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  1. OdinThor321

    Now this is epic

    it happens around 12 pm
  2. OdinThor321

    Driving made fun

    why didnt u call the new update Tokyo Drift, because this is what im doing all the time now, get in US jeep go drift and kill people at the same time
  3. OdinThor321

    R.I.P Heroes and Generals

    i also played the game a 2nd time and the only fun thing i found at this game was sitting in front of bridges with a tank and a repair guy ( thanks to @Balkorr) and just farming all the enemy tanks or i went full tokyo drift mode with american jeep and killed 3 people with my drifting skills LUL
  4. OdinThor321

    R.I.P Heroes and Generals

    so in conclusion u could say the update is loving shirt
  5. OdinThor321

    R.I.P Heroes and Generals

    so its just an update for tankers in general, because new inf players will get spawn camped even more now
  6. OdinThor321

    R.I.P Heroes and Generals

    so the new deploy system is good for bad and new players?
  7. OdinThor321

    R.I.P Heroes and Generals

    i wanted to give my argument more power but u are right i died only 3 times but it felt like a million time if u only play tank then maybe the update is good, but im an almost only inf player so i dont give a single love about tank update but this time they also loved up the inf gameplay so hard that i quit the game im sick of playing this game anymore, every loving update they change something ( no one asks for or they patch stuff that is just fine) that is good working to something that is unplayable and im not going to spend more time to like this update and get used to it, because i have enough of RETOs baseball updates
  8. seems like u still dont understand it but u are to 100% the biggest salt producer in this game
  9. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, u are one of the best comedians ever
  10. well, upham blocks everyone in us army chat who doesnt think there are 50% cheaters in this game HAHA
  12. the best playstyle i can think of is to stop playing the game
  13. OdinThor321

    R.I.P Heroes and Generals

    so what im saying about HNG is wrong? is this what u mean with sad bubble?
  14. OdinThor321

    R.I.P Heroes and Generals

    actually not, u say uh tanks are good again but they need to fix this and that, but u miss one very important point: THE UPDATE IS shirt i read alot what u are saying on the forums and i always say to myself what a loving pleb LUL
  15. OdinThor321

    R.I.P Heroes and Generals

    so u dont care about vehicles being slower, weird new sound ( btw no one asked for this) as it often happened, reto patches stuff that doesnt need to be patched, the vehicle speed and sound was good as it was but of course people like u say that every update is ok but it needs some fixes LUL well before the update i didnt need any warmup and now its even better now i can stop playing the game