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  1. yeah this stuff is just a damn shame at this point: -Specialty classes dominating the game. Infantry cant pop battles or has no spots. -AT credit losses are ridiculous based on the above mentioned. -Sounds are jacked up; No foot steps, no grenade sounds or effect -Optimizations fail. FPS drops. Cannot support the specialty classes (planes) in the air etc. -Lagging servers that aren't getting better (Moscow server is a joke period) -AR(ing) and War fund losses when your not getting AR'd -A mine can blow up a jeep. But a Panzerfaust with iron fist does nothing as it keeps driving (WTF) -Water crossing with vehicles is entirely to slow and when you do get out of the water the vehicle continues to crawl for 30 yards as if its in water -Maps aren't congruent with the objective gameplay you have in place. -Fix the train tracks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Dead Bodies still flying around!!! Its not like this game was developed this month. And its not like this game hasn't had any of these problems for at least a month(s). We are getting more and more problems or issues without those things getting better or time line for an actual fix. A fix that doesn't take two steps back. @Reto.Hades
  2. however one of the most expensive payouts..... go figure.,,,,, #gamingexperience
  3. Code03

    Fix the godamn sound!!!

    I die.... several seconds later..... ahhhh….ohhhhh….dooohhh….
  4. Community is its own worse enemy. Its like people on government assistance; Wants the government to take care of them, but gets pissed about government involvement in their business.
  5. So frustrating to have heard this said so many times (Infantry is the backbone of this game).. But now you have a game (RTS side) that cannot pop with only infantry. And even if it does you most likely wont get in because you are not que'd as a specialty class...….. What is the sense in that strategy? And I believe its only making the RTS situation worse. @Reto.Hades #GamingExperience
  6. these issues goes with the same concept of this game/company apparently. "Its not that this problem exists, its that over time it doesn't get any better". This seems to be the path for a long time now.
  7. agree. Its not the fact that it happens, but the fact that its not getting any better.. meaning they shoulda been perma'd
  8. how about don't break the rules, or exploit the game in the first place and people (friends) wouldn't have anything to worry about it in the first place. And you wouldn't be crying over spilt milk like you are now. So much whining when people have to be accountable/responsible for something.
  9. its all about the secret majority... its taking this game places
  10. Code03

    Latency is Misrepresented

    prolly one of the highest payouts; to obtain servers. But they keep paying the money out (servers) for their customers, of which 99% are not happy with. This is not good business sense.
  11. Code03

    new superman APC ?

    that third one.. LMFAO.... so true!!! Its a great gaming experience eh?
  12. Code03

    Bad servers?

    They prolly pay a lot for these servers. I hope Reto is getting what they are paying for..... Im not sure the customer is
  13. Code03

    Moscow server is having seizures

    Junk server... its literally enraging
  14. Make the badges more viable and different. The badge system is in need of a rework much like everything. But maybe they'll just produce a new one.... herp