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  1. Upside-down paraplanes

    And this is what happen when some players can control the plane. But at least this is funny. If AI do the same now well at least bots are funny too lol.
  2. La Armée Française à H&G (fond d'écran)

    Sympa! Beau travail! Peut-être qu'un jour les sous-factions arriveront. La France étant un candidat vraiment sérieux.
  3. STG44

    I agree STG being by far the most easy to use weapon of the game. This is a good and a bad point. Because in one hand the maximum skill cap of the weapon is low. But in an other hand every one can use it efficiently. If you want more hard to use weapon because this one is too easy for you, find an other one or change your faction. GE is overpopulated anyways.
  4. I think the game is in mid-late Beta.

    I think this topic is just an other troll but I will answer to it seriously. And I agree with some facts @SilvaRodrigo said just before. Yes I think they had to leave Beta because of Steam. But I will talk about gameplay. To me even before russians, the game was "finished". And when I say finished It could be a 1.0 version of the game. But I have to remember H&G is a MMOFPS, and you know each MMO has to be bigger and bigger to survive its competitors. So : - There was 2 factions - Every map was working - Every game mode was working - Tutorial being maybe better than now because at least there was a non-developped real tutorial and it was better than nothing (press wsad ...). - Some bugs were present maybe, but every game got bugs... The game was developped by a small team. But to me the content was big enough for a 1.0 version of the game, except if they litterally wanted something bigger for 1.0. The only problem could be balance. One of the major problems of a lot of games. I mean on the 2 factions there, GE won so many wars that they surely are the faction with the most war victories by far on the game. Even if they are in loosing streak since then (except about some wars). As a game, it had decently long lifetime. As a MMO, of course it will forever need more content. Then more content has come, not that much some may say, but considering Reto Moto were a small team. They added new weapons, new maps, new gamemode and Soviet Union faction. And some minor changes in RTS. And that's not bad! There was an other major problem. We couldn't see or even know about: Game was coded in a way they would surely be blocked at one time. To think about this, imagine the Tower of Pisa. That's how I think about it. And then they had to rework their code. Recoding everything. This task taking forever but being critical at one point. But thinking about "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger" quote; If the game survives this episode, we may see a lot more content then. (Because we are told it will be a lot easier to add new content after that). And there are players that will keep playing. I am one of them. Even if I don't play this game every day now. I still have the dream that one day new content will come!
  5. AP Mines: Why Bother?

    In some devstream we were told that if mines (whatever if AP or AT) are unable to injure teammates they will be totally Over Powered. And I believe it is completely true because I played a lot of other games and yes, when weapons as OP as mines OneShot opponents and let you and your team walk without problem. Well this is unbalanced as hell. So this is the balance they find. But things could be done. They tried to change the indicator color without that much success. The real problem is the lack of real tutorial. Once they will die a lot because of mines they will understand how they work. So thanks to a real tutorial maybe it could change one day...
  6. Is Heavy set mandatory?

    Is heavy set mandatory? Well it is useless on pilots, can be usefull on tankers/recons. Really important for close combat, and against OHK weapons. And a really big counter to 2HK weapons, making for example M1917 Revolver totally useless. This is a huge combat badge, but I don't think it is mandatory on some conditions. - First of all, if you take no damage (because you are a MLG player or just have a really bad opponent) or getting One Shot (HE shell, bomb, a lot of explosives weapons, PTRD...) anyways, it is useless. - A second point is some other combat badges may be better. If you play without veteran membership. Some weapons/classes really need one badge already, that will more efficient than heavy set. Fast Reload on high reload speed weapon (like Johnson and AVS 36), Tight Grip (on MG42), Pointer Quick Fire (M1/M2), Camouflaged on recon... Some weapons may require 2 combat badges: for example the forgotten PTRD 1941 require fast reload because of its huge reload time, and Infantry first combat badge to One Shot low armored cars. - A third point. Yes it let you survive with really low hp against bolt action rifles. But if you take any damage after, such as even low fall damage or a tiny pistol bullet. You are dead. So at least without heavy set you litterally respawn faster. But in some cases, especially like capping an objective. Surviving with 1 hp can win the game. Example: The basic weapon dealing the most damage (so except explosives, shells and bombs and PTRD) is the M1903 Springfield for recons dealing 117 damage points letting you survive with less than 1 hp with heavy set gold. But this 1 hp can be usefull if you have the time to heal yourself, but sometimes is useless... So I think Heavy set is a good idea. But I don't like the fact that it makes some weapons or builds totally irrelevant. 2 HK LMG builds could be fun, and they are unused because they loose credits, RPM, precision, and stability lol. In other words, weapons modded for 2HK are really bad. So at the end maybe we could change heavy set to counter snipers even more. Like at most reducing by 50% a sniper bullet, making him 2 shot you. This could make heavy set "less mandatory", but keep them usefull against some enemies. Because if it is just nerfed it will just be useless and unused. So there will be less players using it, but when they do. The sniper shooting them may cry and focus some other players. The effect could be "Reducing bolt action rifles damage by 15-30-50%".
  7. Happy hour stockpile

    No. - Some changes into war and stockpiles are already planned. - It would be a really big help to whales and yes possibly overpopulated faction (GE) too, unbalancing the game even more. So no thanks.
  8. Bots!

    Adding bots to battles is a good idea for me. For now, battles are filled with at most 18 players against 18 (a little more possibly). We are told in each devstream that the game just can't reach like 30 vs 30, maybe the game can't even reach like 25 against 25. But bots using a lot less "power" if we could be like 20 vs 20 + like 10 bots or even 20 each side. I would prefer that over being like 25 vs 25. Battles need more action, more diversity, more fun. Reto Moto value "We make work fun to make fun work." -> about H&G could be a little changed to: "We make full of action fun-to-play alternative war to make war fun." I remember the old Battlefield 1942 game being at most 64 vs 64... and it was in 2002! I agree bots should help Attacker a lot more than Defender though. It is just too easy to defend and too hard to successfully attack. Bots should defend attackers capture zones, in a "Bridgehead" way. Because at the moment it is a bit stupid that the attacker may loose all of its progress faster than the time of its total advance. Plus we could imagine even more bots rushing in the most stupid way too being a bait for the enemy team, or if unkilled a real threat for their objectives. I don't know if bots can efficiently use each weapon but we could think about different kind of bots. - The defending/rushing basic bot with "you go there" or "you don't move" order. - Some sniper/recon bots. I know some factions (especially with the biggest infantry scopes, but I will not talk about this) got already a lot of campers. But some of this work may be given to bots. - Like the old tutorial. I would love an officer bot that you can kill to affect the battle for example. (It could be an idea for sniper gamemode that may come one day!) - If vehicles with bots inside are possible, every low tier tank (except heavy) could be annoying for enemy infantry and supporting its allies without being too hard to kill. This make them usefull while being useless and unused otherwise. Whatever the bots (even if they are in some vehicles) they should give less XP than real players. Because otherwise they may be farmed and this is not the goal. Bots against new players could remain the same. They are new to the game (and we need new players!) so they could use some little help.
  9. Prisoners of war (POW)

    +1 It could be an idea for the RTS big update one day.
  10. MG-42 Sway?

    Use Tight Grip Gold and a lower RPM precision modded MG 42 (heavy spring and no rpm mod). Whatever the weapon if you mod it for full RPM it will increase recoil and unstability. You can see MG42 recoil and unstability even better because the weapon reach 1200 rpm, and other weapons just don't! - I'm talking about 1200 RPM because in the old RPM system MG42 was at most 1200 RPM and with the new system it is 1049. (With pretty much every weapon numbers changed.) But when for example you got a LMG with 1200 RPM against an other with like less than 600 RPM (like 1919 or DP-28), you could clearly expect its sway to be at least the double. There is nothing special here.
  11. Defend and earn more experience

    After waiting one day to test out and then talk. This is a pretty good patch! Except about bugs obviously. Major content is still needed but with a lot of minor corrections like that (with a little less bugs please! ) the game can only be better and better! The community can give a lot of good ideas, especially about little tweaks. So keep going and keep listening to the community. +1
  12. Panzer 38(t) cost to spawn

    Welcome to H&G Balance. This is the same thing for every vehicles/weapons but I will only talk about tanks. (And I've played since the Beta so I got many years for seeing this.) Yes Stuart seems like Panzer 38 (T) and costs 86 credits against 269.5. In the meantime Panzer 2 L costs 322 credits against 380 for a T-70 and an enormous 716 credits for a Chaffee. Whatever the faction you only can say panzer 2 L is just better than T-70 (maybe even better than Chaffee but not everyone may be happy with it). And it cost just less credits! And is a lot more fun to play! In the meantime the awful old M4A1 Sherman cost 338 credits, some may think that tanks like panzer 2 L Panzer 3 ... are better than this tank. And I will say I prefer M3 Lee because it is a funnier and better with a special squad tank. Panzer 3 costs 118 and awful T-28 costs 91 credits. T34/76 costs 144 credits and is really decent for its price. Its upgrade E8 Sherman costs 701 credits which is more than 658 for the Panther. Panther being the best medium by far. T 34/85 Model 1944 costs 496, is decent for its price. But may not be as good as E8 or Panther. In the meantime KV-85 and and M4A3E2 Jumbo Sherman cost 213 credits which is not that much and Tiger 1 costs 334 credits. We can think it is okay with a Tiger 1 being a lot better than its counterparts (Tiger 1 is really similar to Pershing or IS-2). But, in the meantime, at tier 2 level (and it has been changed recently) every tier 2 cost the same price (1009). And tiger 2 is by far (and this really really really far) the best. It could be like 2 times its actual price. It may not change that much the gameplay. So yes, I insist on "in the meantime", because there are problems in the tanks balance especially about their price. Credits being the in-game currency make it really important and are a balance factor. Despite all of this, the game may have other problems, and some being more important. I can understand that it is not perfectly balanced, it is war after all! Changing numbers may be not that hard to do, maybe with the vehicle update some prices could change. About tanks, but about other vehicles too! (Some fast examples, Tier 1 medium planes, recon vehicles...).
  13. Remembering six-string

    I never played with this player because I'm too far away from Chinese servers but still this is sad. So RIP.
  14. Premium Vehicles?

    Just no. But we could think about a sinking system for the players having too many credits and gold unused. This content being like special skins or vehicles, that could be bought with real money too (like now).
  15. İnfantry subclass

    Infantry subclasses is not a new idea but a really good one! It could make infantry great again, too many players are just not interested playing it... and it is H&G main gameplay (especially in war). About what you said, yes we could think about: Rifleman: Basic soldier Medic: Some of them needed each battle Engineer: Some of them could be really important against vehicles for example. Especially if Japan come one day, the Samurai (the game need a melee class or at least a very low range class). Poor Samurai using showels and knifes/daggers, and rich samurais using swords/katanas (maybe even shurikens and kunais!). I would suggest: - a specific AT class, about RTS to counter tanks AT's obviously - a commander supporting class, to boost allies, and their morale (especially if one city is being besieged). - it was said in a devstream, but a resistance class. With for example less powerful equipment such as pistols with silencers and spawning behind enemy lines. - Separating Recons into Snipers from one side, and like Observers from an other side. Well, at the end they could be special AT's. But with AT restructuring, we may choose everything in our AT's so we can select how much Riflemans and other subclasses we want in our AT's