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  1. MyNameOwns

    Jointjedraaien [NL]

    Helemaal goed ik zal even discord joinen en de rest jullie IP en discord geven. Inderdaad meer zielen meer vreugde!
  2. MyNameOwns

    Jointjedraaien [NL]

    Np anytime xxx
  3. MyNameOwns

    Jointjedraaien [NL]

    Clearly you don't and can't read dutch neither understand the point of Jointjedraaien.
  4. MyNameOwns

    Jointjedraaien [NL]

    Goedeavond, (jointjedraaien) wij zijn een samen gemengd groepje spelers van vrienden en mensen die wij ontmoet hebben in Heroes. Wij zijn niet echt een clan maar nodigen hierbij Nederlandse mensen uit die alleen heroes spelen om is met ons mee te doen. Wij hebben alle leeftijden in de groep zitten er word veel gelachen en de bedoeling is dat je het naar je zin hebt. Niet onbelangrijk om te vermelden we hebben 2 croque monsieurs in de groep zitten(Belgen) en die zijn ook meer dan welkom!!! Intresse? Pm op het forum voor de TS of anders ingame herpesandgenitals2, MyNameOwns. De groeten😘 We Jointjedraaien (dutch for roll a joint) Are a bunch of friends / misfits from the Netherlands we currenlty are looking for dutch solo players whom may be intrested in try have a laugh with us and enjoy the game more together. Our main objective is to have fun within the game however tryhards are obviously welcome to since we got those plenty😋. We don't have any requirements however would be a PRE if you would consume / smoke Joints/Ganja and drink alcohol (Only dutch beers ofc ) Some of the : Misfits (not all) - darksniper101 - herpesandgenitals2 - Biertje? - MyNameOwns - eRoSsNL - Jelte
  5. MyNameOwns

    What's griefing?

    Something tells me you also seen alot of idiots wasting resources. I was just curious what faction you main? Cus if you would say something other then SU or USA. Oi mate then it was still fairly easy for you. Did you ever witnessed the idiots we have playin for Murrica. Man if i dont see any familiar faces in warmup you actually shouldnt bother. however i keep playing till the end everytime must be that love / wish death to everyone hng relationship.
  6. MyNameOwns

    Why does everyone give the Maxim Tokarev Flak?

    Nice videos man r8 8/8 🤪 just 1 thing that wasn't very clear to me was it with TGG or without ?
  7. MyNameOwns

    This is literally a joke

    We still got the best toy there is the mg1919 one of the reasons i play USA now.
  8. on bicycle? I had planes kill me while i was walking around bushes. They are actually to broke for anyone to deal with in this game. Moments like that i kinda miss my BF stinger
  9. MyNameOwns

    I feel sorry for US faction

    Well current state is really bad for USA. The xp is very nice tho but wars are lost so fast its insane. We will continueing pick up the LMG 1919 laser and try fight the even better laser MG13 which is crazy OP. Btw props for every german over extending that weapon 👏👏
  10. MyNameOwns

    Spawnkilling cancer

    i love spawnkilling so much, its even better when my HeatSeeker STG is fully modded with the newest slick iron sights. Just waiting to be passed by
  11. MyNameOwns

    MG1919 is soooo OP.

    i would still pick the carbine over 1919 whenever i play US something special about the carbine which i really like 😉
  12. MyNameOwns

    New player experience in HnG

    /agree however this will also scare off alot of newbies/new players within the game. specially when grinding solo no wonder those people quit.
  13. MyNameOwns

    ☠The Last Battalion☠

    bump for LZB!