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  1. Reto.Christiano

    KV-85 mantlet vs PZ3 APCR(?) on 50 meters

    I've just checked the collision model, and it looks like there might be an issue with the Mantlet. It is listed as being 100mm, but the actual data shows it set as 30mm (It is also set to be in the "bottom" group, but that should not have any influence on this issue) I will doublecheck what the mantlet thickness should be and fix it. - Thanks for pointing it out. On most armor diagrams it is not mentioned, but is drawn as if it's less than 100mm. - I only have one source mentioning it's actual thickness as being 100mm. Here is an image of the armor values as they are right now: The Panzer III has, at the muzzle, 45-70mm penetration with the PzGr. 39 and 52-85mm with PzGr.40 So a shot from a Panzer III would not have been able to penetrate the turret front/side(Purple). (assuming armor is at 100%) It would however have been able to penetrate the Mantlet(Yellow) and gun cradle (Orange) (30+20mm = 50mm) and the APCR can, with luck, penetrate the underside. The Turret and Mantlet are not shown on the armor UI, so you can't see how worn down these are. So it's possible that the turret armor was worn down.
  2. Reto.Christiano

    Recon Vehicles

    I'm still looking for the ammunition stowage arrangement in the 234/2. I've dug up these pictures of the turret interior: The trigger for the main gun is on the traverse handle, while the trigger for the co-ax is the one on the elevation handle. The standard load was 27 AP rounds and 28 HE rounds and 2850 for the co-ax. (so probably 11 x 250 round boxes + 1 x 100 round box) There was a storage point for one box of 5cm (4 rounds) and one box of 7.92mm (250 rounds) on the mud-guard outside the vehicle. I have made a rough design model which has all of the sizes, proportions and essential parts, but no details. I'm viewing the model in a Virtual Reality model viewer I've made which allows me to get a feel of the space inside the vehicle. In that model viewer I can get a very good feel of where ammunition would be appropriate to place, both so that it isn't too obstructive (it is *really* crammed in that vehicle in the first place) and so that it is within reach of the loader/commander. My intuition from this is that it is not very likely that ammunition was stored on the floor, as this would make it nearly impossible to crawl under the turret seats, and it is not very easy get get to for the loader as there is barely any room to bend down (not to mention that every spent shell casing would fall on it, covering it in a mountain of brass, and possibly denting the ammunition) Nor do I think there would have been ammunition stored to the right of the driver, as this would block the path to the drivers escape hatch (which is already difficult to get to, on account of the steering wheel being in the way), and make it very difficult to get into the driver seat in the first place.. The most likely place I see ammunition would be hanging on the side of the hull in the area around the turret ring (so between the side doors and the steering transfer bar cases) - Here they are within good reach of the loader, and it feels like an intuitive place to take ammunition from when sitting in the loader/commander seat. The second place I find it likely that ammunition would be stowed, is at the rear-left side of the vehicle, next to the reverse driver, under the gas tank. Here you have quite a lot of space that would not get in the way. Third place would be to the left of the main driver. This would still be slightly inconvenient for the driver, but as long as the right side is free, you'd be able to reach the seat as well as have access to the escape hatch. Lastly, the turret does appear have room at the rear for several rounds stored horizontally. Even with the communication equipment present. This would also be a very convenient place for the loader to reach.
  3. Reto.Christiano

    Heavy Tank Destroyers

    There was a debate about this very subject. From early on it was named just "Jagdpanther" in the game, but it seemed off compared to the other names that has more-or-less the full designation. "Panzerjäger Panther" would give us two vehicles that are both called "Panther" - and more people know it by the name Jagdpanther, so that name needed to be in there. "Jagdpanzer V Jagdpanther" looked like it's the same word repeated twice, which could be confusing to a broader audience. The compromise was "Panzerjäger V Jagdpanther".
  4. Reto.Christiano

    Recon Vehicles

    That would be great. Right now my highest priority is the 234/2 Puma. Again, I am especially interested in the ammunition racks/storage compartments. I am fairly well covered for all other parts of it. (also, guys, please: if you are not certain about something, be a bit more careful about what you post, don't just post the first couple of images that pop up on google. - Adding images of a Sd.Kfz. 231/232 to the reference collection for a 234 can really mess things up when you are trying to build a model) It's not a US vehicle though. Canadian made and only used by the British and Commonwealth.
  5. Reto.Christiano

    Recon Vehicles

    Yup. those are the ones. From what I gathered the name Оверолл derived from the English word Overall, so I went with the English spelling. I think this was changed for the BA-11. (along with the many other changes, such as the addition of a rear-driver position) At last I've not been able to see it there on any pictures. And I found this: Next to the third picture on this page:
  6. Reto.Christiano

    Recon Vehicles

    Perfect, then all rounds are accounted for. Can you confirm that the only fuel tank it has is the one at the very rear of the vehicle, and the tank sort of sleeves around the vision port for the rear driver? I'm also considering mounting it's "overall" tracks and give it semi-halftrack mobility. For the Sd.Kfz 234/2 "Puma" I could also use some interior pictures. Especially some showing the ammo layout. For the T8E1 Stuart Recce I could use some pictures of the wider tracks. The only picture I've seen of one with the wide tracks, it looks like it is using T48 (or possibly T54) tracks from a Sherman. Some interior pictures would also be nice, but I suppose it's just a M5 stripped from all ammunition, so M5 interior pictures will also do.
  7. Reto.Christiano

    Recon Vehicles

    Correct. It is relevant to know if there is any ammunition in the turret at all. Also, all recon vehicles are modeled with interior, so it would be nice to get it as correct as possible. I've also found this quite interesting picture of a production model BA-11 What is so interesting about it is that it appears to be armed with a DS-39 machinegun, rather than the normal DT, which is a very rare sight on any armored fighting vehicle.
  8. Reto.Christiano

    Recon Vehicles

    Does anyone have any pictures of the interior of the BA-11? At the moment the best I have to go with is this scale model which does look quite detailed. However when I count the ammunition it is missing 10 rounds. These could possibly be stored in the turret, but I can't see them in the model.
  9. Reto.Christiano

    Anti Tank Infantry Weapons

    Found a sight that had the markings.
  10. Reto.Christiano

    Anti Tank Infantry Weapons

    The lineup we are going for is the same as the original post. The PanzerBüchse, GranatBüchse, M9A1, and Ampulomet are in development, and I have just initiated work on the PTRS-41 and M18. The GranatBüchse will only have the Große Gewehr-Panzergranate mit verbessertem Drallschaft The M9A1 is being made with both the bar-sight and reflector sight. Both sights have better range adjustment than the M1A1. The Ampulomet will be the early two-lug large-diameter breechblock and comes with the FBM-125 without safety fuze. I have the information I need for the PTRS and M18.
  11. Reto.Christiano

    Anti Tank Infantry Weapons

    Found it. The notch at the top of the sight is 150m. The square notch is 120m. Round hole is 100m. Diamond hole is 80m. Triangle hole is 50m.
  12. Reto.Christiano

    Self-Propelled Anti-Tank guns for Infantry

    The ChK-M1 has my interest at the moment. I am however having problems finding pictures of the actual production model. Most pictures of it is of the ChK with the square barrel housing, where as the model that got adopted as the 37mm Airborne Cannon Mdl. 1944 was the ChK-M1 which had a cylindrical housing and did not have the recoil absorbing countermass as the previous model did. Here is a quick rundown on the three variants of the design: - First version is the ChK - Square barrel housing. The barrel has a heavy counter-recoil mass around it. When a shot is fired the recoil will drive both the barrel and the counter recoil mass backward. The barrel travels back about 10cm while the counter recoil mass has just over 1 meter of travel. This gives the gun a very long time to absorb the full recoil of the shot. For additional recoil reduction the gun is equipped with both a ported barrel and muzzle brake. - Second version is ZIV-2 - This has a cylindrical barrel housing, and includes all the recoil absorbing features mentioned above. - Last version is the ChK-M1, which is the one adopted. - Cylindrical barrel housing. This does not have the sliding counter-recoil system. Instead it has a more effective muzzlebrake. I'm interested in pictures of any version of the gun. Especially pictures that shows the breech area. The gun that keeps popping up in my searches is this one (shown in different locations - but all with the same missing butt pad, bent left handle on the gun shield, and missing periscope): It is the same gun that is shown on the wiki page:мм_авиадесантная_пушка_образца_1944_года There are a couple of good pictures here: And here are some pictures of it in vehicle mounted configuration:
  13. Reto.Christiano

    Self-Propelled Anti-Tank guns for Infantry

    I see that the 37mm ЧК-М1 Airborne Gun Model 1944 could also be mounted in vehicles like the Willys Jeep, GAZ-64, and even the Harley-Davidson with a sidecar. (which could be fired on the move, provided you are a hard road and not exceeding speeds of 10 km/h) Can someone find pictures/data on this gun being used in that vehicle mounted configuration? I am particularly interested in it being mounted in the GAZ-64. According to the wiki page linked above, it would have a 30º traverse, and the penetration is fairly similar to the two other guns, making this a good candidate, provided that we can find enough reference for it. I do remember finding the picture above when looking at the GAZ-64 as a second Infantry transport vehicle, but I had completely forgotten about it until now.
  14. Now that the vehicle update is out, the content track is finally able to resume. There are some assets from our old pipeline that will be finalized (heavy tank destroyers, fighter planes, recon vehicles, and halftracks) After that we will boot up a new pipeline for more vehicles. We already have our eyes out for a couple of categories (more infantry vehicles, new anti-aircraft vehicles, more recon vehicles, more tankdestroyers, etc. (you can find their discussion threads in this forum)) Now I'm looking for some self propelled anti-tank guns to give to the Infantry. Something that will allow them to fight back against tanks, without having to rely solely on mines, grenades, and rocketlaunchers. I am interested in guns mounted on vehicles - No towed on fixed guns. For discussions on those I refer you to Killroy115's thread on the subject. The initial selection I had in mind is something like this: If anyone has better suggestions (especially for the Soviet) they are most welcome.
  15. I agree that it would be an great addition. But there are way too many tasks that needs to be done on the audio front, and I am not going to promise any time away from out audio designer. Also, please put stuff like this in the General Development Suggestions forum.