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  1. Reto.Christiano


    Saying that Germany used green tracers in everything is incorrect. As GermanSoldier mentioned, they used a large variety of colors such as Yellow, Orange, White, Red, and Green. I have not seen any sources that states that they favored a particular color - however the far majority of ammunition boxes for tracer ammunitions that I've come across have been labeled "gelb" for yellow. So for Germany, any of the colors above would be correct, however I've found more evidence that yellow was more common than the others (at least for small arms cartridges). The Soviets did have green tracer rounds, so it made even more sense to give Germany yellow tracers so that each faction will have their own color. I tried out orange for Germany, but I prefered yellow (also because, as mentioned above, yellow is the one I've found to be most common) In the interwar period the US were using both red and green tracers, but prior to WW2 they decided on the red tracer. During the war the US developed tracer ammunition for the .45 and .30 carbine, these were made in both a red tracer and a white tracer variant (white tracers might also have been available for other calibers) Yup. There were ranging tracers that burned green for 500m then turned to red. There were tracers like this during WW2 as well. Germany had tracers (again, in any color) that would be dim for the first 100m, then burn bright out to 600m (these are marked 100/600 on the packages) These were primarily used in aircraft. Both the US and Germany also had dim tracers for use at night.
  2. Reto.Christiano


    Yes, but it won't be in time for the next update. I got around to doing some stuff on some of the tank-shot impacts. But haven't gotten around to the bullet impacts yet.
  3. Reto.Christiano

    Lower powered/alternative scopes

    The scopes I'm working on are the M73B1, ZF-41, and PE.
  4. Reto.Christiano


    It has been fixed, but there might be a delay before it gets through as text needs to go through the translators first. The fix should come out sometime in the future when we have a minor update.
  5. Reto.Christiano

    M1919 bipod and aim

    We are working on it. Johnson also has the issue.
  6. Reto.Christiano

    Heroes and Generals is not ww2 [Confirmed]

    Hehe, we did have a brief debate about this, and were wondering how long it would take people to comment on it. The issue is that we can't use any of the authentic markings, since these are of still existing companies. We came up with a bunch of made-up names, like Reto Motor Corporation, or H&G Arms (a reference to H&R Arms, which is also a post-war Garand producer). These would work fine if placed a subtle place on the gun. But since the text is right in your face on the M1 Garand, it would look too much like an obvious joke. Went with International Harvester because it is a company that doesn't exist today, and also because it sounded cool. Another made-up name that I was very close to going with was Chicopee Armory. As for the serial numbers, I usually pick these with some very esoteric reference in mind. If any of you have any good ideas for what we could write on it, you are more than welcome to suggest them here, and I'll be happy to consider changing it on the model. Just keep in mind that it can't be any existing brand names.
  7. Reto.Christiano

    Question about the M1919

    Sorry, but no. The M1919A6 is part of the upcoming bipod system, where bipods will be a key characteristic of all the machine guns.
  8. Reto.Christiano

    American AT Rifle?

    As far as I can tell the US Army never used a .50 sub-caliber device. They did however have a .30 sub-caliber device. This is mentioned in the TM 9-1300-24 from 1959, but it is not mentioned in the TM 9-314 from 1949. So it probably appeared somewhere in between those two dates. The Sub-caliber device is used for training only, and not something you would use for combat. The idea is to allow people to train with the weapons using inexpensive conventional ammunition. The training device consisted of a modified M1919 barrel inserted through a 57mm dummy cartridge. The .30 caliber barrel is ported to allow gasses to escape through the venturi nozzle, and somewhat simulate the recoilless principle. You will find similar devices chambered for .50 BMG, but these are modern productions intended for commercial use so that private citizens who own an M18 can actually do some shooting with them. The principle is the same as with the .30 subcaliber training device. It allows you to shoot the weapon with inexpensive conventional ammunition, but the .50 BMG gives you a bit more bang-for-the-buck.
  9. Reto.Christiano

    The case of the invisible armour

    There never was a case of any invisible armor. The thing that was corrected was a bug that caused the armor thickness of the turret to default to 20mm. The actual values are 25mm at the front, 13mm at all sides and rear, and 10-5mm at the top.
  10. Reto.Christiano

    Objects crossing the vehicle interior

    While it would probably be feasible to do, doing so is a lot more tricky than doing it with the water. The reason being the order in which the frame is constructed. The water effect is one of the last things passes of the frame structure, and can therefore be masked out fairly straight forward. Other objects are drawn in different layers and would be more difficult to mask out. There are a lot of things I would love to revisit regarding effects, but currently am too busy with other, higher priority, tasks.
  11. Reto.Christiano

    Prototype test: Tank versus Tank

    We looked up the replay and checked out what happened and what damage was dealt where. You were hit four times. First shot hit the Right track, destroying it. The shot then penetrated the right armor and dealt a small amount of damage to the Engine_Medium. Second shot hit the Left track, destroying it. The shot then penetrated the left armor and hit Ammunition_Large destroying it. A small amount of excess damage was transferred to the Basestructure. Third shot penetrated the front armor and hit Fuel_Large for 75 damage, destroying it. Excess damage was dealt to the base structure. Fourth shot penetrated the front armor and dealt damage to the basestructure, destroying the tank. We will continue to look into the damage system, but at point blank range like this, with a 3" gun, having hit all these components with few shots, I think it's fair enough that it got a kill. After reviewing this we did talk a bit about it, and we might reduce the damage multiplier for the tracks, so they won't account for as much overall vehicle damage. We might also tweak the damage falloff over distance a bit more.
  12. Reto.Christiano

    Fire and Cumulative damage talks

    What you have seen is some early concept work for a Molotov that has been set to use the RPG-43 as a temporary placeholder weapon. This was not intended to be enabled on the prototype server in it's current state.
  13. The M1919A4 will be upgraded to the M1919A6. So if you already have the A4 it will automatically be upgraded to the A6 for free. DT and MT are correct. MG-13 for the Germans.
  14. The DT is also planed (along with some more Machine Guns). We will start production of these in the near future. The reason why we started with the M1919A6 (which will replace the A4) is that the current M1919A4 is currently holding back the new bipod system, since it is the only MG in the game that does not have a bipod.
  15. Yup, quite possibly. Might have to take a bit of creative liberty with how you reload it though, since it is pretty much a three-hand operation. (charging handle needs to be held forward while you pull the belt through the feed block)