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  1. GingerFlog

    Disconnect then Reconnect

    Same issue here. Started fairly recently. Just randomly disconnects me from the game and always when actively attacking the enemy. Never while just moving from one spot to another. I can always rejoin but by then the enemy I was attacking has moved on and as a tanker I have to suffer the seriously long respawn delay. This should be addressed.
  2. As a tanker I am furious over the extended spawn delays. Especially when our team is being overrun. All these delays do is help the advancing team win and keep aggressive players with good connections off the field. I have heard all the replies before and do not agree with any rebuttal to this subject.... Kill the freakin delays.
  3. GingerFlog

    Is it over?

    Very cool... sighs of relief all around I bet.
  4. GingerFlog

    Is it over?

    lol Even funnier It is if they are no longer there. Think about it. They could be closed for business or worse. Let's hope everyone is okay and this is just a true glitch. I have been in IT for 35 years. Sometimes things go wrong. Then again, sometimes the boss comes in and shuts off all the lights and tells you to go home...
  5. GingerFlog

    Is it over?

    Is this and end of an Era? Is H&G done for good? With all sincerity what happened 12 hours ago that has the servers STILL down? I hope all employees are alive and well and STILL employed! Some criticize, some praise but all are wondering when we can play again. Good luck and Godspeed Reto. GingerFlog
  6. GingerFlog

    Too Few warfunds awarded to generals issue

    I agree with you. This is supposed to be fun. Not so much when it costs 20,000 war funds to deploy my tanks and troops and victory only nets me a few hundred, while defeat mostly comes up zero. Takes way too many battles to regain those lost funds so I rarely play the strategic game. I also agree this is their (RETO) game and they can do whatever they want obviously. Just offering my 2 cents worth if they care what seasoned vets* like us (that have spent money here) think. If they don't care then so be it. Eventually I will find another game to play. GF * 1675+ hours and nearly 28,000 deploys. (ya I know, I need to get a life) lol
  7. GingerFlog

    Too Few warfunds awarded to generals issue

    Still It costs me 22,000 war funds to deploy all my squads. We won the battle and I received 260 war funds back./ How is that even close?
  8. GingerFlog

    Rank. Why does it go down?

    Figured it out.. Thanks for the help guys.. It didn't actually drop. I took notes on my rank to track the progress and read it wrong. lol doh
  9. GingerFlog

    Introducing three new warbonds – earn extra gold

    Sooo have you ever created software this complicated? Everything works. The terrain affects the vehicles. The broken fence posts riding on my tank stay there until knocked off by a tree branch or an incline, etc. Bullet trajectories and drop over distances is very realistic. Swimming in the water, if you look down you see your shadow on the bottom of the river. Battle haze builds as the match drags on just like would in real life. Distances you can sprint without getting tired based on how physically fit you are, jeez it just goes on and on. It is VERY difficult to make all that work at the same time and not crash. I'm sorry if you don't agree but it impresses me and I have been in software development my entire life (31 years and counting).
  10. GingerFlog

    Introducing three new warbonds – earn extra gold

    Forgive me but this seems silly to me. Of the three new bonds added, only one actually makes any profit. You charge too much to buy the bonds negating the profit entirely on the $3000 and making it actually cost me gold on the $1000. Now if you wanted to be more realistic then the price would be set by the market. The market of course being what others are willing to pay to buy the bond from the previous owner. That way I am hoping I can sell it for more than I paid for it at maturity. Reduce the price and I'm in. Thanks GingerFlog Love the game btw. It is a truly world class piece of software. So much detail and realism.
  11. GingerFlog

    Rank. Why does it go down?

    I have been rank 16 forever. I noticed the other day that my rank was dropping! ??? Why does this happen? Am I being passed over for promotion because I'm not the General's son? lol Sorry if this has been covered before but I am working toward Rank 17 and just cannot get there. Thanks
  12. Dont be clueless... To be effective, tank commanders shut down engines and look/listen in all directions to find enemies to smash. Not possible without binos as turrets cannot be operated on battery power. If Reto adds that option then staying in the tank would at least be possible.
  13. GingerFlog

    Ihlefeld Plane Changes

    I am sure this has been mentioned many times over and as such I apologize in advance for not finding the needle in the proverbial haystack but folks these fighter planes are prop driven and seem to be flying at F16 speeds. They are impossible to hit from the ground any more. This makes it very difficult to be a tanker if a pilot sits on the damn spawn and waits for you to materialize. VERY frustrating. Please double check the historical accuracy of these jets (oops) I mean prop plane speeds. LOVE everything else about the updates... Keep em comin. Thanks
  14. GingerFlog

    Tanks and Tankers

    Love my tanks. All have their positive and negative points. Someone said this is not a suggestion thread but wanted to get your opinions on the ability (or lack thereof) to toss a nade out of the tank hatch when rambos are sticky bombin your butt. At least gives us a fighting chance once those little buggers find us. LOVE this game. Keep up the great work RETO
  15. I love this game! You guys are doing a terrific job of making a realistic FPS war game. Keep up the great work. I have one request. Russian tanks are far too weak to be fun to play. I understand German tanks were superior during the war but it makes for a very frustrating experience while playing. Countless times I have hit their tanks and get messages back, impact angle too high, or armor too thick or the worst I will see a round go right through them and cause no damage whatsoever, no impact etc. This normally happens 3 or 4 times in a row on the same tank. I am hitting them in different spots including the tracks, the very top hatch etc and nothing. By then they have shot me twice and I'm dead. What gives? I realize you are trying to make this game as historically realistic as possible but I for one do not enjoy having a tank in my sights, taking that surprise first shot and bam the round bounces off. Please, do whatever you must to just give Russian tanks a little bit more penetration power or to be able to survive three shots from enemy tanks instead of just two. And lastly, those pesky players with anti-tank grenades. In the war tankers had the opportunity to toss hand grenades out the hatch to give themselves a fighting chance. Would you be able to add that as an option in one of your terrific updates? If you want to add realism that would certainly help. Other than that I truly love your game! Thanks for listening.