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    You know what I'll bite.


    You have been repeatedly insulting dozens of players, calling them all kinds of names. This is simply against the rules.

    I did not read your essay, because you started it off with 'you banned me for leaving a bad review', which makes me lose all patience and respect, since it has nothing to do with it. And we have shown you all the information of why you have actually been banned, your behaviour does not change, so we ban you again and will do so again if (and it doesn't look like it) you do not learn your lesson.


    I don't read the reviews, don't have time for it and never have read any reviews. I did not know you had left a bad review until you told me through PM. Still have not read it I can add to that. We have someone else who goes through the reviews.

    If I get 4-5 reports that someone is verbally abusing people, I will look at the logs. You are insulting players in every battle you play, with the most harsh words available in the English language.

    Just because you report someone, does not make that person guilty. I expect he has been reviewed, and no cheats have been found.


    I will close this topic as discussing disciplinary actions is for support, and not the forums.

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    Changelog has been updated

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    Dozens of new vehicle paint jobs have been delivered!
    Check them out now!

    Easter also brings 20% OFF all Paint Jobs, all Weapon Finishes and all Uniforms*

    Get yours while it lasts!


    * Sale ends May 1st 2019 @ 09:00 GMT

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    We have updated the newspost with some awesome new artwork and of course battle log day 2.

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    The event will last 2 weeks, so if wars end the event will simply continue. So another war means another chance! 

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    The battle of Berlin started on the 16th of April 1945. For two long weeks, the Germans fought bravely to defend their great city. Hundreds of thousands of men lost their lives in the streets of the German capital. In this war log, we will keep you up to date on the latest news from the frontline.

    War log day 1: Enemies in all directions

    The enemy has been closing in on us, Americans to the west, Soviets to the east. They have reached the outer defences of Berlin, slowly taking more and more ground. Their tanks are rolling through our country, their men with their filthy boots stepping on our soil. We must take up arms to defend the city of Berlin! Go into the streets, knock on every door and call upon everyone to join our great effort! Für das Vaterland!

    Stay tuned for War log day 2!

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    2 hours ago, Reto.Hades said:

    I don't have a full written list of the lines we have removed, I do have images I am not sure if I am allowed to share those, as they contain some debug notes and such.


    I can give a small overview:

    - 3 lines removed between Denmark and GB, 1 line added

    - 3 lines removed between Netherlands and GB

    - 13 lines removed in Belgium, 4 lines added, 1 town removed, 1 town added (could be the same town just moved a little, unsure)

    - 25 lines removed in west and north France

    - 18 lines removed in South France

    - 8 lines removed in Northern Italy/Switzerland

    - 19 lines removed in Germany, 1 town added + 2 new lines

    - 4 lines removed at Gottland, 1 line added

    Total: 91 lines removed, 1 town removed, 2 towns added, 9 lines added


    Also, I see that this is not in the changelog, Rotterdam is no longer a mountain town.


    Regarding the event, I will try to explain you what our goals actually were for the changes that we made.


    For the event we wanted to temporarily move Germany back to Germany. Now my wish is that it would actually stay that way.

    Now in the past, when we had this set-up, the problem was always that Germany would have the north, center and south of the map.

    Simply meaning the US from the west, the SU from the east.


    We have therefore decided to give both the US and the SU a town much further south. Meaning that the shape of the front changes. The US now starts much more south-west, and the SU much more south-east, while Germany is in the north. This creates a triangle starting position. Possibly we could consider removing London from the US, and a northern starting city for the Soviets as well, to work even more into the triangle set-up.


    Now seeing the discussion that is going on, I do expect Germany to lose. Not because I think the set-up is bad, but because of the reaction to the set-up. A lot of people seem unwillingly to try it out, therefore not giving it a chance at all. Perhaps it would not work either way, but the thing is, we will never find out.


    There is one change I really wanted to get in for this build, but unfortunately the decision was made to wait for the war restructuring first (which is in the late staged of development now). Which was to give battles with players in queue on the war map priority. Currently priority is set to fill up battles that have already started, and after that simply the oldest battle. I think that would have helped the German faction a bit more, but it's simply not possible at this moment I'm afraid.


    One last point I want to address is complaints about the message 'US and SU versus Germany'. It's simply a marketing thing that sounds cool. We have given Germany a number advantage in supplies, and therefore they are 'overpowered'. In a 1 on 1 battle, that would put the other faction in a poor spot, so a statement like 'having to work together' simply makes sense in that context. Nothing to do with us believing that Germans have better tanks, weapons or whatever, they simply received more supplies for the duration of the event.

    I don't see any problems posting those images (if it's the ones that were used for testing?), only thing is that they are from the warmap-editor so it might be a little difficult reading them 🙂


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    Merging factions requires enormous amounts of codes to be rewritten. As well as completely new codes that would have to be written.

    Not something that can be done in between, it would take months to iron that out.


    The current capitals are actually quite close to the situation in 1944. Where on the western front the US had capture parts of France, as well as large area's of Italy.

    Of course the Soviets are further south than they were in the real war, as factions like the Greeks are not present in the game.


    When you look at this video:

    at around november 1944, you will notice the current set-up largely matches this maps situation.

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    The march update was in the last week of March, I don't have a confirmation, but I expect that the April update will also be at the end of april.

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    2 minutes ago, Atway said:

    but what the point of the event if SU and US are not allies. What the difference between regular war flow and "event" war flow? Just the same, isnt it?


    The point of the event is to move Germany back to Germany, and the reason why we did this now with this event is because the actual battle of berlin started on this very date.