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  1. OdinThor321

    Faction balancing

    the difference is that we try to play against Clans, but when they run away all the time and instead play against randoms is kinda sad
  2. OdinThor321

    Faction balancing

    as you can propably tell, i wasnt the squad leader and i was just invited and didnt really paid attention where they queued PS: i still have a general named after you
  3. OdinThor321

    Faction balancing

    HAHAAHAHAHA its like im talking with US Army Chat Happened like a thousand times that 1st Jägers stopped queueing for a battle as soon as they see us queue against them or leave the battle or just give up or leave the entire region after 1 lost battle the only thing your clan does is playing against randoms, win in 8-10 min and feel good as soon as someone move ATs against you, you use Paratroopers all the time when there are like 2-3 vets in the enemy team you instanstly use tanks to spawn trap or spam APCs like crazy stop shirt talking on the forums and start to get better everyone is laughing at you and posting baseball like this is not making it better
  4. OdinThor321

    Faction balancing

    alot of german clans are avoiding clan vs clan
  5. OdinThor321

    Faction balancing

    if u avoid good players everytime then its normal that u win without equipment
  6. OdinThor321

    New tanks

    no seems like youve been living under a rock for the last 4 years
  7. OdinThor321

    Devolution of a once great game

    alot of people play stand alone or switched to it and there is also epic games player so the steam count doesnt show how many people actually play the game
  8. OdinThor321

    flamethrower is a terrible weapon and could use a buff

    no pls no "few people on discord " big no no give it +1000% range for the "bad players" maybe then they will be good at the game flames bouncing of walls, i can already feel the lag coming
  9. OdinThor321

    personality and loadout

    stg scoped = pleb
  10. OdinThor321

    Mal so richtig Dampf ablassen!

    ich find die top
  11. nice then we get new record on fastest battle won
  12. OdinThor321

    Mal so richtig Dampf ablassen!

  13. OdinThor321

    Mal so richtig Dampf ablassen!

    es gibt keine hacker/cheater
  14. OdinThor321

    Fragen und Antworten Thread

    sind 2 verschiedene waffen, die eine kann es die andere nicht
  15. OdinThor321

    hackers, a lot of them

    https://imgur.com/ZO0CWjY am i a cheater too? just because of good k/d?
  16. i never mentioned staged
  17. what are you talking about?
  18. OdinThor321

    Chat from players and some repeating info

    HnG is not supposed to be realistic and people in the ingame chat are the biggest trolls ive ever seen, so their opinion is worthless HnG is never going to be a realistic WW2 simulation, because Reto has no money to do so and no one wants it
  19. OdinThor321

    Get rid of the underdog bonus

    arent u part of 1st Jaegers?
  20. OdinThor321


    das heißt die brauchen ein medkit bzw haben leben verloren
  21. OdinThor321


    geht immer noch nicht
  22. OdinThor321


    es gibt keinen sanitäter