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    3 hours ago, b.j.blazkovitch said:

    on some map/weather setups black is so black that it runs out of color range and bands hard to 1 shade of black

    Are you experiencing this currently?


    There was a hotfix released this morning to address the issue.


    If anyone are still experiencing problems, please take a screenshot where the sun/moon is visible and post it, that way I can identify what weathersetting you are having issues with, and I will continue the investigation.


    Also, if you were previously experiencing problems, and it is better now, I would also like to know.

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    There is a bug that causes the game to look darker on some systems but not others.

    I think I'm able to replicate the problem now, and I'm looking into fixing the issue.

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    There is a bug that causes the game to look darker on some systems but not others.

    I think I'm able to replicate the problem now, and I'm looking into fixing the issue.

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    11 hours ago, Mastah said:


    Since you are the only Reto employee that has visited this god forsaken OFFICAL forum since ages, could you please answer this question fair and square:


    Why the heck were weather settings changed and sold as if it was an improvement? Seriously like to know...

    Its now either Bejin smog, Dune Sand, Starwars warphole black or the only decent daylight settings...


    Seriously,,, WHY.

    The short summery.

    A long time ago, the sky had all the elements it does right now, sun, distant clouds, moon, and stars. And a sun-glare effect that passes through the sun element to, well, create sun-glare.

    But at some point, many many years ago something broke in the renderer and these elements disappeared.

    It looks like the temporary solution was to increase the glare intensity so that the glare would be visibe even without the sun, so that there would be at least something resembling a sun in the sky.

    This however had a problem that whenever a sprite element was drawn in front of the sun, it would bloom exessively, as seen in the screenshot above.

    This would not happen too often, but it could be a problem when a low level cloud passed in front of the sun, or if engaging in a shootout with someone on a roof with the sun behind them.

    The problem became worse with the introduction of flamethrowers, which creates a larger volume of particles. This became a real problem en the down and dusk weather settings where normal use of the flamethrower would cover the sun and trigger the bloom.

    A temporary workaround was to move the sun higher up on the sky so that it was less likely to be covered by the flames during normal use.

    The issue with the missing sky elements has finally been fixed recently, thus fixing the glare issues.

    Fixing the sky elements required the weather settings to be reworked, otherwise the result was as shown in the screenshot above.

    And with the fixes the sun could be lowered once again to the location it was before that workaround that was done for the flamethrowers.

    And with the sky elements fixed the sky could be made to look a lot more interesting than the flat blue constant that it was before.


    Like I've said, there is a second iteration of changes to the weather system in progress, this one changing to how the fog system works.

    Feedback on the current settings are welcome, just make them in a seperate thread from this one, and please keep it specific and constructive.

    For example "everything is too dark" is not very specific, instead something like "the shadows are too dark on the sunrise and sunset settings" is far more useful.

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    2 hours ago, CyrylVonOlszewski said:

    Just make the smoke physically smaller by 60%. And bring back the old lighting

    I know that you don't believe me when I say that it is not that easy to do, but here:


    This is a screenshot following your instructions exactly.

    This is the exact old light settings with the fixed sky elements and the growthsize of the muzzle particles set to about 60%.

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    5 hours ago, b.j.blazkovitch said:

    Can't weapons have two separate particle effects, one less intense for fps perspective and 'normal' one for the enemies? Sounds like more work but at least would be easier to 'balance'.

    The muzzleflashes have three effects. Third-person, First-person-hipfire, and First-person-aiming.

    The two first person effects are significantly less intense than the third person, which is why I am inquiring about the conditions in which people feel the smoke is obstructive.

    Because if the problem is that targets are getting covered up by their own smoke when they are shooting, or if the smoke from other players are covering up your screen in close quarter combat, then it doesn't help anything if I try to reduce the first-person smoke effects. Then the issue needs to be addressed in the third person effect.

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    37 minutes ago, vengeice said:

    Before you guys reworked the weather settings in this last update to prevent the editing of the weather text files, from my understanding is that this line could be edited Tweaks/render/scatter/ParticleIntensity=0.70000; turning it down would reduce particle effects in which in turn reduced the muzzle flash and smoke from all types of weapons including vehicles, what other things it also affected I do not know. However if the reworked systems are the same, you could turn that down as a stop gap measure while coming up with another solutions. As of now the new weather systems are horrendously atrocious in terms of darkness to the point I'm in a perpetual state of squinting. Added on top the excessive smoke from weapons which has been worsened by the changes, which is not new as there are countless threads years old talking about it.

    Lowering the ParticleIntensity does not make the particles less visible, it makes them darker, which makes them even more visible.

    The particleIntensity value needs to be at a sweet spot that corresponds with the various light settings to make the particles as neutral as possible.

    If the value is set lower than that sweet spot value they become darker and more visible, if the value is higher it becomes brighter and more visible.

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    Let me just be clear, I would be happy to give the muzzle flash effects a workover, but while you might think that this is easy to do, you are just gonna have to trust me when I say that it is not.

    What I am trying to get to, is some specific examples that I can reproduce and use for a baseline for where the effects are bad.

    It is not a simple matter of just removing the particles, that would remove the flame effect as well. Nor is it as easy as to just reduce the intensity, that would mean that the effect would become darker and even more visible in some conditions. Nor can it simply be scaled down, that would make it more intense in other conditions.


    And for you who complain about the new weathersettings, claiming that wasn't broken and therefore shouldn't be fixed, might I remind you that the sky was severely broken before. all sky elements were missing (and only visible in the water reflection), and whenever a transparent effect went in front of the sun, the entire screen would light up like a nuclear explosion. There has been several comlains about that, and that the game doesn't look good enough. Now those issues are fixed, and many people had been asking for just that.

    The fixes to the sky box also required the weather settings to be redone. The old settings would not work with the fixed sky.


    I am still working on a second iteration of the weather system where I'm making some changes to the way fog works. so there will be further changes to the weather in the future, and I'd be happy to get user feedback from the current settings. Just keep weather feedback in a seperate thread from this one, or give it directly to reto.hades who will collect and generalize the feedback. But please keep the feedback constructive and as specific. Just saying "everything is bad" won't help anyone.

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    3 hours ago, xXx_-_Da_Boss_-_xXx said:

    for example, in O2 mountain town, when you aim down the ramp nearest to the defenders spawn and someone is down the ramp, it is near impossible to see them and it becomes an rng hipfire between you and the other player because no one can see each other.

    I've made a test setup of this example.

    Here it is with the Thompson firing infinitely toward another character who also has a thompson firing infinitely toward the player in the different weather settings.


    And here it is using STGs firing toward a non-shooting character with another character next to him firing an STG back.



    Does these represent what you are experiencing in the game?


    What I am trying to get to is if this issue needs to be addressed in the renderer for each weather type, or if it needs to be addressed in each individual particle effect, or if the issue is somewhere else.

    For example, I would say that 01 Clear Day is fine in this scenario, but 04 Clean Night is problematic. So at least part of the issue needs to be addressed in the rendering for that weather type. It is not as simple as "just decrease the smoke".


    1 hour ago, CyrylVonOlszewski said:


    It looks to me like most of these examples actually show the impact effects obstructing your view, and not the gunsmoke. So here decreasing the gunsmoke would not solve your problem.


    Also, I will be ignoring all examples where people are using brightness settings beyond the normal ranges.

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    29 minutes ago, fatal-is said:


    You dont have to overthink things, smoke is ****ing annoying on most guns as u can see jackshit. Ever heard of smokeless gunpowder? Been used for centuries.

    There are more than 3000 variables for all the muzzle flash effects.


    When all I have to go with "it is just bad", all I can do is to start up the game myself, shoot the different guns and conclude that it doesn't look so bad to me.

    I can't see how the game looks on your computer, on your monitor, with your settings.


    And if people are increasing the brightness values to more than 3 times the range in which the game is designed for, then that should definitely not be what sets the standard.


    And if the problem that people are complaining about is that other players becomes covered in their own gunsmoke, then it doesn't matter how much I reduce the smoke from your own gun (which is already significantly less than the smoke you see from other players), it won't fix the problem that people are actually complaining about.


    Or if the smoke is only a problem on a certain weather setting, or in certain conditions, then it also doesn't help that I reduce the smoke, then I would need to fix the issue in the rendering for that particular weather type.


    The gun smoke serves a purpose in that it allows you to see where other players are shooting from.


    And smokeless powder is not smoke-free.