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  1. KaiserAG

    so nothing is getting fixed?

    handguns are smgs having low damage. huh wonder why? hows the avs and dp28 doin thou? wait so you think the stg 44 is an smg right? cos it performs like one (with a touch more range). well its not. already namecalling and spaming "cry". A SU player of all players.... yeah. I know math well and im not a wehrboo.
  2. KaiserAG

    so nothing is getting fixed?

    hysterical post sure yes. when the mg42 got botched? I really want to know to give a proper exact answer. in the meantime im going to guesstimate at least a YEAR+ ago, So its ok to leave the unusable while holding 30+ pound 1919 as is for months and months? not even at least tweaking its accuracy? will that take months of development? to change a single loving stat? i guess it doesnt. Months and months passing by.... "stop crying m8. MGs are getting balanced soon." gtfo
  3. KaiserAG

    so nothing is getting fixed?

    Also you can ditch the xp bonus WF bonus whatever bonus, Germany will have the most population and theres nothing you can do about it. well, maybe you can have some impartiality and common sense and realize that having the most attacked faction on the rts map with the most population as a balancing tool. But we all know you will just loathe having GE as the most populated faction "cos of hugo boss and playing the bad guys" whatever baseball mentality that is.
  4. KaiserAG

    so nothing is getting fixed?

    Again im playing vs the same guns but with good ping, we see each other at the same exact time but.. by the time i can present my stg 44 im dead. is it that the johnson have lower ads time too? and also the ttk is so loving bonkers that by the time you hear the first bullet you die (and not by a hs). It is well known you decided to give the allies the best weapons and vehicles to entice German players to switch. read this very closely: It. Will. Never. Happen. IT will never work. So for me: Im not playing until all this blatant Ally preference and no skill bias (armor 2.0 killing infantry like a kid burning ants with a magnifier) gets rectified. I repeat, I do not want muh mg42 to be a laser. I dont want to blow up an IS2 with 2 h3s, I want to have an even playing field. You, RETO, are increasing this disparity every single patch FOR NO EFFIN REASON and I had enough of this shirt.
  5. KaiserAG

    so nothing is getting fixed?

    Also want to extend my respect to all GE veterans that still keep playing in war and specially to Purungo16: this guy queues alone and carries the team to victory (when they let him) , 300 ping vs 5 hellcats, 3 p38s and 1919s? no problem. I actually dont know how can he pull it off. A true veteran and simply the best ally I can have next to me. Sorry if I cant keep up with you mito .
  6. So the M1919 is still an insta kill laser, even at 100+ meters, Wasnt supposed to be a MG overhaul for ALL of them? or was it only the mg42? the M1919 was impossible to shoot while holding it, every picture i saw of the gun is shown with a tripod, not even bipods. Panzershreck with a 160mm pen iirc from its hollow charge still doin jack shirt to armor (same as h3s), hell even jeeps, last week i got my heavy apc crippled by a single m9a1 rocket that could barely reach 100mm penetration What gives RETO? Jonhson still OP as love, mostly used by paras but Germany cant use FG42 as infantry, having the botched and only remotely viable with 2 badges mg42, OR the glorified grease gun stg 44 dealing shirt damage with pathetic and un realistic rate of fire. What gives RETO? Tanks are gun emplacements sitting in cap zones capping and defending without any skill required What gives RETO? ALL of this that im saying benefits the allies, WHILE GERMANY IS LOSING EVERY WAR FOR YEARS STRAIGHT. Hellcats and light (and other medium) tanks can outrun you while using motorized vehicles. (but the fruit truck wins them all somehow?) ALL OF THIS ITS STILL BROKEN WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO FIX THIS shirt and I can go on (planes 2.0 making war matches bombcity and rendering aa useless) giving AT rifles (and korean war recoiless rifles to others) when any armor (plane, tank or jeep) gets tickled by them.... you are laughing and spitting on the face of every player of the GE faction. Thats enough. PS Theres also the vehicle traps in latest map reworks, every crevice flips your vehicle upside down.
  7. KaiserAG

    Copenhagen not finishing?

    wait so now SU won and we lost everything, but when GE won the match reset?
  8. I think it was fought twice and nothing happened
  9. KaiserAG

    FPS. Give a solution

    it may be this
  10. KaiserAG

    FPS. Give a solution

    k im playing now and its like before 100% both cpu and gpu use so far
  11. KaiserAG

    FPS. Give a solution

    And i add that this happened last couple of months. every patch i saw post about fps issues and never had any issues, but now almost 2 years since i installed the game fps are broken.
  12. KaiserAG

    FPS. Give a solution

    maybe take a look at the forum before making insta new threads. because this way we cant make a central thread about this game breaking issue. I asked in chat if anyone is monitoring fps and all that answered said they are getting much lower fps, I use to get 110 fps avg on a gtx 970 with win 10 1809. what gives? Now i barely keep 60 fps avg gpu locked at 55% use
  13. KaiserAG

    FPS bajos.

    Estan rompiendo el juego, no es tu PC. Todos los que les pregunte me dijeron que les bajo los fps. A mi se me clava en 50% el GPU. Estoy convencido que a este punto todos los empleados que tenian talento y sostenian el juego se fueron. Los que quedan ahora arruinan la jugabilidad y agregan cosas inutiles que nadie pide para justificar el sueldo. PS cuando se destraba el gpu y tira 110 fps aun tengo stutters. Rompieron el motor grafico.