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  1. SixteenHippopotamuses

    GE Fanbois be my guests .

    Non-constructive thread. Locked.
  2. SixteenHippopotamuses

    222 is OP

    Non-constructive thread. Locked.
  3. SixteenHippopotamuses

    Let's talk about Battlefield V

    As I see more images from other games pop up here, I would like to remind everyone that you should not be posting promotional images, videos and other things of the sort. Discussion of other games is allowed, but only that.
  4. SixteenHippopotamuses

    New advice for Reto

    Suggesting to remove an entire faction is not serious, and nothing constructive has came from this thread. Locked.
  5. SixteenHippopotamuses

    flaw in new battleye

    Just because someone has a high K/D does not mean they are cheating. If you suspect that someone is cheating report them via the ingame menu or at . Do not post accusations on the forums. Locked.
  6. SixteenHippopotamuses

    New Anticheat!

    Thank you for your input. I can see how my post could have been misconstrued as all encompassing about wallhacks. However, I was specifically talking about wallbanging (shooting someone through a wall) not seeing where somebody is through a wall.
  7. SixteenHippopotamuses

    New Anticheat!

    Wallbangs are actually impossible to do in HnG because a walls location is serverside. You can trick a computer to think wallbangs are happening, but the server can't be tricked like that.
  8. SixteenHippopotamuses

    Can i get unbanned ?

  9. SixteenHippopotamuses

    An user is being very disrespectful

    When somebody insults you ingame you can go to , and report the player. The forum is not the place to post screenshots of the incident. Locked.
  10. SixteenHippopotamuses

    Old Account

    If you have a character that has equipment from different branches, (made before squad 2.0) you should be able to switch him between classes. Under the career options section on the right side of your screen.
  11. SixteenHippopotamuses

    Rifle Grenades

    Necro. Locked.
  12. SixteenHippopotamuses

    Extremely imbalanced game

    Lots of non-constructive posts. Locked.
  13. SixteenHippopotamuses

    team kill punishment Please make it seriously ...

    When you report someone ingame with F1 you give them a "strike" If they get enough of them in a battle they will get temporarily banned. If somebody teamkills you with a malicious intent you can report them at .
  14. SixteenHippopotamuses

    ok tutorial map have removed

    As far as I know there are no current plans to re-add or remake a tutorial/practice map.
  15. SixteenHippopotamuses

    Racism on US army TS channel - Jewish

    Thread is discussing racial slurs/insults. Because this did not happen on an official Heroes & Generals platform there is nothing the forum moderators can do about it. Locked.