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  1. stones77

    Daily Rewards - Soldiers

    Q1: You then have 31 or more soldiers. Generals don't count here as you can have as many generals as you want. All 31 or more active soldiers are in your list and you can play all from the menu BUT!!! ingame (Action game) you can only access 30 of your soldiers (Bug I think) and I don't know which rule applies for the one(s) not showing. The one you cannot access in action game, you can start with from menu to have all played for the war victory XP. Q2 I don't know.
  2. stones77

    In-game chat moderation.

    Or go options, set font size to smallest, set max rows to smallest and set fadeout time to 1 sec. No more ingame chat ever again.
  3. Greetings! Suggestion is to put some smaller target cities onto the war map. Those smaller cities (examples Vienna, Hamburg, Kristiansand, Aarhus, Dublin, Munich...) could count as ONE point towards war victory while the current big cities count as THREE points. Small cities either would not be able to deploy ATs at all, or only some infantry. First calculations, later why. Currently a faction needs 15 out of 23. Makes around 65% of all goals. With big cities counting as three, the base need/max would be 45/69. Now put in as many smaller cities as you like and sum up the max to calculate the new need for victory. Example 31 extra smaller cities + current big cities would make exactly 100 points max so a faction would need 65 score to win. Why? With more targets of different size on the map, there would be smaller gaps between all target cities. Generals could act smarter to achieve smaller goals if the big ones are too hard in the current hour. Also there would be more to see and to conquer (Everyone likes to conquer targets which count towards victory). Need only three points for victory? Either burn your way through highly guarded territory or get three smaller cities. Also there always would be some targets "in range" of one or two hours (perfect for evening-warriors). Share your thoughts and point me to a thread if this already is a duplicate. ❤️
  4. stones77

    in-game voice talk

    HLL costs money. In H&G if one gets banned, he/she simply makes another account and continues.
  5. stones77

    in-game voice talk

    Some suggested pre-recorded sentences to shout. Could be done with the default whistle key: Short press: whistle. Long press (>0.1 seconds): Open radial menu and move mouse to option, click, shout things and menu closed. Or click outside radial menu, close menu. OR Keep pressed: Move mouse to option, release key, shout things and menu closed.
  6. 1: Totally disagree. IMO Generals should even be more expensive as well as all trained units you buy above rank zero. 2: No, this is a choice one must make. Either more withstanding or faster units for mobility. If every general would be the same. Man, that would be boring. And I hope for more general badges to come in the future so the choice will get even harder. 3: Gens as well as any other type pushing ATs earn fair enough XP. I pushed my small soviet tanks into battle two times and my tanker suddenly had 50k XP plus for this soldier (Dont know if my vet counts here). I currently cannot speak for other types but inf and tanker but tankers AT XP gain should even decrease a bit while inf seems very fine. If I now think about generals (and my best buddy has a lot of them) then let me tell you that generals are the current final endgame content that should take a while to get and level IMO.
  7. stones77

    v 1.20.1

    Very well done with badges, especially the generals badges buffs! Also the daily bonus overhaul is fantastic! Twenty bucks supply crate on the way to Reto bank account!
  8. Snow maps did not yet arrive again but I am here to make you imagine how lovely a H&G snowball fight around a snow castle or igloo would be ❤️
  9. stones77

    Optional daily war targets

    I really don't know what their current projects are but I remember to have read something like this somewhere but cannot remember. And the topics are so many that any search is useless That's why they are called optional. Small not-so-difficult tasks that you can sometimes fulfill automatically only by switching to other soldier classes (to fly again after two years of only playing infantry for example, or playing infantry after years of tanking only). Also I like your idea of longer tasks. These war-targets could even be another optional target near the other daily targets. And yes, kamikaze task might not be such a good idea but tasks where you need to use your vehicle long-lasting or where any weapon-type-effectiveness gets tested might be way better. And a task that needs heavy tanks might encourage new players to grind towards heavy tanks for example - there are tasks from which I benefit at fulfilling if I own a heavy tank and then do this mission. This way I would already have heavy tanks and planes but all I do is playing inf 99.9% of my time (Me, personal, only for my SU soldiers). Optional tasks also would give some players a daily need to play at least once. Even possible future resources might someday exclusively be bound to these tasks like fuel, building material... whatever one can think of.
  10. Greetings! I suggest having account based daily targets which refresh every midnight like the following examples: Bomberman: Kill 3 enemies with a single grenade Death from above: Destroy a heavy tank with a plane bomb The Tanker: Destroy 3 enemy tanks in a row with a medium tank destroyer Love: Heal 10 comrades in a single battle Rampage: Kill 3 or more enemies in a row in an enemy cap zone Marksman: Achieve a headshot from a 250m+ distance Ninja: Kill 10 enemies with melee in a single battle Specialist: Cap an O point as a para Misfortune: Jump from a plane and forget to use your parachute Kamikaze: You get an idea. There could be a dozen more examples. This would encourage all players to switch to some other classes to get the daily reward of 2k creds or even one or two gold. ### EDIT ### More ideas: Miner69er: Kill two or more enemies with an anti tank mine Wreckfest: Demolish 5 or more enemy vehicles as infantry in a single battle Clear the sky: Shoot down 3 or more planes of any kind in a single battle More than just a single fight: Kill 100 enemies during the day Showdown: Kill 5 enemies in a single battle as inf which wounded you My clay: Capture 5 or more objectives in a single assault battle Our clay: Win 5 battles during the day
  11. No voice com in free2play games pls! As long as there will never be any IP ban, ppl will just spam new accounts and play moaning fart girls 24/7 for the lulz. In HLL, you simply get perma on some servers and to make another account, you would have to buy another copy (which is really good for devs). In H&G on the other hand, this would be the worst idea ever implemented. Pre recorded simple messages on keystroke like "Medic" or "Enemy at my location" yes, playing the full version of varnish and leather loretta 6 - the lifeless man - Premium soviet earrape edition no.
  12. stones77

    disabling gun names to default

    Would be nice to have it as an option button so every weapon shown uses its usual name instead of custom alternative. +1
  13. Greetings! So the new low rank matchmaking is a real nice feature. Only low ranked soldiers on every side makes me kinda nostalgic with only T1 SMGs and starter rifles and I even dropped all badges and mods to stand with the greenhorns face to face (Sometimes I even let me get shot so the other team has a good day and doesn't ragequit)... only problem is that there sometimes are teams with rank 15 vets, full everything, shredding 30/2 in every game and make playing this map totally useless. Is it possible to take this system and allow either ONLY up to rank 10 OR rank 11 and above in staged?
  14. stones77

    I hate BOTS

    Video killed the Radio Star Altough bots are very lovely, often my bullets miss even when shredding half a mag into their bellies.