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  1. What doesn't work: For an unknown period of time ,I cannot hear any vehicle (cars & planes), foot steps and weapon sounds (shooting & explosions) on the right speaker in the action game which really ruins my enjoyment of the game. What works on both ears: I do hear the sound when hovering over the spawn point icons, I hear the high-frequency sound after explosions right next to me. I got full sound support on both ears in the launcher. Headphone is definitely not broken. No issues in any other game or application. DxDiag:
  2. Texture bug at long range view

    I got the same issue by the way and I am still convinced that it is a feature not a glitch...
  3. Texture bug at long range view

    It's not even a new issue.
  4. unable to eject from vehicles

    It happens frequently, not just since the latest patch but also before. When you stand next to barbed wire, inside trees you can drive through or get stuck on rocks, trenches or train tracks this happens. Definitely happens with motorcycles and jeeps, even when you swap seats in the jeep your can't get out... It's really annoying, true.
  5. Texture bug at long range view

    I fear that it's meant to be that way, at least that's how it is for me as well.
  6. I don't see anything, not even in slowmotion
  7. Is that your assumption or the official RETO response to previous topics?
  8. While driving I sometimes suddenly explode for no apparent reason. Cars are at full health before random explosion. Video 1 Video 2
  9. Super easy feature to add

    You can use MSI Afterburner or Riva that comes with it to limit fps to a value you define. I chose 100 fps as well to limit GPU fan noise.
  10. I guess I am the only one who likes graphs
  11. Idea: Add the ability to change the score board layout by e.g. hitting [TAB] twice like in Unreal Tournament Details: Upon hitting [TAB] twice, the score board would change from being ordered by "Score" to another metric, such as "Tanks destroyed", "Headshots" or even new secondary metrics such as "Vehicles Destroyed" or "Times Healed". Benefits: Allows people to adjust the scoreboard to their personal play style rather than having pilots on top by default Adds new secondary metrics such as "Vehicles Destroyed" than can be displayed when cycling through the score board or score board layouts that display player performance metrics
  12. Idea: Add battlefield levels (e.g. 1, 2, 3) as a concept. Details: All battlefields start out at max level where all structures and buildings are undamaged, sandbags, tank barriers and flaks are placed. Once a battle was played the battlefield loses a level and certain features change, e.g. less tank barriers, no flak anymore, bridges broken, craters, broken tanks and APCs but potentially also more ammo crates and panzerfausts (all signs of recent fighting activity). Battlefields can recover levels if unplayed in 24 hours, for example, as defenders will re-build structures Benefits: We get variation into current maps, which reduces the repetitive nature of the limited map pool It opens up for new strategies and surprising encounters and removes some of the standard strategies and camping spots Adds a new strategic layer to the RTS as it might be advantageous to attack 3 level 2 cities to encircle a level 3 city rather than rushing right into that level 3 city Playing cities several times causes damage and makes subsequent attacks easier which strengthens attackers and rewards aggressive strategies Problems Naturally I got no clue whether this idea is compatible with the game code or the way RETO makes it's maps Could introduce a host of issues depending on how the variations are coded / introduced Additional opportunities If auto-resolve still exists it could lower the battlefield level by 1 rather than to capture the battlefield immediately, as a consequence, level 1 battlefields could get auto-resolved, level 2 and 3 battlefields would lose a level.
  13. I doubt that the system works as intended at the moment e.g.: It took me more than 3 minutes (I started taking screenshots after I lost patience) to get into this game despite the German team having 20% less players... This game had nothing but infantry resources which happens to be the only class I got on the German side...