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  1. Update

    Oyunda Hızlı bi düşüş yaşandığı vede oyunun gelişmesi hakkında herkesin bilmekteydi forumda çıkışını tamamladıktan sonra optimizasyon ve fizik dahil değiştirilir. Konuyu buradan takip ederek ve katılabilirsiniz https://heroesandgenerals.com/forums/announcement/41-vehicle-gameplay-update-test-on-prototype/
  2. bullet in the air trail the atmosphere of the real war bombs the fragmentation of people the blood splashing around the air and flying houses and tanks the weather snow foggy weather realistic maps
  3. hangi tarafın paraşütçüsü

  4. Gun Sounds Vs Real Life

    in particular, tank sounds and machine gun sounds, we want our ears to be deaf and our appetite to swell...
  5. Updated Development Overview

  6. in-game sounds are important for excitement and action we expect in-game sounds to be better and harder
  7. Abandon battles that the matchmaker ruins

    first of all, the physics of the game and the game needs to be changed urgently
  8. Abandon battles that the matchmaker ruins

    Don't ever give up
  9. maps

    why can't it be like a new published map on other maps? why all maps are simply I like the khutor map a little more ahead of the others others were made very simple to me and without any effort why don't they be improved and fix the physics problem in the game? we love you very much but you do not make us happy reto thx...
  10. nickname

    I know some users like the name of some disturbing characters, such as foreign friends are difficult to find us Change the name of the new user name, such as the features should be added.
  11. What is nearby players

    your country and IP address and a player who is closest to you and lives in your country
  12. Is Reto dead?

    this game is never compared with battlefield 1
  13. Is Reto dead?

    Yes battlefield 1 call of duty ww2 Free to play Enlisted. Post Scriptum.Hell Let Loose perfect games . warthunder if no progress is made and there is no change, the game will collapse.
  14. Is Reto dead?

    the new game Unreal Engine prefers the game engine, but reto is still trying to experience the game engine with updates that are not satisfied with the player. new competitors will make things hot. 1-hell let loose 2-post scriptum 3-enlisted free to play

    https://www.militaryfactory.com/aircraft/detail.asp?aircraft_id=220 Heinkel He 280 Jet-Powered Fighter Aircraft Image (pic1) lool me 262 Statistics • Length: 10.6m (34ft 9in) • Wingspan: 12.7m (41ft) • Height: 3.5m (11ft 6in) • Crew: 1 • Power Plant: 2 x Junkers Jumo 004B-1 turbojets • Range: 1,049km (652 miles) • Max Speed: 870km/h (541mph) • Ceiling: 11,449m (37,565ft) • Guns: 4 x 30 mm MK 108 cannons • Bombs/Rockets: 2 x 550lb bombs/24 x 2.2in R4M rockets