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    those who actively play the game can join our big family. http://discord.gg/MhB4Rma
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    in-game voice talk

    I believe it would be better if you added a voice chat channel instead of writing a message about what other players are talking about, what needs to be done as tactics and strategy. discorda I can not invite everyone I invite etsemde does not participate in elite battles in other players in terms of tactics manga and Team voice chat channels should be added exemple: VİVOX-https://www.vivox.com/
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    snowfall update

    rainy weather, windy weather, wind sounds, muddy places, there are many shortcomings the war that still needs to develop was conducted in 4 seasons.
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    snowfall update

    snowfall is very fast and distracting we have difficulty seeing characters Snow mode could be more realistic, for example, 4 seasons could be added to the game with this update. smoke can come out of soldiers ' breath,and footprints mud could be specific. my eyes are very tired fps düşüor so optimized for the game is very bad just like an effect added to the game ets2 mod rainy weather,snowy weather,sunny, autumn can be added, For example, I think if 4 seasons are added, I think the game can be beautiful snow mode sounds very simple to me thank you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QhiDtJFIU2w https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WBv-ukzIV_U https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9b13lgtNNYI
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    ban without unnecessary evidence

    https://hizliresim.com/G6UWyC I'm not guilty, I didn't even say a bad word to anyone, I just played the game and the end I've been playing since 2016 and you're about to lose one more person I want him to give evidence with his reasons and reasons, whatever moderator who appointed me this ban, otherwise I will exercise all my rights.! and I'm about to quit the game
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    ban without unnecessary evidence

    get lost and keep playing your game, man, there's nothing wrong with you here.
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    Music Proposal

    Game new music recommendation on in-Game Music I think their music needs to change like tanks and gunshots. https://open.spotify.com/album/5gHpSK6y76bpxHdkJnv1RE?si=dr-LgCsWTaGVWu4-YixexQ
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    v 1.20.1

    good job!
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    why it takes so long to get an update is there a solution about game physics and realism? Game engine changereferences? (Unreal Engine,Frosbite vs)
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    CHANGELOG 1.17.1 - Minor Release

    Game Fps Bad Bf 5 200 Fps Heroes 90 FPS wtf
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    artificial intelligence

    bot additions to the game has been very bad please go back to the days when we played in 2016 2017 I want to shoot real players, not boots
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    artificial intelligence

    please reto go back 2018
  15. GÜNO06

    artificial intelligence

    I want to go back to the old days, but no updates.
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    CHANGELOG 1.17.1 - Minor Release

    New And real Gun and tank sound added game
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    Game dead
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    I now think that new and realistic gunfire needs to be added that real and frightening gunfire can help us. MG42 https://www.soundsnap.com/search/audio/MG+42/score STG44https://www.soundsnap.com/search/audio/STG44/score MP40https://www.soundsnap.com/search/audio/MP40/score STEN https://www.soundsnap.com/search/audio/Sten/score BROWNİNG M2 https://www.soundsnap.com/search/audio/Browning/score?page=1 BARETTA https://www.soundsnap.com/search/audio/beretta/score?page=2 PPS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hRn9uqkKkOc FG42https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w9aij4oG56c MOSİN NAGAT https://www.soundsnap.com/search/audio/mosin+nagant/score SPRİNGFİLED https://www.soundsnap.com/search/audio/springfield/score GEWEHR 43 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j0zXt9OLktc M1 KARABİNE https://www.soundsnap.com/search/audio/M1+carbine/score PAK 40 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CMm-k26qMaA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n6fdjLLZE1w FLAK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QKZlVnQNLVo ARTİLLERY https://www.soundsnap.com/search/audio/artillery/score?page=1 WW2 ACTİON SOUND https://www.soundsnap.com/search/audio/WW2/score?page=1 these can only be examples similar to these tank sounds and artillery sounds should be changed track bullets should be changed to friendly green enemy red
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    looks like reton needs money.
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    Update 1.16.2 - Captured Weapons and More!

    Remove bots . I m graphic kart gtx 1650 Heroes &generals FPS problem 55 40 Fps play game game optimization problem
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    CHANGELOG 1.17 - Cold Front

    the optimization problem at the gtx 1650 was getting 150 fps in the previous version available now 40 to 50
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    About Turkey Forum

    45% of the players in the game are Turkish players and the forum created for Turkish players has been closed and there are a lot of new Turkish players asking for help. We would be pleased if our Facebook group interested in the current official. if Turkey Forum reopens, we would be pleased to play heroes and generals fondly. https://imgyukle.com/i/RLiRAQ https://imgyukle.com/i/RLinIt