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    One of the things to keep in mind with this map currently is. We either allow recons versus recons to fight on it, or we don't.

    If we decide not to do it, it would simply mean no recon versus recon battle.


    I don't expect we are planning on making a map just for that any time soon, so it's a green light red light situation.


    We do understand that it's certainly not the perfect map for it, but like I said, we do expect some players to have fun on it.

    That is why we don't mind tweaking it a little, like adding more spawns to the map and such. But actually changing the map is not really an option.


    We are hard at work with the airfield map, and the mountain map needs work as well. So if we would make changes to this map, it would mean no changes to the holes and bumps issues on the other maps.


    Regarding tanks versus tanks, taking a look at set-ups for staged is on the list. So I'll be sure to add separating light tanks from the other tanks on the list as well once we get to that point.

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    We have closed the prototype server down to fix the issues with the many crashes.

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    On 9/15/2019 at 11:32 AM, Zoaron said:


    Question  : This will also have an impact in WAR battles? In other words, it will be even harder to take down a plane from the ground than it is now?

    The AA's that are in a very bad shape already, will now be completely useless?


    No, it actually makes it easier to kill planes.


    It's the hitpoints from the individual part, not the plane itself.

    Seeing if you destroy a part of a plane, you do multiplied damage to the plane itself, planes will actually go down faster.


    Except recon planes, they will take a bit longer, but they have always been extremely easy to be taken out of the air.

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    On 9/15/2019 at 11:20 PM, Krzysiek5657 said:

    just one question to @Reto.Hades 

    will it even have any impact on war mode?

    i bet NO, it's mean, it's practically waiste of time.


    Will recon prefer to play that mode, or to play standard match (where they can join amtches with inf only)?

    Same story is to planes.

    Will GE player prefer to fly empty map (specialist only), or will GE player prefer to strafe inf/tanks in standarrd battle mode?


    We are not forcing players to join one battle or the other. There are players who really enjoy the tank versus tank map.

    While the population is not huge in those battles, they certainly get played.


    The same thing will be for the recon and pilot battle.

    We simply have the map, and allowing a recon versus recon battle and pilot versus pilot battle is pretty easy to do.


    Which is the exact reason why we haven't created a new map, or create a completely new gamemode around it.

    We have a lot of players in this game, that pretty much only play as a recon soldier. And those players might enjoy fighting this map from time to time.


    This is not a means to remove all recons from normal battles or anything like that, we just want to have another option for them.

    And if it ends up not really being played by recons as they don't enjoy it, no real harm done. As like I said, not too much time is being put into these new game-modes.


    I will absolutely forward the feedback placed here, but I think that none of the players replying here plays a lot of recon. Most veterans, mostly play infantry.

    Myself included, I don't really enjoy recon that much, and will probably not play this map myself much either.


    But like I said, there are quite a few dedicated recons out there, and there is a good chance a bunch of them will really enjoy this gamemode.

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    We have created 3 forumtopics for this prototype test.

    In this topic you can discuss everything related to the recon versus recon mode.


    - More spawns have been added

    - Vehicles can only be spawned at the furthest away spawn points


    *Changes may be missing from the list


    The prototype server can be downloaded here:

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    We have created 3 forumtopics for this prototype test.

    In this topic you can discuss everything related to the pilot versus pilot mode.


    - Recon planes versus recon planes have received their own separate mission

    - More spawnpoints have been added

    - Spawns have been moved back futher away


    *Changes may be missing from the list


    The prototype server can be downloaded here:

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    We have created 3 forumtopics for this prototype test.

    In this topic you can discuss everything related to the changes made to the planes:


    The following changes have been made:


    La-7: Increased pitch speed

    P-51: Increased pitch speed & stall speed

    FW-190: Increased stall speed

    HS 126 B-1: Increased hitpoints

    Polikarpov R-Z: Increased hitpoints

    Curtiss O-52: Increased hitpoints

    Wing Left: Increased hitpoints

    Wing Right: Increased hitpoints

    Elevator: Increased hitpoints

    Rudder: Increased hitpoints


    The prototype server can be downloaded here:

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    I will update once the prototype servers are open.

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    I actually had a meeting just now, and the RTS is going to have a much bigger focus after 1.16 has been released.

    I'm always afraid to share information like this, as it can always change. But we are hoping to be able to release the refactoring together with 1.16.


    However, if we suddenly run into a bunch of bugs, this could be moved back. It is a big focus, so if we cannot get it in 1.16, there will be time spend into fixing the issues and getting it ready to release perhaps a month later.

    The refactoring won't contain anything else, so if it gets added, and you don't notice any difference, that is a good sign. Because at that point it means we can start building on it.

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    Attention Soldiers!

    Join us today, 13th of September on Twitch at 15:00 CEST / 9am EST!

    The stream will be hosted by Game Director Reto.RedBjarne. We will show the new infantry scopes in action and give an overview of how our new upgraded AI will be implemented!

    We would also like to invite our players onto the prototype server to test the new rebalances of the Tier 3 Fighter Planes and our two new game modes, Recon vs. Recon & Pilot vs. Pilot.

    If we have time before the testing we will answer your questions live!

    Click here to tune in

    We will put a link of the VOD on this page if you happen to miss the live stream.


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