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  1. gerard_m

    combat badge backed?

    After 2 years of playing my fast reload badge was reverted from gold to just before 4 lv. Any suggestions why?
  2. gerard_m

    combat badge backed?

    after 2 years of playing my gold fast reload was backed to lv4?? any reason behind??
  3. gerard_m

    Changelog 1.12.1 Deploy! Drive! Destroy!

    Do we have another physics adjustment? today i have 2x stug flip over and one panther. Funny enough stug was flipped by blitz truck LOL.
  4. gerard_m

    AMD guide for FPS

    Well, I play this game for about 2 years its starts to be bad fps wise in amd cards about year ago. Amd 7970 2 years ago 60 fps average. Later on rx 480 nitro + 8 gb firstly 150fps + then drop to 60-70 and then below that. Them ny rx died and i get second hand gtx 680 4 Gb. 90-110 fps average. Recently I get Vega 64 and guess - 10 fps more than gtx 680 with same settings. Game badly suport AMD cards period. I believe code is optimised solely for NVIDIA can wait to see some improvement in this.
  5. gerard_m

    Ask a Bug Hunter

    Recently I get all the time first death then sound of shoot then I can see enemy on kill cam where I didn't see it before ( exactly where I was looking ) like enemy appears out of nowhere just after he kills me. And then my sound of dying.
  6. gerard_m

    LOw FPS

    To whoever follows there is one workaround for AMD users. In wattman create profile for hng_BE and change in settings to Wait for vertical refresh - always off and AMD freesync - amd optimised. This way I can pump about 120 FPS on average while before was no more than 60 FPS,( I use dell monitor with OC @70Hz ) regardless wattman still shows dips in GPU usage, but FPS drops are no so critical 80 lowest ever since change in settings. Hope that will help in some cases.
  7. HE are good for attacking hidden tanks
  8. gerard_m

    Armored and dangerous

    I'm not spoiled kid, to be exact I'm 38. Just it's frustrating that game runs so bad on hardware that should be flying. Changing settings in graphic don't change anything in my case all low to all max still 65fps max with gpu usage 35% top. Game render is unable to use gpu potential. How you compare 15 fps on 8 years old amd 10-5757 laptop to 60-65fps on i7-4790k and rx480?? My main system is literally 10x faster but game runs on it with 3-4 times higher framerate. Worst of all that wasn't the case in older versions just more of problem recently. We spend money for good hardware expecting that it will run games better with higher details and framerate, it's not good feeling when you come to conclusion that all this money are wasted.
  9. gerard_m

    Armored and dangerous

    I was pushing about 40-48fps on my 4k tv full screen or 80-100FPS in window 1440p about year ago and game was pushing my rx480 to its limits now its shirt!!! I get same fps on 1080p as I was getting in 4k and is a lot more choppy with FPS dips to like 5FPS. Just hope Reto will do something or soon Ill be out.
  10. gerard_m

    Armored and dangerous

    guys just fix FPS game is saturating my rx480 nitro 8gb in about 30% max giving me about 40-50 FPS with dips to 5Fps with 1% GPU saturation
  11. gerard_m

    Armored and dangerous

    1 pistol h3 tm-35 and dynamite lover badge you can play endless in destroying tanks. Find spots place tm's to disable it and finish with h3 or crawl near to place tm and shoot with pistol. don't get my wrong I love my panther and tiger 2.
  12. gerard_m

    Armored and dangerous

    how about adjust physics in game?? my tiger 2 its on its back so often its unreal, who calculate to 50 tonnes tank flips on its back so easy?
  13. gerard_m

    LOw FPS

    16gb ddr3 @1866 10-10-10-28 I don't think ram is the issue. Gup load during game various from 0-30%, looking like render is unable to saturate GPU.
  14. gerard_m

    LOw FPS

    On my system (i7-4790k @4.7ghz watercooled 55C max) and rx480 nitro + @1415/2015 max temp 80C i det around 50-70fps with 30% cpu utilization and 10% gpu utilization. With given hardware this game should push over 200FPS on 1080p, instead stutters and make unplayable. Before someone say thats slow internet I have cable broadband 200/12MBs.