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  1. Doko

    PTRD is a sniper rifle again

    yea i see it needs to be stationary ,i was right.(we need bypods)
  2. Well i hope H&G will stand up again and say "I am still HERE and i am not going anywhere" .
  3. Doko

    PTRD is a sniper rifle again

    nobody would shot that AT gun like that only prone btw that gun was a fu##ing death sentence
  4. Doko

    Rise of the cheats

    They can easily change there own IP (VPN etc etc)
  5. i prefer t34 85 even tho t34 57 do the same job and its cheaper (cheap repair) t34 85 pro: good gun medium armor(cupola is really good) 3 shot from panther and its dead which is good compare the panther who gets 2 shot killed from t34 85 good mobility con:expensive repair not very good gun depression big profile (bigger than t34 57 or su85)
  6. Doko

    Test New Vehicle Handling On Prototype

    Tour de France
  7. Doko

    DP28 or AVS?

    go for AVS long to mid range and long ranges and he has PU scope ,down side small magazine.
  8. Doko


    Trust me Stg 44 is REALLY GOOD weapon it doesnt need any buff.When i want to win (Tryhard mode) i usually use it(95% i ma using him anyway >:) . Parts on my Stg are: Jagerpatrone Kurz and ZF-4 scope thats it.Usually thats for mid to long ranges ,but for me it all ranges . All other parts are gonna increase recoil soo after 7-8 bullets you will see the sky ,unless if you want for close range . At the end i think STG 44 is the best weapon in the game (PLS DONT NERF IT ,after 2-3 patches where they nerf it i had to remove some parts and test it out to be killing machine again and its my favorite weapon).
  9. Doko


    better anti air i guess, i dont i gave up from G&H now i ma waiting for Hell let loose, enlisted and (post scriptum dont know if its gonna work < on very low it it have 50-60 fps)
  10. Doko

    Where is my KV-2?

    Thats all true but it would be nice to see him in game or something new
  11. Skins (and this is stupid>equipment) ofc Spetsnaz: My main man Fuze with his cluster charge .Talking about grenade spam Who can ,KAPKAN -this cheeki fu@k with EDD MK II Trip Wire Our mighty lord Tachanka with his dp28 or Rp46 (i dunno) Glaz the SNIPER GSG9: Jäger not trully a hunter but hey like he said :" You can stop worrying about the (Spam) grenades now " Blitz-He is strong ,he is fast ,he can definitely fu@k your day up Bandit -he is gonna torture your sorry A$$ with CED-1 (Crude Electrical Device Sry for making this topic too Big and not not adding americans aka FBI or NAVY SEAL not fan of them hope you ll enjoy
  12. Doko

    Pausing H&G

    Still waiting something new in H&G , bcs 3.5 k hours of playing it it got me bored. Now i am playing wih my friends R6S: F###ing aweosme operators amd tom clancy wildlands (its awesome playing with friends tactics and shirt ) and PUBG . Maybe i will buy far cry 5 when they lower the price. What do you think and what are you guys playing beside H&G?
  13. Doko

    Tank Battle

    It would be nice to see them in game
  14. Doko

    Next update

    How do you know Armor 2.0 is it in may? Is there some site that is sohuld follow