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  1. Yes I agree, but is was worth checking
  2. HitnRun2016

    Roleplay event

    Roleplaying as nazi germany in ww2....ookkkkaaayyy
  3. Keep an eye on your CPU temp while playing, you computer will shut down if your CPU is over heating to protect it from damage
  4. HitnRun2016

    Players leaving the game

    World War 3 is out tomorrow...
  5. HitnRun2016

    Players leaving the game

    In light of the fact that they appear to be nerfing the tanks in the near future I'm going to give this game its last chance.
  6. HitnRun2016

    Is the game good or bad?

    I just want a level playing field for all players, nothing more, everyone is entitled to have fun.
  7. HitnRun2016

    Is the game good or bad?

    But I would feel like I would need a shower after each battle
  8. HitnRun2016

    Feedback Krepost vs 1.12

    Please can you provide more info on this
  9. HitnRun2016

    Is the game good or bad?

    Before this update you had to play clever in a tank and actually try, now u can just drive up to other players laughing while you mow them down and they cant do anything about it.
  10. HitnRun2016

    Is the game good or bad?

    Absolutely right sir, its become a tank fest in staged where people just drive around aimlessly in tank looking for victims to pick off, this is not what H&G was supposed to be about. War is now irrelevant.
  11. HitnRun2016

    Players leaving the game

    Well said and GG, I will miss this game and the people I played with and even against. It is never going to be the same as it was, I have come to accept that now. I hope I am wrong and one day I can come back and see they have made a decent game out of Heroes and generals but I dont have any real hope or belief in Reto.
  12. HitnRun2016

    Is the game good or bad?

    I really feel sorry for people who dont have a tanker, especially new players. The retention levels are surely going to drop from this update.
  13. HitnRun2016

    Stop deforming the game

    There was 10 people in a TS channel last night all in tanks in single battles, just imagine getting in a game against that cancer!
  14. HitnRun2016

    Players leaving the game

    I would rather have that than 12 tanks HEing infantry, its just completely toxic
  15. HitnRun2016

    Players leaving the game

    The only time anyone mentioned the sound is when Reto broke it, on two occasions now. You will be wrong about the RTS topics. The Crashes, well, people have simply given up on that topic. What Reto should be doing is not looking at the amount of crying but looking at the percentage of players who solely play tank opposed to other/all classes, why an earth should they ever listen to a small percentage of players and punish the majority. A simple fix would have been the tank only maps if tankers were so bothered about being rambo'd, they even started to make one.