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  1. Why you mad?

    Already purchased PS
  2. Why you mad?

    No one drowned in anything, we all just got bored of this game. Continue thinking that anyone actually cares about who wins a war on a failing game, while we go off play something else.
  3. Why you mad?

    Lets be honest there are no longer any US clans left, there are only 5-6 BAD players that even log on to the game and they are all playing SU. No one cares about the warfunds from what I am hearing, its more a simple case that no one can be bothered with this game anymore.
  4. war at the moment

    I'm gonna donate a lol at this. Out of desperation reto are trying to pump their own ATS at failing factions to make the game look competitive and working as intended.
  5. good pilot

    We have screen shots of all your insults that you send to us all post match, not because we want to show Reto or get you in trouble or anything like that. But because we like to laugh at them.
  6. good pilot

    Maybe if you weren't so toxic within the game you wouldn't have a problem finding people to play with...
  7. Yep, I spawn my Kar98 with a 4x and camp so much more than I ever would playing US
  8. Without the ability to scope it, then a CQC damage buff for the STG could easily be justified. The soviet SMG have recently been buffed and are fantastic in CQC already not to mention the fact that they have what seems like infinite ammo in a single drum, meaning you can clear a whole point without the need to reload..
  9. Headshots... headshots... more headshots.

    Yeah lets not bother practicing lets just get lucky...Absolute non sense.
  10. I have recently been playing with an unscoped bolt action, and to be 100% truthful, its a hell of a lot more fun, having to try. I don't care what anyone says the German faction does have easy mode with 4x scopes, especially defending over bridges. Just remove the infantry scopes and add the credits back on to people accounts for each scope they have purchased, I understand that Reto may make money from scopes but the bigger picture is the game would be better without them and more people enjoying the game generally means more people playing it. Also all recons should have 2.2x and 8x to make it equal for that class also.
  11. Its a good idea, for those who have useless gold amounts remaining on their account, but because its a good idea,it wont get considered.
  12. New game engine for H&G? Thought and Feedback

    What would happen if he left, got sacked or got run over by a bus? The reason sourcing external technology from third parties should be considered is the fact that you are not depending on a single in house individual to carry your product forward. But its good times for Reto.Hal9k, he could literally turn up to work high on drugs and naked and you still couldn't sack him
  13. New hacking habit?

    Erm, no it isnt
  14. Server regions

  15. An Ideal Medic Setup..?

    This, just swap the semi auto if playing another faction. With the fast healing badge enabled , I've healed 5 guys whilst capping the point, who had been sniped and on one bar of health. theres definitely a point to it mate for sure.