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  1. TrustMarker

    i guess this is goodbye.....

    am done with this game and i just uninstalld it there is no reason to keep playing a game that not fun not fair from reto.rded devs that dont care about it at all, am sure there are more fair and better games out there with devs that care and love the community, this game started out fun but turn for the worse as the devs stop caring of what the community wanted after beta, there no reason to play anymore, i wanted to say thanks for all the happy memorys you guys and girls gave me and i will remember.......i guess this is goodbye
  2. i preferd the old way of how the movement was, it was more smooth i will link i few videos to show what i mean you can see how much better it was
  3. the stg is not supposed to excel at one thing its a well rounded gun it can do a bit of everything, the avs is good at close range medium range but suffers with a 15 round mag and jumpy recoil i have both and i prefer the stg
  4. TrustMarker


    you need to restart your pc i know its stupid
  5. TrustMarker

    What are your favorite AVS mods, and why?

    mine is of course is avs with drum mag
  6. TrustMarker

    Americans LMGs OP

    i never i was against it i said again i a lie i said i never said nerf it if they fliped the sight down the big deal is that people use the "bad iron sigths" as an excuse for it having the stats it has if the range finder is fliped down what the next bias excuse of it not being "op" A) don't say i belive in this and that when i never said such a thing B) dont put words in my mouth and C) you REEK of bias
  7. TrustMarker

    Americans LMGs OP

    true i want to see how it whould be too, but reto said of they gonna flip the sights down they whould have to nerf the weapons again iron sights should not be a balance stat
  8. TrustMarker

    Americans LMGs OP

    ok make the kar98k ohk on every terget no matter how heavy the set he has on is because it has bad iron sights you see how illogical that sounds bad sight should not be a balancing stat
  9. TrustMarker

    Americans LMGs OP

    that really won't happen anles your already in ads you dont ads when looking for enemys you ads when you see an enemy
  10. TrustMarker

    Soviet LMGs OP

    ok ya and the mg42 is too acurrate one time i was 2m away from someone with the mg42 and he headshot me thats sooo oooppppp reto please
  11. TrustMarker

    Americans LMGs OP

    who in there right mind whould shoot with out ads, am saying if you aim you can, am not saying if you dont you can
  12. i don't think they need a rework they need a balanced buff buff PPD40 rpm buff PPSH rmp or acuraccy SVT has the most rpm out off all the SA rifles and really good sights mosin nagant is the Best BA rifle it does the worst damage out off all 3 but has the best iron sights and sound DP is one of the best lmgs in game it holds it's own to the mg34 and m1919 and AVS has a kick to it but is really good PTRD well its the ptrd pps40 is basically mp40 and the pistole are just fine
  13. TrustMarker

    Americans LMGs OP

    do you know what 20m look like well let me spell it out for you 20m is medium to close range, now you telling me that the m1919 can't hit someone on MEDIUM range ya right i have been sniped with the m1919 from 100m+ more time then i can count and when i play with the m1919 half of the time i just aim at the enemy fire and then wonder how in the frick did i hit him am not saying nerf the m1919 am saying buff other lmg but thats too much in the eyes of the US faction i guess