Jackson moved to IN DEVELOPMENT
    • Vehicle: SU-100 moved to IN DEVELOPMENT
    • Visuals: New faces for soldiers moved to IN DEVELOPMENT
    • Map: Krepost Encounter moved to IN DEVELOPMENT
    • Environment art: Eastern European terrain - next maps Deleted (redundant)

    Name changes

    • Map: Soviet Encounter renamed to Map: Krepost Encounter

    Original post:



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    Ahh, thanks a lot to both of you, I understand the issue now. I'll report it to the devs!

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    Thanks a lot for taking your time making a video, I appreciate it! What you're experiencing is how it's supposed to work - with toggle mode OFF (which is the default setting), you need to hold Mouse 2 for precision mode. With toggle mode ON, the precision mode is toggled by clicking Mouse 2.


    If you're expecting another behavior, let me know!


    Edit: It just crossed my mind that you might be expecting that toggle mode works by: Click - on, Click - off. Am I correct?

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    The ChK-M1 has my interest at the moment.

    I am however having problems finding pictures of the actual production model.

    Most pictures of it is of the ChK with the square barrel housing, where as the model that got adopted as the 37mm Airborne Cannon Mdl. 1944 was the ChK-M1 which had a cylindrical housing and did not have the recoil absorbing countermass as the previous model did.


    Here is a quick rundown on the three variants of the design:

     - First version is the ChK - Square barrel housing. The barrel has a heavy counter-recoil mass around it. When a shot is fired the recoil will drive both the barrel and the counter recoil mass backward. The barrel travels back about 10cm while the counter recoil mass has just over 1 meter of travel. This gives the gun a very long time to absorb the full recoil of the shot. For additional recoil reduction the gun is equipped with both a ported barrel and muzzle brake.

    - Second version is ZIV-2 - This has a cylindrical barrel housing, and includes all the recoil absorbing features mentioned above.

    - Last version is the ChK-M1, which is the one adopted. - Cylindrical barrel housing. This does not have the sliding counter-recoil system. Instead it has a more effective muzzlebrake.


    I'm interested in pictures of any version of the gun. Especially pictures that shows the breech area.


    The gun that keeps popping up in my searches is this one (shown in different locations - but all with the same missing butt pad, bent left handle on the gun shield, and missing periscope):

    It is the same gun that is shown on the wiki page:мм_авиадесантная_пушка_образца_1944_года

    There are a couple of good pictures here:

    And here are some pictures of it in vehicle mounted configuration:

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    Credit gain has not been altered in any way, so I will lock the topic.

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    Anybody else waiting for the Norwegian faction? ;)