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  1. Rank

    yes yes
  2. Rank

    everyone should make it difficult to get the rank easily should not take the necessary actions
  3. Rank

    rank must be difficult and certain conditions
  4. pls support admins

    no, it's all right. that's the problem when I want to make a team as a pilot. I deleted the game and downloaded again the problem still did not improve
  5. STG44

    Just shut up
  6. STG44

    but it's not for idle talk. I don't care what you think
  7. STG44

    my opinion is that only German weapons should be updated. there are no Russian and American girls with beautiful guns in the game.
  8. STG44

    damned it's not clear what you're talking about. have you ever used stg44 or played the game? you talk too much
  9. STG44

    the stg44 gun can only be used with high performance computers.
  10. STG44

    the Germans need to update not only the stg44 weapon but also the other machine guns I wish all weapons were M1 ground or M1 carbine or dagateyev.
  11. pls support admins

    I can't team up with the pilot. I can make a team with a soldier, but when I make a team with a pilot, the game is wrong.
  12. pls support admins

    developers @Reto.Circinus help me @reto
  13. STG44

    buff favorite German gun that's a bit hard to control control of Russian and American weapons is easier
  14. CLAN

    http: //discord.gg/SYNMUBP
  15. STG44

    the stg44 weapon needs a new correction update.