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  1. Code03

    Rts to lagy

  2. Code03

    Operation Barbarossa starts June the 18th!

    I believe this perception is a bit wrong. Its not they are not deploying period, its that they have already moved on and have no desire to deploy or play regardless of the scenario or situation. I could reengage on the reasons why but i feel its not necessary (RETO understands). In my opinion on the matter; The community has lost the "faith", as RETO has lost their "commitment" (over time) to the games basic foundation and overall basic functionality.
  3. This is a complete joke..... The data you did have... this is how you quantify it..... holy shirt man
  4. Its really nice to be "involved" in a scenerio on the war map with your AT's right? I mean isnt that the point of the advertisement.... ........ what a joke atm
  5. Code03

    How to bring the fun back.

    This pretty much..
  6. Code03

    So did bi-pods fix anything?

    youd think what they would introduce (or market) would be advantageous to their players (customer base)… But what they are doing with marketing compared to the actual product they have or had…….. OMG.
  7. Code03

    M1919A4 Vs M1919A6 Screenshots

    why are we so concerned with these specific guns, when the state of the game has likened you too a rocket launcher and SA rifle...…. oh sorry, or recon.
  8. "squad linking"...….. ok...………..????
  9. Bottom line/brass tax. I will not support or buy gold to support such a terrible first person shooter experience bc of this crap/spam. Period! “First person shooter” must be the joke
  10. they are looking into it...……. albeit its a cheap piece of crystal they are using...… obviously.
  11. I think anyone shooting a rocket with those two “gold badges” equipped specifically for that purpose should absolutely destroy that Jeep.... Or don’t advertise the badges as such... it’s bs
  12. Code03

    AP Mine Balance

    all working as intended...............
  13. Code03

    Tankas & Tankes

    The issue with tank rambo'ness in my opinion is because the amount of tanks that can be in game or spwned at once. It gets to the point that there can be so many tanks that you literally cant do anything but to attempt to kill them and sometimes thats just about useless... (You literally stop playing the objective or cant). Now it seems that your not addressing the issue of how many tanks can be in game/spawned but now nerf the poor bastard(s) trying to do something against 8-9 tanks sitting somewhere, if there so lucky enough to get close enough to use hand held devices. The down right dirty issue that needs to be addressed is the amount of tanks that can be on the map at one time. Not nerfing the poor infantry guy who has handheld anti-tank weapons that doesn't outright destroy a tank to begin with (and his cost to do so).... The underlying issue(s)* needs addressed.
  14. I know dude.... this game atm is like death by a thousand paper cuts
  15. Look in bushes, on ridges or up in the sky.......... that's where everyone is/doing (sniping, tanking or flying). The "infantry" aspect is all but dead so it seems