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  1. Code03

    Feedback Hotfix 23.10.

    Got to have competence to take on “challenges”
  2. Code03

    Just Play

    In order to have positive action you need to have a positive vision. Reto responsibility through action. However, it has been a lot of inappropriate action (producing waves of problems in updates etc) or inaction (taking way to long to address or fix problems).
  3. Code03

    Just Play

    I think you need to look at cause and effect more carefully.... The community itself is not responsible for the effect (problems) in this update or the previous ones that has put the game in the current state. However, we are the majority (what’s left) the constantly has to deal with it though (most only for so long).
  4. Code03

    Screw faction bias, I am infantry biased now

    Reto did not pay attention to details... No way to limit speciality classes, 1 road leading into an objective which then leads into 14 tankers. Cmon! The maps, vehicle physics, spawns, and lack of roads do not fit into their current update. And not only the lack of attention to detail is evident in this, look at the sounds, floating barrels etc. Again, this kinda stuff got this game into the situation it’s in, hard to have any confidence the same people will get it/us out.
  5. Code03

    Something has to be done

    Doing nothing is hard, you never know when your done....
  6. Code03

    Im done Deploying

  7. Code03

    Play the soldier you want to play

    Im not sure that even matters to them honestly. If so, so many little things would have been fixed in this game for the overall gaming experience. I mean it took them this long to produce this update (as a fix) and broke so many other things. What about going forward? What about the "next things" if it took this long for this, could you imagine going forward? Hard to be confident. But as it is in its current state, no i cant see myself playing. But im not a specialty class main. That has alot to do with if you think this update is good imo.
  8. Code03

    Play the soldier you want to play

    This has been said to them before this update even occurred.... Also if this is how its going to be they need to optomize their game, these frame rate drops are insanely bad. Attention to Details.
  9. Code03

    Update 1.12 - General feedback

    fix/optomize.. the frame loss is absurd post update
  10. Code03

    R.I.P Heroes and Generals

    please work on optimization... the frame rates in game with the current tank and plane spam is awful
  11. Code03

    R.I.P Heroes and Generals

    Cancer when attacking... period. Vehicle physics do not work with the current map designs, lack of roads and spawn locations etc.
  12. Code03

    The Current Situation of Airplanes

    hopefully moving forward we will have enough infantry for people to get into AA, spawn AA trucks, and want to start attacking objectives if they can get out of tanks and planes long enough.
  13. Code03

    Gunbreach = OP

    After this update by Reto, I had to wipe down my breach alright...Jesus. Being all about tanks...…. I think Reto has a boresight problem.
  14. Code03

    Have you considered.....

    haha i understand. To my point.
  15. The consideration of optimization regarding this update. The crazy endless spawn of tanks and planes creating huge fps drops. I mean to have an i7 7700k and a 1080 to only get frames in 80's and dropping to 60's on a forward airfield is unacceptable. Not just to my gaming rig, but this is happening to the two people you have left streaming this game (regularly). Too much spam of bombs, planes, shells, burning vehicles, without the proper optimization before hand. Did you consider or think how all these vehicles and such would react with an engine under performing or a code that needed optimized? Couple that with the continued sound issues, vehicle physics off road, lack of roads or only one road leading into 14 tanks, and the inability for any attack to actually take place; This is a flop. I have a hard time seeing what this update in its current version improved to the gaming experience AS A WHOLE.