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  1. ManWithAMission

    Ways to Fix Mountain Town Assault (images and notes included)

    Damn, the proposal actually got implemented. Well done man. Also a good job of the developers to provide so much positive feedback and to listen to good initiatives of the community.
  2. ManWithAMission

    Ways to Fix Mountain Town Assault (images and notes included)

    Really well made post! I like the ideas and proposed changes. +1
  3. ManWithAMission

    Sdkfz 301 "Wanze"

    Would be fun to goof around with together with some friends.
  4. ManWithAMission

    Old Mountain Town as a 2nd Mountain map

    I remember playing the old mountain town. Although some points were really spawncamped it was fun to play mostly. Then all of the sudden I noticed it had disappeared. I would really like to see the old mountain town return (with some minor tweaks to it) alongside the new one. The old one was enjoyable to play and it would add some more variety to the maps we have currently.
  5. I think there should be multiple spawn points surrounding a point. This way the enemy doesn't exactly know where you will spawn so you can't instantly get spawnkilled. I will also add an element of surprise to both you and the enemy (because you can then attack the enemy from multiple directions). I also agree that it should be possible to spawn inside a main point if it is not contested. The current system is simply not logical.
  6. ManWithAMission

    Unique Capital objective maps

    The devs had a similar idea in the early stages of the game. They wanted to make special capital city maps and each city would consist of multiple maps that would represent fighting in the whole city. Unfortunately, the map-maker behind this idea has left Reto for quite some time now so I don't know what has become of the idea or if they still want to do something with it but what I do know is that they haven't released any new maps ever since. To comment on your idea: I would really like it if they would implement this or a similar idea so we can fight in a real big city unlike the Town-map which is just too small to be considered a city (although it's the closest thing we have to a city right now).
  7. ManWithAMission

    upcoming 1.07 player discussion

    I am mostly interested in the sound changes. I hope it will help improving the game further and I hope its the first step to changing and improving the current gun sounds which aren't very accurate, especially the sound of the G43.
  8. ManWithAMission

    Thinking about Bombers

    I really would like to have bombers in the game and give real purpose to the fighters (attacking or defending bombers) but it would be more fun if at least some of the bombers could be fully operated by players. Furthermore, the maps would need to become bigger together with the player count in a match in order to make the battle more realistic otherwise you would need to fly constant circles as to not fly out of the map. I think they could add multiple kinds of bombers, so not only heavy bombers. They could add dive bombers like the famous German Stuka, medium bombers like the Russian Tupolev Tu-2 and heavy bombers such as the wellknown American B-17 Flying Fortress. This way you have split groups and thus split resources just like you have with the tanks and fighter aircrafts which would cause more balance in battle.
  9. ManWithAMission

    [Suggestion] Balance vs Reality

    If you would use real stats and use the weaknesses and strengths of your faction that would make for some more strategic gameplay which would be very fun in my humble opinion. Nevertheless, they should be cautious and not overdo it because then it would only be fun for one side and not the other.
  10. ManWithAMission

    [BAR] Rework

    I agree. The BAR right now doesn't really feel like the one used in WWII.
  11. ManWithAMission

    New game mode/map idea!

    It sounds cool but I doubt if the current engine could handle it.
  12. ManWithAMission

    Combining Allies

    The faction system is okay the way it is right now. No need to change much (except adding some subfactions like England and France to US and Finland to the Axis).
  13. ManWithAMission

    The need and importance of Big,open maps.

    I think the devs could improve mountain town by changing some points listed in this topic or undo some changes and make it more like it used to be because it wasn't too bad. However, what I think the devs should do most of all is to develop a lot of new maps so there would be a lot more variety when you are playing thus giving the players more satisfaction and give them less to complain about because of right now there are just too few different maps to play and as you can see they are not equal in quality.
  14. I think this is an interesting and cool idea and it would finally give a real reconaissance purpose to the recons but it shouldn't be made too expensive otherwise no recon would use it
  15. ManWithAMission

    Rank Badges

    Weren't they working on customizable things like this?