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    Game crashes / game not loading

    Something happened to this game yesterday, I returned about 2 weeks ago to the game and played without any problems with RTX3070 or actually 4 of them in same machine. Now it crashes all the time or movements jump or car jumps somewhere, same think with Vega but it's little bit playable. Got the battle something(which virus scan report as mallware) message to RTX machine and after agreeing it was unplayable, before this game even worked while mining at same time. Ping is all green, and didn't get any network catching up messages and things flying in the sky as has happened before long time ago.

    Troops don't move straight line

    Same sh.t again war 927 troops don't march straight line from Hnidyn to Kiev they start to go totally different direction. Hard to defend when roads don't work. Boyarka to Kiev straight line don't work either troops went to battle in Kotsiubynske. IS SOMEBODY hacking something to make defence easier??

    Troops don't move straight line

    There has been about a week lines which troops refuce to move and take detours. Current war 924 Rietavas to Silute is blocked somehow and troops take detour, couple wars ago Plienciems to Mersrags was blocked and squads detoured throught Talsi.

    Update 1.06 - Basic Training

    Four slots showing can use only 3, is this bug or unreported change?? Main gun full of ammo and I can't use full 10 points of infantry man which I have used long time to fight. Made an new soldier only for higher space than recon man which I have played. WHY can't I get "dynamit lover" on sticky boms if I have other explosives? You should put number one explosive in slot one and dynamit lover don't affect other slots-- kind of thing ??