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  1. Lump_Beskit

    Levochkin - flying PPSh?

    I just bought it today n... After 3 battles for me it feels like a flying PPSh. U shoot alot of bullets very fast but at the end only 1/3 of them seems to deal any DMG. So here's my question - is it any better w/ BZT or is it the same POS or was it just me n some lagged asian server on wich ppl had 250ms, like... 3 times? Cuz, srsly... The best moment: I was going behind some guy wich was probably AFK or something (yes, pilot was still in there)... He was flying in a straight line, I've shoted him at least 10-20 times, got 1+1EXP for it n had to fire another 20-30 shots to finally take him down. For now I think I'm gonna stay w/ Jak cuz w/ this one I'm at least capable to deal any DMG.
  2. Lump_Beskit

    Is there a way to lock turret rotation after 1.20.1?

    Yah, I just found that out n I'd like to know if there was at least 1 person wich has asked for this fffu... Feature.
  3. Lump_Beskit

    IS-2 is some kind of buIIsh1t

    Well... Yah, at some point german tanks were always better than they should be, but the same thing is w/ Hellcat, especially right now. N for sure I'm not gonna forget this time when M2A2 was a f***ed up dozer. It took too long to fix it up. True.
  4. Lump_Beskit

    IS-2 is some kind of buIIsh1t

    Situation from today: IS-2 vs Pershing. Pershing was turned to me w/ his left side, I was hidden behind the wall n I was able to see the whole of his back. He was shooting into my front right corner n after 2 shots he has destroyed pretty much 1/2 of my IS-2. 2-3 shots more n I'd be gone. Without destroying any of my compononents, not even a track. N I had full armor, haven't been shoted even once before. Compared to the Pershing wich I had to shot at least 2 times right in the engine block, n my friend w/ T-34/76 wich shot him like 3-4 times, took his trasmision n, whatever... Well, that's quite a lot of damage without causing damage to any of my components. At this point I think I'm gonna get back to recording my gameplay, cuz... It'd show u a lot of things right now. F***in' heII... Again? Jizz... Srsly, if it were SU vs US It'd be Jumbo or Pershing. I just took the first tank wich I could, just to see how will it go against IS-2. Just to see how bad is IS-2s AAARRRMMMOOORRR, ffs. I shouldn't have been saying anything about the components, cuz looks like that's the only thing u care about in here. I'd love to. Especially since there is "WWII" in the name of "Heroes&Generals". I'd like to see Hellcat w/ paper armor, n Hetzer without MG34 turret at the top of it (wich is OP when u're playing w/ it in the war mode against infantry, n wich should be from the beginning same like in the Stug). Same w/ the other things, like... I'd love to see PPS cheaper than MP40, PPSh cheaper than PPD, n PPD pretty much the same like PPSh, n I'd love to have 1000rpm in it. I'd love to see people aiming in the air after taking 3-5 shots at full-auto w/ FG42 n have it limited to 3K pieces, n yes... I'd also love to see soviets running w/ only Mosins at some fronts against tanks n MG42s. I'd love to see that soviets have no M3A1 US trucks w/ wich soviets were taking people to gulags after the war. I'd like to see that soviets finally have M-72 bike, not some f***ing WLA. N yari-yari-yada... What do u want me to understand in that the IS-2s armor is simply a loving peace of a dog s*** compared to what it should be n compared to the armor of the other tanks? N there's also this main armament thing, but.... F*** it. From my experence n my friends n after read some comments, maaaby Sherman M4A3E8 is in the worse situation.
  5. Lump_Beskit

    IS-2 is some kind of buIIsh1t

    U're telling me that I'm ignoring the fact that the IS-2 armor wasn't that good but actually u're ingroring the fact that 120mm sloped armor is simply a loving trash COMPARED TO THE OTHER TANKS. THAT'S THE MAIN PROBLEM in here. I don't have problem w/ Panthers, jizz... N saying "go look around forum, Panther drivers have the same problem" is just... What? Just cuz someone else has the same problem I should be like "oh, ok, looks like it has to be like that, cuz nothing can be changed in here, so... f*** it". Yes, cuz it is only about my expectations n it is only my problem that only IS-2 is such a garbage. Cuz there's no such a thing like "Easy 8", or a Tiger II wich was never as good as it was on the paper but in H&G it WAS* even better (same w/ PZ-V). N there's no such a thing like "balanced" Hellcat or M10... Stuart... (Hellcat 13mm armor = 45mm armor T-34/76, yah, pretty good). Oh, wait, there r, n... Looks like the only thing I can do is high-five w/ them, or watch some YT videos about it, that's all, yah, nice.
  6. Lump_Beskit

    IS-2 is some kind of buIIsh1t

    I can do the whole video of me testing all tanks w/ my friends in this game but I'm already bored of doing that over n over again n seeing all the time same issues LIKE W/ BULL SHlTED ARMOR IN IS-2. Where? Where is it? A shot in a front upper armor of IS-2 is a direct shot in modules? What modules? U mean... Transmission, yes? Cuz... THE ENGINE IS ON THE BACK OF IT, PRETTY MUCH THE SAME LIKE IN THE PANTHER, so... F*** ME, but... I'm not sure... I'm not a type of elite player, but... THAT'S F***ED UP. The main thing is that in my opinion IS-2 is the worst tank compared to what it should be. Not only now... It is the same s*** as it ever was. N I'm not saying that cuz "buu-huu... some tiger has loved up, IS-2 sucks...". To be honest, I don't remember if I was doestryed even once during this week by anything else than AT INF in my IS-2 but for sure I've destroyed at least 3 Tigers II 1vs1, so... It is usefull, but... Not as much as it should be. Pretty much like the Sherman M4A3E8.
  7. Lump_Beskit

    IS-2 is some kind of buIIsh1t

    So... Only cuz I took PZV for this test wich was nerfed... Not Hellcat wich is OP AF right now... My "data gathering is flawed"? If PZV was nerfed n IS-2 is still so bad compared to it... Doesn't it make in here even a bigger buIIsh1t?
  8. Today I've tested it w/ my friend AGAIN, cuz we've started playing this game AGAIN n... I think we all know that tanks in this game r simply f... But IS-2 is kind of buIIsh1t wich I can't stand. 120mm front armor at 60 degrees after being shoted w/ 75mm APCR was penetrated just like that. The engine in IS-2 after 1 shot was almost gone. After 2 shots 1/2 or even 2/3 of IS-2 was gone. 90mm armor of the front turret of IS-2 same garbage. Compared to the PZ-V... 1/2 of the Panther after being shoted twice w/ 122mm APCR in the front 80mm upper armor was gone but none of the components was destroyed cuz nothing went through the armor. 110mm armor of the front turret was getting same dmg even after being shoted in these parts at 90 degrees on the sides of it. So it looks like... 75mm APCR -> 120mm armor at 60 degrees >/= 122mm APCR -> 80mm armor at 55 degrees At this point we thought there's no point in testing IS-2 vs Tiger I/Tiger II or else but... I can't find any authoritative comparison so AGAIN we'll gonna have to do our own.
  9. Lump_Beskit

    Update 1.16.2 - Captured Weapons and More!

    It feels like there is some new system w/ wich if u're using LMG/MP u can only hurt people on max distance 50m.
  10. R we back in XVIII-th century w/ a black powder or what? Cuz after firing 3 bullets w/ my DT I see literally shirt.
  11. In half of the battles the main problem wich I have w/ graphic in this game r SHADOWS. Why r they so dark? It looks so bad... I can't even see the face of the enemy. The only thing I see is smoke, not even flare-up from a gun. But as soon as I'm dead everything becomes visible how it should be. Sometimes shadows r ligh even n sometimes they r just like a black hole where I can see nothing while playing in the middle of the day. But in kill-cam they r just... Normal.
  12. Lump_Beskit

    Why are Germans and Americans so op?

    The main problem wich I have while playing for SU r weapons. GE weapons r so good cuz they r mostly made like the german propaganda was saying. FG42 after 3 shots at full-auto should be aiming in the air - but it isn't (For me FG42 is a godlike wepon). PPD was crappy n expensive Suomi, but in H&G it is just unbelivable crap. I think the best recomendation for PPSh is fact that the Germans liked it n they were trying to make their own version of it just like Soviets were trying to make their own version of MP40, n they did - PPS, wich should be cheaper than PPSh - but it isn't. PTRS n all these AT rifles in this game r just some kind of an expensive joke... At least as long as there's no system in the game with wich u can only damage the light armored vehicle/tank n kill the crew in it without destroing the whole vehicle. N there r tanks... Tanks like Hellcat which has the same armor like T-34 (13mm armor = 45mm armor). Tiger II (Which was never made as good as it was on paper) which front lower armor is better than front upper armor of IS-2 (100mm > 120mm). I don't know if it some kind of balance for tanks becouse of fire rate... I just know what I have tested w/ my friend n according to it I can say that SU has most loved up tanks in game.
  13. GOOD TO loving KNOW THAT I CAN'T USE IT AFTER I'VE SPEND 117K. I'd like to know what the love to do with it now?
  14. I wanted to ask about this BS Hellcats armor wich is same like T-34/76, but F it. Then I wanted to ask about this BS 120mm front armor of the IS-2, but... F it. BUT I SIMPLY CAN'T STAND THIS BS SOUND SYSTEM where u can't hear things wich are like 1m behind u. I don't know maby it is some kind of realims that if u're in helmet u hear things behind u worse or something idk... But right now for me n my friends sound effects in this game r just F-up.
  15. Lump_Beskit

    Update 1.14 - NEW TANK vs TANK GAME MODE!

    Things I'd like to know: 1. Does SU-85 still act like a dozer? 2. Hellcat/M10/SU-76M - still "balanced" and better than it should be?