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  1. Minimum game requirements

    The minimum requirements were most likely compiled on older versions of the game, god knows if and when they were updated, this games becomes more CPU thirsty with every release
  2. Bad members are dropping, zbv seem to have given up once again and Red Alert are nearly none existent, Reto care more about listening to plebs talking about battle ships and trench coats, they only turn up on the forum to lock topics that make them look incompetent or they want to hide. I'm so close to giving up on this game completely like so so many of others.
  3. I'll just assume that they ignore anything that may involve them doing some work to improve the game. Instead they will put emphasis on vanity products and other non essentials. The phrase fiddling while Rome burns springs to mind.
  4. Annoying forum "feature"

    Its a cache issues, I first thought it was to do with cookie configuration until I notice that when you are logged out the forum index page shows old posts to when you are logged in. If they cant sort a simple cache issues on Invision Community there is no hope for this game.
  5. That has nothing to do with the mechanics, this is about generating resources. Yes you would lose the ability to Para attack a location, but I believe it is a price worth paying to stop the para spam we are seeing now
  6. This is exactly the point, the battles are meant to be fought, if you knew that your ATS could potentially be locked up for long periods you would also think in a more strategic way rather than throwing them around. Also AR shouldn't actually be a thing at all, all battles should be played out in FPS
  7. I have suffered through watched the dev streams, they talk mostly of new skirmish types and some experiments with disabling AR and moving starting capitals, but they never really commit to saying what they are intending to do for the long term. If they know that there are issues then its the perfect time for the community to add their ideas, we are the ones that play it most days our ideas will be far superior to theirs in most cases, they should just be the ones that implement them
  8. Auto Resolves Every battle should have the 1 hour count down to Auto resolve as it does at the moment, however I propose the following changes to the Auto resolve mechanic: The UI should no longer display "The Battle has been active for", instead it should display "The battle will resolve in" Every unit that hits the battle post initiation will set the Auto resolve timer to 30 minutes if there is already less than 30 minutes remaining before the battle auto resolves. For example, a player has 1000 units in a neighboring town with the intention of over stacking a battle at the last minute to win the auto resolve, if this player adds any units to the battle the timer will be set back to 30 minutes, thus denying him/her the ability to AR the town in the manner which they currently do. From another perspective, if a player desperately needs a battle to be played as he/she does not have enough units to win an AR, he/she can delay it from resolving in the hope that matchmaker will be able to fill the battle and it will be played as it is intended to be. Any unit that has been retreated from a specific battle and then re-added to it will make no change to the auto resolve timer, so that people cannot abuse the system by using the same AT over and over. Retreating units should lose 50% of their resources and 80% morale when retreating from any battle in-line with this change to seriously dissuade anyone from removing ATs from battles and using the same ATs for resetting the timer on multiple battles The longer the battle has been initiated, high the priority it should be given by matchmaker, if there is a battle that has been "kept alive" for a large amount of time it should be the first battle that matchmaker looks to fill with available players Unfun battle should not be affected by this change. What this will achieve: It will give the AT owners of any side the ability to keep battles active for FPS players far longer than the current game allows, without totally removing the auto resolve mechanic, it will also put to an end last minute over stacking (people playing solely for Auto resolves). It will also encourage team work within a faction to keep battles alive when they are over stacked by the enemy, if a player notices a battle that they are unable to help with they may use global faction chat to ask for assistance. Battles that are surrounded and encircled will not be able to be extended using this method. Para Blocks Paratrooper units must not be able to initiate battles, the AT behavior should be the same as plane ATs and bounce from if there is no active battle, this will stop para unit abuse and will vastly improve the playing experience of players who like to play as this class, as paratrooper will always land on lines that are supported by other classes and units, which is currently not always the case now. Hopefully paratropper units will actually be used for an FPS purpose and not for RTS abuse. Insta-Blocks There are many occasion that factions successfully defend a town, spend an hour defending it successfully just for some RTS player to sit there and instantly re-attack the same town as it is finishing, completely undoing all the hard work that the FPS players have just done, which is ridiculous. This needs to be stopped for the sake of fairness. If a battle is lost you should not be able to instantly block and re-attack it, there should be a delay for the losing side to mount an attack. I propose this is achieved by having to wait for all units having to return to the town which they are being sent to. The winners of the battles can send straight out with no delay. Returning units that have lost a battle should be slowed down slightly to increase the punishment for the loser. Any units that are sent before the battle has ended but have not yet reached the town, should immediately turn back round and return to where they came from, if the battle is lost by players of that faction. What this will achieve: The side who lost the battle will be fairly punished for the loss and no be able to block progress which has been earned by the winning side. It will also reduced the amount of times that skirmishes can be initiated on the same line, which can be very tedious.
  9. My issues with the game

    I don't need any, they said they were not participating in any marketing activities as they do not feel the game is in a state that should be promoted in any way.
  10. Scope magnification reduction, when?

    Mission critical....Panther Camo.....
  11. It would be be nice for Reto to actually publish some in depth documentation on the game, rather than the player base guessing, trial and error or pestering the staff on the forum. For instance, how much is each type of unit is worth in AR, there are a few examples like this that no one actually knows the answer to and there is no documentation to learn from, which is rather poor. Also I have seen 21 players in a battle on a few occasion, please can you explain this occurring.
  12. My issues with the game

    This is more about marketing and reach, if there was more demand for US servers, by having more US players then it would make financial sense, but if the player base in the US is low how can investing in more hardware over there be justified.
  13. US faction is totally caput!!!

    I dont have any problem with it at all and Im not even a strong FPS player
  14. US faction is totally caput!!!

    I use exactly that, once you learn how to counter the recoil you can head shot people from ridiculous distance
  15. US faction is totally caput!!!

    Now you have just totally lost credibility, 4x scopes!! I'm out, have a nice day