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  1. The machine guns we are looking for are individual light machine guns. Something that you can run around with. They should have bipods and a stock. We are not looking for medium/heavy machine guns on tripods with spade grips. Those are reserved for fixed machinegun positions. (which is a whole new topic) Guns like the Fedorov is something I'd rather put in the "assault rifle" category, and not amongst the machine guns. That tank variant with the bipod looks rather interesting. More information, pictures, and blueprints on this would be appreciated. It is -2 for when you are not using a starter tap. This is done so that the last of the two empty links will hook over the feed tray to hold the belt in place, thus making it much easier to load the gun. When using a starter tap you have the belt fully loaded (50, 100, 250, etc). You can't down load a belt with a starter tap (unless you remove the cartridges from the end of the belt of course), since the starter tap is held in place by the first round in the actual belt. I've never been a personal fan of the starter tap myself. I found that took up too much space in the pouch, and made the belts harder to get out, so I've always gone for the -2 and no starter tap solution. (P.S. I've used the MG-3 quite a lot)
  2. Field radios

    Reference (pictures, and blueprints) to any of these is greatly appreciated, as this might become relevant in the somewhat near future, as the recon class in high on the list of classes that needs an overhaul (after the vehicle update). The idea is to make a radio available to the recon class, which they can use to spot enemies in a radius around them. (this requires an overhaul to the spotting mechanics in general). The radios would be available as both man portable as well as being mounted in the recon vehicles. (giving the recon vehicle itself a radius-spotting ability (a similar feature could be added to the recon planes to make them fill their actual intended role a bit better)) Ideally I would like to find a small and a large portable radio for each faction. I remember looking into the Kleinfunksprecher D and the SCR-536 (The original "Walkie Talkie") a while back when we were first making the design draft. But for the Soviets, finding an appropriate set of radios was a bit more difficult. Disclaimer: The above is from a very early design draft. Nothing is finally decided.
  3. Ground Attack Aircraft

    Ground attack planes has been a topic of discussion here for a while, and is definitely something we are going to add at some point. The main thing that has held it back so far, is that we want to do some changes to how the plane resources act on the strategy map, and give ground attack planes a strategic purpose. The whole thing has been put on a shelf for now, while we are working on more fundamental issues in the game. (a lot of internal stuff, the new vehicle handling, and new map structures). The planes I had my eyes on back when we were last talking about it were the IL-2 (obviously), the P-39 Airacobra, and the Ju-87G (Our Art Director has a particular sweet spot for the Kanonenvogel) What we were looking for in a ground attack plane, was a good air-to-ground gun armament rather the bomb load. The reason being that we have long been looking to make selectable bomb loadouts for planes, rather than the fixed loadouts we have now. But this is also something that has been put on hold for now. Nothing is set in stone, and as I said, this is not something that is being made in the near future (but is planned to be at some point), so we are very open to suggestions. So fire away with suggestions. I'll read through them once it becomes more relevant. The image format in the first post is great, but I'd also like the top speed to be listed as well (and in the case of dive bombers, the dive speed would also be nice (remember that the main feature of a dive bomber is that they have a *low* dive speed)).
  4. Armor weakening in vehicle overhaul

    In the Vehicle 2.0 build at the moment hit decals are enabled. They are not the prettiest decals, but they do their job and are quite handy for debugging stuff on the armor model. The decals however causes a few stability issues which needs to be addressed before they can be released. Ideally the vehicle hit decals will be released along with the armor update, but if they end up holding back the release they might be disabled, until they work better. At the moment the external armor can also be repaired. We might change it based on playtests, but at the moment we are going for that armor will be fully repairable.
  5. M3A1 Grease Gun

    Correct. It is also something that is in our notes of things that should be fixed at some point. But being a purely cosmetic issue, it is not on the high priority list.
  6. M2 Hyde-inland Submachine Gun

    Although it was officially adopted, the production never took off, and thus only a few hundred guns were made, none of which were ever issued. The order was canceled and replaced with the M3 Greasegun (Also designed by George Hyde). The M1928A1 Thompson is a more likely candidate for a third US SMG.
  7. MKII unpin sound

    As much as I like that series, it is not a very good source for authenticity. I think the sound they are trying to convey, is the sound of the spoon being released and not the pin being pulled. This will in real life create a bang, rather than a ping, as the striker swings around and hits the percussion cap (which creates a fairly loud pop) and ignites the fuse. The examples above are not very good representations of what grenades actually sounds like (and the fuse in the first clip is only one second. I wouldn't want to be throwing that thing)
  8. Tank Sounds

    I've passed this along to our sound designer. We have recently upgraded our sound system, giving the sound designer more freedom to work with various effects, not to mention that it is greatly optimized in terms of game performance. I know that our sound designer is working on the sounds for when you are driving on different terrains, and (thanks to the sound system update) he has been working on various effects for the sounds for when you are outside vs inside the tanks. I have on occasion brought in an army buddy of mine (who has a lot of experience as gunner on tanks and infantry fighting vehicles) as a consultant for the vehicle update. He has had a good talk with our sound designer to help capture the sound experience of being inside the tank. The sound system update is not directly tied up to the vehicle update, so they will not necessarily be released at the same time. If the sound update is ready before the vehicle update it might be released before - if the sound system is not ready for the vehicle update it won't be what is holding the vehicle update back. So there are work being done on the vehicle sounds, but don't expect a complete sound overhaul of every single vehicle any time soon.
  9. Armor Thickness

    A hit will do one check per armor group. So if the shot hits a surface in the "mantlet" group, and then hits a surface in the "turret" group, it will first check if it passes through the mantlet, if it does, the mantlet thickness is subtracted from the projectile penetration, and it will check if the projectile will pass through the turret with it's left over penetration. So in short, the armor thickness is being added up when the projectile passes through multiple groups. But if the projectile hits a surface in the turret group, and then passes through another surface of the same turret group, it will ignore the second check, even if the second check is thicker. As for the holes in the turret behind the mantlets, these holes would be occupied by the gun mounts in real life, so it's not actually a big exposed hole of nothing. In the new armor model these holes are roughly marked out with a 20mm (my rough estimate of the effective thickness of a gun mount. can vary depending on tank) surface in the turret group. So hitting the mantlet in the center would give you a hit check of mantlet-thickness + gun-mount-thickness. Where as hitting the mantlet at the edge where there is a full overlap of turret armor would give you a check of mantlet-thickness + turret-thickness.
  10. Vehicle speed after Vehicle 2.0

    Cliffs uses the "Rock" material. All materials have three variables that influences the vehicle behavior. - One that determines the speed as a percentage between the vehicle's on-road and off-road max speed. - A traction multiplier that will lower the friction of the vehicles and cause them to slide more on certain terrains. - And a wobblyness scale, which is how much the vehicle will bounce around when driving. Rock has about the same speed as grass (slightly lower, but not by much), a slightly higher traction than grass, but much more wobblyness. Each vehicle has two climb angle set (one for forward and one for sideways tilt). These values are based on the authentic stats of the vehicles. When a vehicle exceeds that angle the wheels will loose traction. Terrain types will not effect the climb angle. - I tried this in an early version of the design and it was instantly disliked during the initial testing of the concept. - So if a vehicle is capable of climbing a 30º slope it should be able to do so on all terrain types.
  11. Vehicle speed after Vehicle 2.0

    Wheeled vehicles will have a slower terrain speed than tracked vehicles. In dirt, corn fields, and forests, the wheeled vehicles are being slowed down significantly while the tracked vehicles will still maintain a somewhat decent speed. Grass is a good middleground for both tracked and wheeled vehicles. Wheeled vehicles do decrease their max steering angle the faster they go (the amount is tweaked specifically for each vehicle), but this is just as much a way to prevent the vehicles from flipping over as it is a gameplay thing. Putting this on an open test server is definitely a possibility, but the build is not ready for it yet. While the handling is pretty much done (might still need tweaking) it is on the same stream that the new armor/damage model is being worked on, and that part is not quite done and the build is not particularly stable. So only a few tanks would actually be able to take damage, and I expect a test server would last about 10 minutes crashing in the current state.
  12. Vehicle speed after Vehicle 2.0

    Only on Valentines Day. Only Double Differential steering (Tigers and Panther) can do pivot turns. Clutch and Brake steering (Most German and Russian) can turn around one belt. If you are stopped and just press the turn key the opposite belt will move forward to turn the tank around the stopped belt. Controlled Differential must move to turn. Again, if you are stationary and press the turn key, the tank will automatically move forward while turning. Not right now. Would rather do a proper presentation at some point, rather than just random snips.
  13. Vehicle speed after Vehicle 2.0

    It is the wheeled vehicles that will have a greater need for roads, not the tracked vehicles. Tracked vehicles have a definite speed advantage in rough terrain. Acceleration is HP/T*0.1 in m/s^2 The 38(t) is listed as having a very low off road speed by numerous sources. It might have a large roadwheel, but it has some pretty narrow tracks. Narrow tracks (very broadly speaking) are pretty good at driving on roads because you have less mass you need to drag around. but they do tend to be a disadvantage when you are going off road. If you look at the chart that is sorted by terrain speed, you will see that the bottom is mostly populated by tanks that have fairly narrow tracks relative to their weight. Edit: It is also worth noting that all these numbers are subject to change during testing.
  14. New Motorcycles suggestion

    I already made a note of all suggestions above. I usually read everything I'm tagged at, but don't always reply. Also, I believe the picture you put as the R71 is actually a Zundapp. Speaking of which I did actually mean to reply to this one: None of those are R71s. The Jones' bike is a Dnepr MT-11, and the German ones are Honda XL 500s with a bit of makeup on.