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  1. It is the one year anniversary of the first of our epic sniper highlight series. While the game has changed for snipping so much since this video came out it is still one of the best! If you haven't seen it take a look. Everyone has been asking for it so we will be streaming tonight to celebrate one year with H&G. Join us on twitch. Epic Sniper Movie #1 Epic Sniper Movie #2 Epic Sniper Movie #3
  2. A sweet highlight from one of our first streams playing h&g in months. Enjoy The T70 Tank Domination.
  3. RBS Challenge XI - Rifles

    " Maybe you’ve made a beautiful long range kill." ...
  4. RBS Challenge XI - Rifles

    I decided to go with an epic long range shot movie. Enjoy! For more action check out the Epic Sniper Movie Series on our channel. This video is made up of mostly shots over 600 meters
  5. HD Epic Pilot Frag Movie #2

    Thanks! Glad you enjoy it.
  6. RBS Challenge XI - Rifles

    Here is our entry for the Funny category. Syntax sniping and singing the little mermaid in true heroes and generals sniper style. Keep an eye out for our Epic entry. I will be posting it n a few days.
  7. HnG youtubers list Enjoy!