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    Much Appreciated!
  2. SyntaxKitty


    I see you have update the list. Awesome! I would love it if you could change the video for us (psyops gaming) if you don't mind. The live stream highlight is funny and cool but we are definitely most know for our epic sniping and tactic videos. Here is a link you can use that will display our entire H&G Playlist and start with our most popular video. Thanks for your time. We appreciate your effort! @SilvaRodrigo Link to Playlist Below --
  3. Hey guys. I found this video from when we first started our tech talks streams for H&G that never got uploaded. Our video and stream quality has improved by a whole lot but the information is still good. enjoy!
  4. Some highlights from our most recent H&G live stream. Epic no scopes pistol plays as per our viewers requests! We will be streaming again this weekend Saturday & Sunday. Join us and give us your requests, chill with the chat, and even join the que! Twitch Stream
  5. SyntaxKitty

    ALLNEW! EPIC HD Sniper Highlights!

    Oh no problem. We have that in our videos on Youtube. Around the time we landed an est 1500 meter shot we took a break from H&G so this is all we have on record at the moment. We are starting to play again so stay tuned for more!
  6. I found these clips from a few games syntax played just before the new update. So i put together a quick movie for everyone. Thumbs up for long range, quick scopes, and ofc sexy kill sprees! Thank for watching. Happy Holidays & Merry Gaming H&G friends!
  7. It is the one year anniversary of the first of our epic sniper highlight series. While the game has changed for snipping so much since this video came out it is still one of the best! If you haven't seen it take a look. Everyone has been asking for it so we will be streaming tonight to celebrate one year with H&G. Join us on twitch. Epic Sniper Movie #1 Epic Sniper Movie #2 Epic Sniper Movie #3
  8. A sweet highlight from one of our first streams playing h&g in months. Enjoy The T70 Tank Domination.