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  1. Code03

    STG Underpowered

    Yep the STG is soooooo bad they all use it.... lmfao..
  2. Code03

    I found a glitch in war

    more recons please
  3. Code03


    Only people who are getting their money’s worth are those who only can play on Russian server and live within that territory. It’s about all that’s left, which means where most of the income comes from. As far as the numbers go for the Other territories they are declining rapidly. 49% cannot support 51%!
  4. Code03

    Where'd you get these from again?

    i didn't think anybody died unless it was from a headshot(s)
  5. More information that is/can be useful. But nothing happens. It’s the concept: Ignoring it will make it go away. This kind of information and the like has been posted, emailed, and private messaged to many developers. I can understand at first not being able to mitigate or have a contingency to this problem. But now it has gone on for far to long and they having knowledge of it. What does that really mean? I think it means it provides a sub par experience such that it actually cost you to play on that server greatly through credits, time, etc. where only a handful of located individuals can have an enjoyable type experience. And when playing on that particular server or region it has already been seen, proved, and acknowledged the use ove exploits, alt accounts, para abuse, unlimited queue for resources (spam), video manipulation all of these things as they can spend their money and resupply their forces and single handledly stall the war map and ruin an experience for hundreds of others. I’m glad they are getting what they pay for; And their money and credits spent as things are working out for them (even during all the manipulation BS). There’s been enough time to start correcting and mitigating these issues with this server and particular region. Our time, credits, and money should be on on equal ground, but it’s not due to this server degradation and all things listed above. With the current situation you are NOT getting the same return on your invested money, time etc as others who are primarily on that server!!! Its just plain wrong!
  6. Code03

    Is it the right time ?

    It started it Beta state. And it will most likely die with all new features in beta themselves.
  7. Its a joke to play on Its a credit waste bc of spam bullets for shirt hit detection It doesn't render appropriately people floating around. *Most everything on this particular side is frustration and not a positive experience whatsoever: An exploit used, alt acct, nvidia manipulation, script running, macroing, over abuse of para blocking, and server degradation..... Glad for the experience of this CONSTANT & CONSISTENT junk* You have been given the appropriate information to make an effective change. But Refuse to do so. However, that is the common trend. Whether its with this shirt server or physix within the game. This server, the RTS fun para blocks, the physix or lack of, moon gravity, cars flipping on level terrain, bs train tracks, people capping useless lines within a battle, the screwed up resources/speciality spam...……. THIS IS NOT FUN or AN ENJOYABLE EXPERIENCE ANY LONGER! PERIOD!
  8. Code03

    Special Classes Limit?

    # useless
  9. So para fun blocking everything along with a side of AR(ing) (because you cant pop the battles) is the idea of a fun RTS gaming experience? The people quitting from this alone is screaming so loudly, you can barely here anything being said from yourselves. I mean you can barely spawn the para's in game because of the spawn timers.... I guess that's congruent with para experience all around
  10. Mine spawn bc tanks had way to much influence during or in the maps.. Sit on a hill shoot across a map into spawns and never move all while no caps on how many their could be... This is or was or whatever it really has become now... but was an "objective based first person shooter" at least then.
  11. yes so they will make more AT weaponry that will come out or is in development, hope you will buy it, but present you with the same problem.......... Makes no sense.
  12. There is absolutely no reason whatsoever a panzershrek or faust with infantry first and and iron fist should be shot into the side of a jeep with open sides and it keep driving along like nothing happened while you get vehicle damage +4xp......... WTF Just fix/polish this game!!!!!!!!! ffs
  13. Code03

    American AT Rifle?

    yes take a rifle and make it into an smg........... then take the smg and make it slow pea shooter...... #balanced... smh