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  1. OdinThor321

    What have you done RETO-MOTO

    well there is no such thing as suppression in this game even with suppression it would be useless because your bullets dont go near the enemy
  2. OdinThor321

    In all seriousness, positive update fix, but......

    so nothing LUL
  3. OdinThor321

    In all seriousness, positive update fix, but......

    what improvements are u talking abouz
  4. OdinThor321


    and what are they now, even with bipod u cant hit shirt
  5. OdinThor321


    this update is so bad that i would rather have @sfscriv ideas in the game than this shirt right now
  6. OdinThor321

    Clanners are cancer for this game

    then tell me why u still try to improve the game(endless shitposts no one reads or needs), when casuals dont know what they are talking about
  7. first im not talking only about me as i said and its not self-proclaimed when people tell you that you are good it probably means that im good and i bet your parents are proud of you posting this crap on the forums
  8. calling the best players of the game noob in your position RIP
  9. 1700 hours of staged and tank driving in war doesnt really count as experienced maybe because no one actually give a shirt about what you post so they dont complain on the forum, but everyone ive talked with says that you are just a forum warrior with useless ideas
  10. how do you want to improve the game when u: a) post giants posts with insane ideas that no one understands and want b) almost never play war ( if u play war then as tanker, even when u face full clans) b) play mostly staged
  11. OdinThor321

    Spawncamping.... Da drehe ich am Rad!

    wen jucken denn die paar XP die man bekommt wenn man jemanden tötet, ob die jetzt beim spawncampen wegfallen oder nicht, den meisten geht es doch nur darum die map zu gewinnen
  12. OdinThor321

    America vs. Britain

    not very smart
  13. OdinThor321

    Matchmaker reached new level of broken

    matchmaker now puts players from US that queue for german staged into war battles on german side OP MATCHMAKER
  14. OdinThor321

    German even LOST. WHY????????

  15. OdinThor321

    British Faction