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  1. Previous Episode I lead with 'Life of a Bug Hunter helping Reto.Chuckle'
  2. Reto.Chuckle

    Adding Aux seats is bugged

    Hey @kunalp, if you (or anyone else) run across this, can you save the debug-console from the flash client and PM it to me? I'll investigate it further.
  3. Reto.Chuckle

    Factory - Missing Texture

    @Mobster01 It's forwarded already, but turns out to be a render issue and not a map issue. I'll ask about it again however. @TwinuX Thanks for the report, we have this one in the system.
  4. Reto.Chuckle

    I cant Pick aux

    Just following up, since the hotfix yesterday, has anyone experienced the same issue?
  5. Reto.Chuckle

    New Squad set up but no Battle starts ????

    This issue was hotfixed this morning. Please re-open the topic should you experience it subsequent to this post.
  6. I couldn't see this issue when I investigated, can you check it again when you get a chance? If so, please send me your player.log
  7. Reto.Chuckle

    Adding Aux seats is bugged

    Hotfix was deployed this morning. I'm monitoring, but if you encounter it, please let me know.
  8. Reto.Chuckle

    Adding Aux seats is bugged

    Hi @kunalp, One of these (the squad already in battle) was already identified and we will be releasing a hotfix for it. I'll keep an eye on the aux slot issue following said hotfix, but if you have a reliable reproduction, please let me know.
  9. Reto.Chuckle

    StG 44 Scope or Incorrect images

    So it took a little while with the info you had (please try to have the modifications tab open if possible) but I found the issue. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!
  10. Reto.Chuckle

    Graphical glitch with tanks.

    Hi Teddy, thanks for bringing this to our attention. I've forwarded it to the relevant dev.
  11. Reto.Chuckle

    Main>war update> under war length "not found"

    Do you have a screenshot of this?
  12. Reto.Chuckle

    1.09 Public Test! Prototype Server Open from October 27th

    Doing so would be a shanda fur die goyim. (For the non-Yiddish speakers, Goyim is the plural of goy, which means non-Jewish person, and Shanda is shame.) The traditional meaning of this phrase is 'it's something the goyim (non-Jewish people) could use against 'us' (the Jewish community). That's it for this edition of Reto.Chuckle's Motzi and Mashuganas.
  13. Reto.Chuckle

    1.09 Public Test! Prototype Server Open from October 27th

    Heya Rudy, meant to get back to you a bit earlier. Thanks and Nice catch - the tanker in question will be disciplined about trying to wear his comfy white sweat pants in his Tiger
  14. Reto.Chuckle

    1.09 Public Test! Prototype Server Open from October 27th

    Small note to add to the changes on Prototype: Plane Camera Shake During high air stress maneuvers added. Per prior feedback, camera shake for paraplanes (and their passengers) removed.
  15. Reto.Chuckle

    1.09 Public Test! Prototype Server Open from October 27th

    Hamsters were very hungry - also a few minor fixes and updates. Server is back up now.
  16. Reto.Chuckle

    1.09 Public Test! Prototype Server Open from October 27th

    Hi everyone, Prototype is temporarily shut down while we feed the hamsters.
  17. Reto.Chuckle

    Here are the nine insiders!

    Looking forward to meeting all of you in person.
  18. Reto.Chuckle

    New winning town mechanic

    Ok, a fix attempt was deployed this morning. So if you experience an issue after reading this please put the missionID and timestamp.
  19. Reto.Chuckle

    New winning town mechanic

    We believe we've found the cause - hold off on more reports for now. I'll let everyone know when we deploy a fix. Thanks for all the help on tracing this one down.
  20. Reto.Chuckle

    Q&A and Why? Bingo Cards

    Missing the 'butchers pronunciation of a player's name' square.
  21. Reto.Chuckle

    Time we throw reto a bone perhaps?

    This one is the one of the first things done by @Reto.Blitz and I'll be honest, frustrating for me because I couldn't find any bugs with it.
  22. Reto.Chuckle

    New winning town mechanic

    I've not seen any instance of this (nor indication in the logs) for the past 24 hours. Can you please provide a timestamp, mission ID, and debug log (if you have an AT in the battle) if you're observing this?
  23. Reto.Chuckle

    Update 1.08.1 - Weapon Tweaks

    Sure. For the MG-42: - The recoil per shot was reduced - The range of recoil the when firing was lowered - Accuracy while Aiming Down Sights was increased - Aiming Down Sights Accuracy was increased while Crouching For M1/M2 - Recoil Per shot was reduced -Accuracy While ADS increased slightly - Stability while turning slightly improved
  24. Reto.Chuckle

    New winning town mechanic

    As stated above, it is not all airfield battles. Additionally, refunds are handled through support.
  25. Reto.Chuckle

    Network is trying to catch up

    This has been answered already as due to the ongoing server issues. If you know an issue has been reported, vent posts are counter-productive to solving the issue.