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  1. SixteenHippopotamuses

    Stepping Down

    Well, it's that time. As of later today I will be stepping down as a forum moderator. I have enjoyed these past 2 years, however I do not have the time I would like to dedicate to moderating. I would like to say that all the other forum mods and the Reto people are awesome, and we do hear what you say on the forums so you should keep posting, and do not lose hope in the game. Other than that, i'll be sort of around on my personal account. If you're a long time forum user you know me- you just don't know which account SixteenHippopotamuses is. I don't know exactly how much longer I will have access to this account, so (maybe) farewell and and have fun playing! -SixteenHippopotamuses
  2. SixteenHippopotamuses

    Why I Choose America

    This has a whole lot of baiting. Locked.
  3. SixteenHippopotamuses

    Why does Reto hate Soviet Union?

    Necro. Locked.
  4. SixteenHippopotamuses

    Stock up on a year of vet status during steam sale!

    Major necro. Locked.
  5. SixteenHippopotamuses

    M24 chaffee worst tank in game

    Off-topic. Locked.
  6. SixteenHippopotamuses

    BFV is out

    §4 ADVERTISING Users are not allowed to post threads or comments to any of the forums that advertise or solicit any non-beneficial, non-Heroes & Generals related businesses, organizations, or websites. Locked.
  7. SixteenHippopotamuses

    Nominate Heroes & Generals for a Steam Award

    Im here to remind everyone to stick to constructive feedback and criticism.
  8. SixteenHippopotamuses

    Does this really happen in China?

    Gonna lock this one for real world politics.
  9. SixteenHippopotamuses

    What is causing this lag?

    That's a necro. Locked.
  10. SixteenHippopotamuses

    can't start the game

    You should go to https://handg.kayako.com/Tickets/Submit and they will be able to help you.
  11. SixteenHippopotamuses

    Please ban player -snip-

    Naming and shaming is not allowed on the forums. Instead, report the player via the ingame report function or at https://support.heroesandgenerals.com/ . Locked.
  12. SixteenHippopotamuses

    222 is OP

    Non-constructive thread. Locked.
  13. SixteenHippopotamuses

    Let's talk about Battlefield V

    As I see more images from other games pop up here, I would like to remind everyone that you should not be posting promotional images, videos and other things of the sort. Discussion of other games is allowed, but only that.
  14. SixteenHippopotamuses

    New advice for Reto

    Suggesting to remove an entire faction is not serious, and nothing constructive has came from this thread. Locked.