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  1. PPikaso

    avs imba.need Nerf.

    AVS are too strong a weapon it is urgent nerf https://prnt.sc/u7ibhx
  2. PPikaso

    RTS balance

    I completely agree. the only thing missing in this paragraph. automatic ban system . for Alt of the opponent's clan. preferably together with the main account.. although this would lead to the disappearance of the enemy's clans.And so are not currently in large numbers.
  3. PPikaso


    let's say you don't want to ban 3 commenters for trolling for a month ? can I also write with impunity under each of your commentaries it is boring ? this commentator. Captain-Sebekel Sqeek or here is this commentator in rules forum same prohibited from whom the to discuss and to blame in than the ? there is technical support for this. and he always accuses someone of something. can I also get away with accusing you of something you didn't do ? r2gy or will you ban this commentator for slandering someone again? it's against the forum rules to accuse of any wrongdoing. that is, a person can write whatever he wants. and the fact that they are told the truth they are offended. I want you to consider my complaint about trolling by these 3 people.! since you are discussing me publicly condemn them publicly. @N_E_TheSpanishInquisition you same as moderator that think about . trolling by these three individuals and an unfounded accusation of something. people purposefully rude to the topic closed.
  4. PPikaso


    those people don't call them that if they are.?what is the problem? a person plays alone in random what's so wrong with that do you think it's somehow humiliating ? if he does not play on the map, then he is playing a random battle. what do I call them people who push a button in a random fight ? or how ? if they don't want to play on the map. the fact that they themselves are not going to and do not want to play on the map and then I am guilty of something. so it's an insult to say what they do ? and it is normal to do this. you think that I shouldn't call people who don't play global map that way and that it hurts them. maybe it hurts them because it's true. and you want them to continue to specifically lie here and cause a reaction to their chuckles. although you should have scolded these trolls for a special lie. answer as the name of the players who play a random battle.?
  5. PPikaso


    why do people who just play random and then not very well think that their comments are useful ?justify your words stop lying.stop spamming.it makes sense to learn a language that few people use.for the sake of communicating with people who can not understand not that in others in their words. let's be constructive . don't make up for what you're unrelated words. there is nothing more ironic that another random opens the eyes to the truth. another random.Are you afraid that you will be removed and start throwing arrows?
  6. PPikaso

    Matchmaking suggestion

    people will still press the veteran to lose they still do not need to press the usual if the veteran has money. random players are not particularly interested in winning. the main thing is a big Bush
  7. Players are tired of more groups in cities. Make a gradual depletion of resources. 1.inf. Every 30 minutes of waiting. 30 infantrymen die accidentally. Even if the fight is not going on. 2.inf. money of war. Returns 1 to 1. If Reto wants to reward for using groups . Then 1 to 1.1.I would love to spend more time on the global map. If the auto calculation were more mechanized. 3.inf For 30 infantrymen, 40% of the equipment. That is, almost every 2 takes a technique. 12 units of transport. 4.inf.globally to the front in 40-50 cities as usual. at half an hour 1200-1 500 infantry.any average General closes it. Total .And newcomers can get profit and some interest at least from some action.And environs imagine what the picture turns out to be as if the environment itself the perception of the map changes. 1. special/ What would I say for special classes there is more and more difficult because of the selection system.Perhaps in such a system. special classes should be left unchanged. because implementation will lead to some consequences. and if you try to exhaust the special classes. the number of matching slots will be severely damaged. let's say we take one of the 20 scouts. already will pick up in battle not 2 players and one. total. 1. Minimum increase in the map load. once in half an hour, each battle is calculated, I think it is not so hard for the server. 2.You DON't need to change the map itself. 3.Introduction of the long-awaited new mechanics. 4. cities without supply routes. will be particularly susceptible to this mechanics. implementation surroundings.no vyona without supplies.
  8. Reto.Hades .I didn't vote correctly how to fix it?
  9. PPikaso

    Final new capital city vote

    Yes, the server problem is terrible. The Rotterdam server is not working. I have a normal ping of 2-4. but in Rotterdam they kill me through the walls. Playing with the Chinese on ping 300 is more pleasant than in the broken European .me send throws 80% % of fights on the broken server. Earlier in Europe there was a ping 20 and there were no problems.3 of 5 fights throws on a non-working server. I don't want to play it!!!
  10. doramass you send 1 K of infantry to each battle. in the end, at each battle, 3 K infantry where I send something why do I even land I would play RTS. but I can't use groups because there are 3 thousand in each battle. the entire front 40 -50 battles on 3 thousands of in every . People can't play it is not my whim. Let's say I have only 1 troop I sent it just dies on morality and 1 infantryman will recoup from it.
  11. illogical demands of people who don't play this game . the global map has not been processed for 5 years. RTS is not playable. I land my troop for more than 7 hours at the beginning of the war. I don't care if the drop-off time is 7 hours. newcomers will complain about the weapons allwaus. that a revolt of newcomers. reduce the number of infantry in groups make a normal RTS how tired of whining beginners who don't play this game. do not change weapons fix the RTS
  12. have you noticed that in each battle at least 2 thousand infantry. (you closed the global map and never came back.) you have nowhere to throw your lonely group. you threw their gallant 36 guards in the fight but there were 400 scouts and 400 tanks and 1 thousand infantry and it used a 1 infantryman for 5 hours.(you closed the global map and never came back.) you landed 5 thousand infantry, but in every battle there are already 5 thousand infantry. (you closed the global map and never came back.) you strategically sent the first 216 brave infantrymen into battle on after players have thrown 10 thousand in the same battle. and you haven't used no one infantery , only all of your cars.(you closed the global map and never came back.) there is a solution. cut the number of infantry in one group. 100inf-90inf 90-60 36-18 scouts 28-16 24-12 20-11 tank lt 20(16)-11(6)
  13. Пусть объединят советы и американцев. Будет меньше очередей. Будет ось и альянс. Пусть амеры играю за себя советы за себя . И что бы амеров закидывало бы в бой к советам . И советов в бой к амерам. Немцам было бы меньше ждать.
  14. Я думаю вам стоит научится читать что написано перед тем как комментировать. Речь шла о количестве игроков в бою . Но к моему сожалению вы даже не способны прочитать и понять.
  15. PPikaso

    Community Hotfix

    fix the math making. stop playing in the minority