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  1. [LOBBY] [LAG] Pilot Palace

    Teamspeak server? Discord even? Any way to organize and communicate at all?
  2. wish i had that much grace under fire
  3. Prototype Queue.

    Just happened to me as well.
  4. British pilot

  5. What would be a good name for a WWII FPS?

    World War Two: The game
  6. Cocks on 109

    Would be cool to be able to use our own designs
  7. Choice for top tier fighter

    Hopefully we get a skin with the stripes.
  8. Money making as fighter pilot.

    With HE ammo you can do very well against infantry.
  9. German Ideas ...

    I want more planes thank you Reto
  10. Ok, shot's are not counting.

    that's RNG for you. ruins everything.
  11. The new planes in 1.08

    totally stoked
  12. Will pilots ever get to manually raise and lower their landing gear?
  13. This Article feels bad man.

    He's right about the bullshot trailer if nothing else