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  1. Please can we have a visible representation of the soldier load out on the spawn screen, something like below: I do not profess to be a UI designer, its just to give an example of how much easier it would be finding the correct soldier.
  2. HitnRun2016

    Nominate Heroes & Generals for a Steam Award

    The M1 Garand sounds a thousands times better and the fact that a passenger can shoot from the vehicle then but not now is a joke. Without meaning to be offensive, this game deserves zero awards in its current state.
  3. HitnRun2016

    Sneak Peek: M9A1 Bazooka

    I agree, unless they are effective against tanks theres really no point.
  4. The game has turned from a decent capture the objective game with a focus on infantry, to a stagnant and almost pointless tank spamming mess. Reto have clearly put too much focus on making tankers happy without realising that if people wanted a tank focused game they could play world of tanks, they have ruined the overall game play to accommodate a small percentage of people. Personally, I have now uninstalled this game, but I would love to one day be able to play and enjoy the game again. This would be a good start: Tanks need to be slightly easier to kill by infantry 6 H3's for a tier 1 light tank is totally over the top. APCs and Jeeps need to be alot easier to kill, back to 1 bazooka shot for Jeeps and 2 for APCs Adding hard Limit for classes in a battle 4 tanks being an example Just imagine being a new player who relies on using PF60's to deal with tanks, the first time the encounter tanks will probably be the last time they play.
  5. I don't know if the idea of the game is for Reto destroy the game one component at a time, but today we have seen the destruction of of the APCs, the APCs were actually working pretty well before 1.12 where you could simply kill them with 1/2 bazooka shots. Instead they have been made hard to kill with some completely over complex spawn criteria for the infantry units making the almost useless. I mean, what is the point of making them difficult to destroy when the enemy just has to look at them or stand within 30 meters of them to disable them. Reto are putting all this work into things that didn't need it in the first place and actually making it worse, in turn completely wasting their own time and lowering our gaming experience with changes that no one actually asked for. Who is actually signing off the decisions?
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  7. HitnRun2016

    Hey Reto

    I genuinely believe that players would actually rather have hard limits. For example, if a player wishes to play as a tanker, the soft limits you are applying within a match would actually annoy them more having to watch a spawn screen for a few minutes, I think I am right in thinking that you intend players to select a different class while they are on cool down, however most won't they will sit waiting for the count down to spawn again as a tanker (if you have data to contradict me on this I would like to see it), which results in the player waiting, being bored and his/her team mates having 1 player light in the battle. There is no winner from a soft limit. The sound is really poor at the moment, it is actually alot worse than when it was the old system, is there no way to revert it back while you fix it, the "re-release" it when it is add a standard that adds value to the game. On a different note, I understand that tanks should be difficult to kill, however I feel though reto have gone from one extreme to another, tanker are almost invisible from an infantry point of view, they should be about half as difficult to destroy, that also includes APCs as well. I have actually started finding tank Vs tank battles boring now because of the amount it takes to kill my opponent, its seems like you are endlessly shooting at each other and takes a large percentage of a single battle to duel, so you both become rather irrelevant to the outcome of the battle. If Reto made small incremental changes to how the game runs to find a sweet spot I think that would be well received instead of making huge leaps from one end of the spectrum to the other. On last thing, please get the team to sort the physics out for motorcycles it is absolutely dreadful as it stands.
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    Good manners (whistling/Kraut)

    You were the one who deemed the post as non important by definition. I can certainly say whether or not I feel as if you have wasted my time, which you have. This will be the last of my time you waste. Have a great day.
  9. HitnRun2016

    M3 Halftrack

    The fixed German APC machine gun also has protection, whereas the SU and US ones do not. As far as I am concerned you could literally remove the machine gun from the APC, it has almost no use and attracts too much unwanted attention.
  10. HitnRun2016

    Good manners (whistling/Kraut)

    By your response you are saying that all important things have been said, in turn, insinuating that your own topic is not important, therefore why post it in the first place other than to waste the developers and community members time reading it. I do agree with you that this topic has no importance what so ever.
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    Good manners (whistling/Kraut)

    Nothing important to do today then? These things are hardly worth mentioning in the scheme of things.
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    Hey Reto

    If I quote a employee of Reto on this forum, I am not talking about the individual on a personal level, I am talking about the company as a whole. What I am trying to ascertain is what Reto as a company are doing as an overall effort to address the concerns of players who feel negative towards the recent update(s), as a loyal player for years, I feel like my voice is being ignored and on some occasions being accused of having malevolent intentions when posting feedback on a game that I have thousands of hours experience in playing. I appreciate you providing a breakdown of your personal activity within your role, but what is going to be the outcome of the feedback you have been sharing with your colleagues? Reto have a development roadmap on specific software developments, but it has always been vague when it comes to the future vision of the game and the game meta, for example up until recently the game has been infantry focused, yet it now seems to specialist class focused, is this the intention going forward? This is not the game we all fell in love with and spent so much time playing, that is the reason I raise these queries with you on here.
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    Hey Reto

    On a serious note, is it not a case of 1 person being positive about this update for every 5 that are not? What are you doing to address the concerns of what is clearly an overall majority?
  14. HitnRun2016

    P-40 is Bad!

    He linked you to data AKA facts and you called him biased. As for you wanting a P40....no you don't....
  15. HitnRun2016

    Win all wars - Lose all FPS battles

    Clans will generally push towards a specific location on the map and capture key positions such as capitals, by sending their ATs and queuing on the battles, it is completely immaterial who queues against them, the aim isn't to stomp randoms, the aim is to get to the end goal regardless of who tries to get in their way.
  16. HitnRun2016

    Win all wars - Lose all FPS battles

    Couldnt have said it better myself
  17. HitnRun2016

    WARS end to fast!!

    We are not winning anything, we are simply taking advantage of a situation and gaining war victory ribbon
  18. HitnRun2016

    Nerf both tigers!

    The Tiger 2 is a ridiculous tank, but more importantly, it is this type of thread that leads Reto down the wrong path, its time we stop all the "nerf this" trash and put pressure on them to get this game back on track before it disappears altogether. A more useful topic would be a discussion on how broken Tank Vs Infantry or how tanks have to spend 10% of a battle shooting each other to get a kill, which pretty much forces them into a sub game and are total irrelevant to the overall battle outcome.
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    I doubt that the requirements are up to date, I see people with far better specs than that having issues with this game.
  20. HitnRun2016

    RTS broken?

    Yep, I think that post pretty much echoes what ever single long term player thinks. Its a shame that no one is listening, it is clear that the developers of this game are hell bent on destroying any potential it has.
  21. HitnRun2016

    WARS end to fast!!

    If it would leave 40% of people pissed off to do it, then it would p1ss off 60% by not doing it.....reto logic
  22. HitnRun2016

    WARS end to fast!!

    1) Where the hell has he got that data from 2) 40% is still a minority
  23. Just go behind an M2A2 with a MG42 and kill it, simples
  24. When I think hard about this update, I cannot actually think of anything positive really. I understand that tanks should have been a little bit more robust, Reto dont ever seem to find the sweet spot they go from one extreme to the other. The vehicle physics are actually worse than before and the sound is still a little off. I think thats pretty much everything included in the update. Its just an overall fail in book.
  25. Biggest winners here are M1919 and STG, I get the STG but 1919 shouldn't be made easier to use.