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    19 hours ago, GermanSoldier said:

    While we are at minor details, would it be possible to get a more correct designation for the Jagdpanther, which either would simply be Jagdpanther or Panzerjäger Panther 

    There was a debate about this very subject.


    From early on it was named just "Jagdpanther" in the game, but it seemed off compared to the other names that has more-or-less the full designation.

    "Panzerjäger Panther" would give us two vehicles that are both called "Panther" - and more people know it by the name Jagdpanther, so that name needed to be in there.

    "Jagdpanzer V Jagdpanther" looked like it's the same word repeated twice, which could be confusing to a broader audience.


    The compromise was "Panzerjäger V Jagdpanther".

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    At this moment due to restructuring it is hard to say, we are planning to update the development overview soon, that should show more clarity on where we are with development.

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    4 hours ago, hchris said:

    You got enough references or do you need more? I can work on this on the weekend if needed.

    That would be great.

    Right now my highest priority is the 234/2 Puma.

    Again, I am especially interested in the ammunition racks/storage compartments. I am fairly well covered for all other parts of it.


    (also, guys, please: if you are not certain about something, be a bit more careful about what you post, don't just post the first couple of images that pop up on google. - Adding images of a Sd.Kfz. 231/232 to the reference collection for a 234 can really mess things up when you are trying to build a model)


    16 hours ago, Akinaba said:

    Perfect! I only would rather replace M3 scout car with the Otter light recon car

    It's not a US vehicle though. Canadian made and only used by the British and Commonwealth.

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    On 12/11/2018 at 9:39 PM, Oceanhawk said:

    You know I might have given that to you and said yeah you are right. But the track record of this dev group shows they only care about introducing new vehicles to get the new players to spend cash. Had they wanted to fix the broken tanks, they would have held off introducing more. They would know that as soon as new vehicles enter the game the kids with mommies credit card will buy and play them. So I think that nullifies given them any slack at all.


    It's a misconception at that we release vehicles and weapons to get new players to spend cash. We have tried that years ago (I'm looking at you pocket pistols) and it doesn't really work for the simple reason that the most interesting vehicles (or weapons for that matter) are usually unlocked deep into the game, which makes it much more an instant 'sell' the old players than new ones. It is true though that whenever we make a bigger update, a bunch of new players will enter the game, but they rarely buy anything before having played the game for a good while. We did hold back a bunch of armor tweaks this time in order to not delay the release of a new map. Our testers are not super-humans (actually they are 😉) and adding more to the list they have to check would just delay the release. The tweaks will be released as soon as they are greenlit by the testers.Anyway, I hope you enjoy the update 🙂 


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    1 hour ago, Asimatte said:


    Two things:

    1.  In the german translation the new Tank Category "Heavy Tank-Destroyers" is namend "Zivilautos" (in engl.= "Civil-Cars")

        Well - quite funny, but... you know...



    Interesting, I received a message from our chinese moderator mentioning the same translation error (also into civil vehicles). Thanks for letting us know.

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    48 minutes ago, Hastur_ said:

    You mean this "semy-halftrack"? (That tracks named Overoll track)

    Yup. those are the ones. From what I gathered the name Оверолл derived from the English word Overall, so I went with the English spelling.


    18 minutes ago, Hastur_ said:

    About fuel tank. I found info about tank on BA-10 and because BA-11 and BA-10 has almost the same design, this moment should be the same.

    "Default 'GAZ" fuel tank was replaced with two 59 liters capacity each, which were attached to the roof of the hull behind the driver’s and machine-gunner’s seats. Outlets on the outside closed with armor caps" Page 110

    I think this was changed for the BA-11. (along with the many other changes, such as the addition of a rear-driver position)

    At last I've not been able to see it there on any pictures.

    And I found this:

    Next to the third picture on this page:


    В кормовом листе корпуса крепился смотровой прибор «триплекс» для наблюдения за дорогой при движении задним ходом. Кроме того, здесь находилось два лючка с броневыми заглушками над заправочными горловинами бензобаков, которые размещались в задней части бронеавтомобиля.


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    We are going to update the development overview soonTM.

    Once we have updated this overview, it should be more clear again what we are going to work on.

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    Seeing we have updated the sounds with 1.13, I would like to ask you guys if any of the issues from 1.12 still exist, or that there are perhaps new issues with this build. Please stay on topic, and be as specific as possible when you describe a certain sound issue.


    Please try to include:

    - Map it happened on

    - Location on the map it happened on

    - What happened?

    - What were you looking at?

    - Where did the sound come from?

    - Where should it have come from?

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    I have read quite a few comments about the tank gameplay.


    I have stated several times that I have forwarded the feedback and that it is being looked into.

    While at this point I don't know yet what we are going to change exactly, we are going to make changes to the tanks.

    We do not yet have a set date for these changes yet. I hope we will see these changes very soon, but it is really hard to predict when this will happen.


    I am aware this is quite vague ;) but unfortunately this is all I can share at this moment.


    To simplify it: There will be changes to tank performance.

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    Guys, while we appreciate feedback, please try them out before starting to shout which one is OP ;)