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  1. Drivers were up to date and all checks returned no errors
  2. Nothing to do with that at all. I have been playing this game with the same card for over a year
  3. Can anyone shed some light on this, it happened last night, and my screen went orange and I couldn't see anything of the game.
  4. I have never heard the phrase "ready up we'll get the same ramdoms". I promise.
  5. A solution for the autoresovle issue

    Another option, AR can be prevented by 5 players queuing on that battle and is given maximum priority by match maker until it pops.
  6. Slight buff for STG44

    Yes but a large amount of players do use the scope, including me
  7. From Thompson to M1/M2 Carbine

    Seems more stable too mate yeah.
  8. From Thompson to M1/M2 Carbine

    Now thats exactly what the old M1/M2 used to be like
  9. From Thompson to M1/M2 Carbine

    Im gonna test it
  10. ATs locked in friendly territory

    Same here
  11. From Thompson to M1/M2 Carbine

    You may as well use tight grip gold and pointer quick
  12. Reason GE Loses every War

    Things get alot in easier in this game when you simply stop caring about it and admit that nothing is ever going to change.
  13. STG is OP

    I do play scopeless when saving credits most of the time my 1903 is unscoped
  14. STG is OP

    CQC you dont need a scope
  15. Slight buff for STG44

    If it is buffed to 3 hit kill HSS then the compromise must be that it can no longer be scoped. You can't have it both ways.