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  1. Server Issue update - September

    And here we go again... every time I play these days server crashes mess up the match...
  2. Server Issue update - September

    Fun... every week I lose like 20% of the credits I would have made to server issues
  3. serverdown 29/09

    Fun playing 6 v 14 wondering why nobody joins the match.... sucks not getting any rewards for ripping your butt wide open to defend against hordes of Germans though
  4. Servers down... AGAIN!!!

    Can confirm. Exactly 7PM Copenhagen time.
  5. Well this isn't a game like Superhot where you are meant to spot all enemies instantly. The opportunity to be less visible against the backdrop of certain backgrounds makes perfect sense, doesn't it?
  6. Recon Plane Radius

    This post saved me from headache, thanks.
  7. I still have fps drops .

    1920x1080, nothing fancy, fullscreen.
  8. I still have fps drops .

    I experienced these fps drops for the first time today. I didn't fly in ages and just started again today, so it could be related to planes. 30-40fps drops on some maps but it actually stutters a bit so I assume it's lower at times. Rig: i5-4690k 8GB RAM (2400mhz) GTX980 7200RPM HDD for game SSD for OS well ventilated case and proper power supply, never had fps issues in 750 hours.
  9. The guy who killed me, who happens to be the guy I killed with my plane, flew a plane, yet the "murder weapon" was an AA gun? Related comments: Why do pilots decelerate to 0 speed and fall down from the sky when they get killed inside the plane? It looks and feels really odd when that happens.
  10. Unexpected behavior upon plane crash & parachute issue

    So you say that planes bouncing off each other is working as intended?
  11. Match ID etc. Glitch video:
  12. Dead Soldiers Randomly Spawning in Front of Me

    Do the devs require more material or do they have sufficient data to fix this issue?
  13. I still think this would be a nice idea
  14. Floating propellers and tank tracks

    Does this glitch still require evidence, proof or examples to fix this? I got another handful of videos showing this. Both from the last patch as well as from the new one.
  15. Plane spawn and overlapping

    Alright, next time. I could have posted the recording date though Feel free to remove my messages to clean up the thread to keep it concise.