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  1. Units gaining no XP or warfunds

    Can we get @Reto.Vashu to comment on whether this is reproducible?
  2. AT scroll bar messing things up

    Just since this tuesday's hotfix, whenever I use the side scrollbar for the ATs on the warmap, everything goes unresponsive - can't select units any more, they even vanish from the scrollbar, if I click on a battle I get an empty window, if I click on a unit it always displays the same one (not the one clicked), and there are even double fields like the credit/gold display. As long as I don't do that, I can play fine, selecting ATs via cities, moving them and joining matches and so on. I've tried reinstalling, problem persists and is reliably reproducible all the time. I have to restart the game to get rid of the error. Anyone get that too?
  3. Units gaining no XP or warfunds

    Yeah, had that too. Although I suspect (I'd have to trace it and keep some ATs out of conflict to be able to tell) that the XP and WF might be appearing later, after some syncing probably. Happens with normal soldier XP as well.
  4. Game crashing too much

    Best spoiler ever
  5. Pilot Skill Gap and Population

    Since I grinded a secondary pilot not so long ago, I must say that this is an accurate observation for staged matches. You're outnumbered all the time by the US and the SU when playing medium fighters - not with heavy (although it does happen there too, mainly vs. US) or recon fighters though. My advice, get a wingman, it's the way to win anyway. Don't have one? Find one here.
  6. AP Mines: Why Bother?

    There's a very distinct black-and-red floating warning sign attached to friendly mines, you can't just place them somewhere so your team stumbles upon them by accident, safe if someone is too stupid - very rarely it might happen someone bumps into one in a firefight. Trolling with AP mines would be VERY expensive trolling, I very much doubt it could be a problem. Okay, perhaps with AT mines, true, because blocking roads with them for vehicles is possible, but blocking pathways with AP mines is pointless, since there's always another way and usually, if you see the mine, it's just a meter away.
  7. AP Mines: Why Bother?

    I would hav a simple and effective solution for the problem, AP and AT mines. Leave them as they are, BUT: - If someone destroys a friendly mine, deduct the cost of it from their account and transfer it to the mine owner. - Display this as a warning, people will quickly stop doing it too often on purpose, while if they absolutely need to, they can still do so. - Tweak, if the offender is killed by the friendly mine, he only has to pay half the cost.
  8. Question to reto

    And the bicycle looks very dutch to me.
  9. Who is BobtheBear?

    Bobthebear has more command points than Chuck Norris.
  10. You have helped us shape the future of Dev Streams

    As long as the Devs take at least half an hour to read and understand the questions they're about to answer live beforehand, everything else will be cosmetics. To come prepared was, as far as I can see, the uniform request in the surveillance thread, it has there been asked for many times.
  11. That would prioritize useage of non motorized ATs.......................
  12. I don't see why that would have to be the case.
  13. AT pseudonyms, plus random order of ATs and without showing how many spawns are available for the ATs, each time just like Motorized Infantry (1) Motorized Infantry (2) Motorized Guard (1) ... when opening the menu, in a spawn selection should do the trick there, mostly. Okay, if you dedicate yourself to checking aganist the war map you could end up successfully depleting some resources at will, but it would be time consuming. You still could selectively waste someone's resources if there was only one AT of a kind, but that's already the case now.
  14. No, since that other general hasn't sent any But okay, no player would understand this.