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  1. I experienced these fps drops for the first time today. I didn't fly in ages and just started again today, so it could be related to planes. 30-40fps drops on some maps but it actually stutters a bit so I assume it's lower at times. Rig: i5-4690k 8GB RAM (2400mhz) GTX980 7200RPM HDD for game SSD for OS well ventilated case and proper power supply, never had fps issues in 750 hours.
  2. The guy who killed me, who happens to be the guy I killed with my plane, flew a plane, yet the "murder weapon" was an AA gun? Related comments: Why do pilots decelerate to 0 speed and fall down from the sky when they get killed inside the plane? It looks and feels really odd when that happens.
  3. So you say that planes bouncing off each other is working as intended?
  4. Match ID etc. Glitch video:
  5. Do the devs require more material or do they have sufficient data to fix this issue?
  6. I still think this would be a nice idea
  7. Does this glitch still require evidence, proof or examples to fix this? I got another handful of videos showing this. Both from the last patch as well as from the new one.
  8. Alright, next time. I could have posted the recording date though Feel free to remove my messages to clean up the thread to keep it concise.
  9. If the propeller bug is fixed, the issue with the floating vehicle treads still persists. Mission ID probably: MissionSession: 6515085781078280338, LoginSession: 5702859578707119692 Happens after 1-2 minutes on 01. ___________________________________________________________________________________ New material: MissionSession: 7165324751073885044, LoginSession: 870218699128259125 I don't know how much it helps but it appears that the orientation of the flying treads towards the vehicle is always the same. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Likely: MissionSession: 6715573030968724466, LoginSession: 5856893123167811944 Flying treads to the right of the shed with the broken roof.
  10. I took it from my pile of recordings. No chance. Is it possible to display mission ID in the top right corner via a console command or the like?
  11. Also I got this one to offer:
  12. Is it this?
  13. I don't know how long one has to complain to get this fixed... it's the same every day to the point where it is precisely 0 entertainment. Who in the world enjoys getting killed over and over again just because the other team outnumbers you in a given resource slot? I don't think anyone is good enough of a pilot to defeat four other pilots at the same time... God is this annoying... Joining and leaving matches over and over and over again until you find one that has an even amount of pilots, tankers etc. or that's just slightly imbalanced...
  14. Suffer? If suffering means losing a war, okay sure. What I dislike about Germany is that you have to fight to get kills because your team mates are competent and kill a lot already. As SU you still have to fight for kills just here it is because the team is so incompetent that you basically fight 10v20 every game. I got all my soldiers on SU so this is where I belong, even though it's terminal cancer. Well, not all of them are welcoming, *cough* *cough* The Serbians *cough* *cough*
  15. I just can't stand playing with randoms anymore... Hit me up! TS: Yes Mic: Yes Will use it?: Rarely I usually play inf, got 1 tanker, para and pilot ~ level 6 each. 6 inf ATs.