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  1. Vehicle speed after Vehicle 2.0

    Cliffs uses the "Rock" material. All materials have three variables that influences the vehicle behavior. - One that determines the speed as a percentage between the vehicle's on-road and off-road max speed. - A traction multiplier that will lower the friction of the vehicles and cause them to slide more on certain terrains. - And a wobblyness scale, which is how much the vehicle will bounce around when driving. Rock has about the same speed as grass (slightly lower, but not by much), a slightly higher traction than grass, but much more wobblyness. Each vehicle has two climb angle set (one for forward and one for sideways tilt). These values are based on the authentic stats of the vehicles. When a vehicle exceeds that angle the wheels will loose traction. Terrain types will not effect the climb angle. - I tried this in an early version of the design and it was instantly disliked during the initial testing of the concept. - So if a vehicle is capable of climbing a 30º slope it should be able to do so on all terrain types.
  2. Vehicle speed after Vehicle 2.0

    Wheeled vehicles will have a slower terrain speed than tracked vehicles. In dirt, corn fields, and forests, the wheeled vehicles are being slowed down significantly while the tracked vehicles will still maintain a somewhat decent speed. Grass is a good middleground for both tracked and wheeled vehicles. Wheeled vehicles do decrease their max steering angle the faster they go (the amount is tweaked specifically for each vehicle), but this is just as much a way to prevent the vehicles from flipping over as it is a gameplay thing. Putting this on an open test server is definitely a possibility, but the build is not ready for it yet. While the handling is pretty much done (might still need tweaking) it is on the same stream that the new armor/damage model is being worked on, and that part is not quite done and the build is not particularly stable. So only a few tanks would actually be able to take damage, and I expect a test server would last about 10 minutes crashing in the current state.
  3. Vehicle speed after Vehicle 2.0

    Only on Valentines Day. Only Double Differential steering (Tigers and Panther) can do pivot turns. Clutch and Brake steering (Most German and Russian) can turn around one belt. If you are stopped and just press the turn key the opposite belt will move forward to turn the tank around the stopped belt. Controlled Differential must move to turn. Again, if you are stationary and press the turn key, the tank will automatically move forward while turning. Not right now. Would rather do a proper presentation at some point, rather than just random snips.
  4. Vehicle speed after Vehicle 2.0

    It is the wheeled vehicles that will have a greater need for roads, not the tracked vehicles. Tracked vehicles have a definite speed advantage in rough terrain. Acceleration is HP/T*0.1 in m/s^2 The 38(t) is listed as having a very low off road speed by numerous sources. It might have a large roadwheel, but it has some pretty narrow tracks. Narrow tracks (very broadly speaking) are pretty good at driving on roads because you have less mass you need to drag around. but they do tend to be a disadvantage when you are going off road. If you look at the chart that is sorted by terrain speed, you will see that the bottom is mostly populated by tanks that have fairly narrow tracks relative to their weight. Edit: It is also worth noting that all these numbers are subject to change during testing.
  5. New Motorcycles suggestion

    I already made a note of all suggestions above. I usually read everything I'm tagged at, but don't always reply. Also, I believe the picture you put as the R71 is actually a Zundapp. Speaking of which I did actually mean to reply to this one: None of those are R71s. The Jones' bike is a Dnepr MT-11, and the German ones are Honda XL 500s with a bit of makeup on.
  6. Recon Vehicles

    It says its a Ford-A Automobile under the picture.
  7. Self Propelled Anti Aircraft Guns

    A couple of reasons: 1) The current 4M GAZ-AAA fits quite well with the other candidates in the Tier 1. And we want to avoid removing content from the game as much we can. - Otherwise if we were to remove the GAZ-AAA we would have to compensate everyone who had already bought it. - Removing content is a last resort we will only consider if it is absolutely necessary. 2) The GAZ-64 with a machine gun is a high candidate on my list of potentially new cars. 3) The GAZ-64 would not allow a full 360º gun traverse, a feature I feel is important for an anti aircraft gun. - The WC-52 has a pretty large truck bed, and with a bit of creative liberty for the sake of gameplay, the gunmount can be placed in the center of the bed to allow the gunner to do a full traverse. This would not be possible on the GAZ-64 since the back is only the size of a seat (and a rather small seat at that). We are trying to move away from Lend Lease equipment to make each faction more unique. Like I already said, that or the 94-KM is plan-b, in case the TKB-149 DShK is impossible to get any reference on.
  8. Recon Vehicles

    This is getting way too specific. This is not the time nor place to discuss every nitty detail about how to balance each vehicle. The point of this is to find a loadout of vehicles that are roughly in the same classes. The picture I've made IS NOT a definite list of what will go in the game. It is something that will be used for a design meeting where we will talk things through, taking consideration to gameplay, historical authenticity, and artistic design. I've made note of all other suggestions as well, and these will be brought up if something seems out of place during our design meeting. But as for the engine power, if you look at the power to weight ratio, the D-8 (26.6hp/t) is just about the same as the M3A1 Scout Car (27.5hp/t) and is quite a bit ahead of the Sd.Kfz.250 (17.5hp/t) LB-62 has been noted, but with only two prototypes having been made there are other choices that are more appealing.
  9. Recon Vehicles

    I've noted both the D-8 and D-12. Which one, and how it'll be balanced, will be decided at a design meeting.
  10. Recon Vehicles

    Since the two are functionally the same, this is more a question of art direction. - I'll be sure to bring both up. The benefit of the 223 would be that it'd make it look more different from the 222, and the antenna would be a good touch to emphasize the reconnaissance purposes of the vehicle. This is moving a bit too much into tank territory. The missing turret of the T-8 makes it easy to identify it as "clearly not a tank". What I like about the T-8 idea is that the lack of armament gives you a reminder that the reconnaissance vehicles are meant for reconnaissance, not fighting - and a bigger gun isn't what makes it a good recon vehicle. - It might even turn out to fit better as the Heavy Tier-2, above the Greyhound depending on the new spotting mechanics.
  11. Recon Vehicles

    Another update to the draft: Does anyone have any data on the T8E1 - specifically weight and top speed (Stuart Kangaroo is also acceptable). I like the idea of the T8. The heavy armor and high terrain speed would quite make up for the armament. And the M5 Stuart is quite fun to drive in the new vehicle handling update, so I imagine that this would work out quite well as a recon.
  12. Recon Vehicles

    Very interesting idea.
  13. Recon Vehicles

    The weakness of the Puma appears to be it's light armor. Especially on it's side..... that huge huge side... Compared to something like the BA-11 which appears to be more or less a constant 13mm armor thickness. And like @GermanSoldier said, the 45mm gun is not bad, and well suited in the same group. Plus in this layout, Soviets would get the large gun on both of their heavy vehicles. Additional balancing can be made with the new deploy system, where better equipment requires more deployment points to deploy. There is also the possibility of putting something in as Light recon Tier 1 or Tier 2, bumping up the M20 and M8 to heavy. So suggestions for a light US recon vehicle are also welcome.
  14. Recon Vehicles

    I've updated the overview, and included armor as a factor (rough figures, not including top and bottom armor): I'm not too sure about the Boarhound, as this is one that would be better saved for the introduction of a British faction.