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  1. Code03

    Moscow Server...yep

    yes quality is lacking.... and disparity of weapons is laughable... you got a group who say stg 44 is junk but yet that's all they use. Then you have only tanks and recons, while everyone else and everything suffers... (credits, gameplay, map layout, spawns etc) period.
  2. Yes. The Moscow server is still a joke. Why is it a joke? For the performance, inadequate gameplay, and its totally ineffective for this type of gameplay. Horrid experience and handicap of credits spent.
  3. Code03

    too many tanks

    Too many tanks!!!!!! And when you get involved in that.... don’t forget; Too many recons!!!! ffs!
  4. Code03

    1.12 - A question to Reto

    Yes, some follow-up would be nice. Also some feedback/communication for the upcoming December update and how these two things might correlate? Or I guess it’s just hopelessly hoping.....
  5. Code03

    Let's buff for U.S

    Not enough people using STG. Yes buff it. Lmao.
  6. Code03

    Reto hello?

    I think by the time RETO gets to this point about worrying about specific guns..... well....... ya know we just might be dead.... gotta be honest here.
  7. Code03


    Hopefully the restructuring process will allow a different perspective/vision with regards to the future development of the game. This update in December that has been touched upon was already slated prior to all these "happenings' so i dont expect to see anything that will rejuvenate me completely. Going forward though i hope RETO sees the importance of passion with results. By that i mean you can have great passion but you need and have to produce something within a certain amount of time, and that which is produced needs to show/have positive results. There needs to be more commitment, consistency, communication, and caring to the over all development and timing to this game (FPS & RTS!!).
  8. Code03


    Yes the AR thing is outta hand and that’s just one more thing they have ignored. They say most have to many credits and WF’s... So that a problem even though they earned those through playing, but it’s not a problem for those AR whales who built their army with gold only. That’s ok? Reto logic....!
  9. The overall balance of this game is so screwed.... There are so many things that need addressed over years time now.... When and if I pay money I have a certain expectation of feedback and working to improve the product over time... not hide in a shell.
  10. Code03


    Maybe restructure....REFORM!!!! this game and won’t have to worry about it. Focus on the “process” of the game! That neglect of the process over the last year has contributed to the current situation one way or another
  11. Code03

    Updated Development Overview - October

    And the big game update in December. 👍
  12. Code03

    Armor 2.0 Video Review

    All points are valid. But don’t let this armor bs deter from the fact of specialist spam problem IE: Matchmaker! Along with armor, recons and planes are out of control as well. But with all this said, they have let this game get away from them. It’s like a 20 car pile up. I mean up until now, this past year what the hell was going on when they were coming in the office/going to work. They just let the interactivness of this game hit the pooper.
  13. Code03

    Updated Development Overview - October

    +1....... feedback/follow up?
  14. Code03

    Things that really pisses you off

    tank spam is ridiculous