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  1. LuisCyphre


    Alright, I stand corrected, the ability to format posts in such a way clearly is a major downside of a forum.
  2. Nothing of the sort is going to happen, the game is being phased out and presently just paying the bills. So it's mute to think about new factions (and has been for a long time).
  3. LuisCyphre

    Sending soldeirs on leave

    Yeah, but they don't get hidden by sending them on leave. Or grouped at the bottom or something. They're still in that ever changing, not self sorting and not sortable soldiers list. Only place where they are not shown any more is in battle.
  4. LuisCyphre

    Sleep my little Prince...

    Last words, yes... meet me in Ground Branch. Putting the "tactical" back into Tactical Shooter.
  5. LuisCyphre

    using resources in battle

    You need a soldier Lv. 12 or higher (e.g. an officer) to carry ATs.
  6. LuisCyphre

    what is rank

    That is because you can upgrade TDs to heavy TDs at rank 2 already. Look at the diagram. Apart from that, rank affects the "weight" of an AT in auto resolve, something that rarely ever occurs any more these days though, much less in such a way that this would play a role. Could indeed be exploited in the black days of short AR timeouts.
  7. LuisCyphre

    The End is Here

  8. LuisCyphre

    Sleep my little Prince...

    Last words, yes... seeing as there are barely any posts in this forum at all these days, it is a real duck move to shut them down under the pretext that they would have to crank up moderating. It just shows how much they value their players and feedback: Not at all. Aligns with every other bad decision over the years.
  9. That is correct. No need to conduct an experiment.
  10. LuisCyphre

    Suply Boxes don't function at water crossings

    Maybe you should add map and lane...
  11. LuisCyphre

    New technologies and gaming communities

    And that is precisely why forums > chat style. Get it?
  12. LuisCyphre

    New technologies and gaming communities

    Is it really impossible? What, in your opinion, is a "wall of text"? Anything exceeding a single paragraph of max 3 lines? Too much for you?
  13. LuisCyphre

    New technologies and gaming communities

    Look here, @Reto.Hades, MAYBE after all you should mention what people think about that measure (it's just a few voices, of course, but still, seems clear) in some meeting and find a solution that both meets your development intentions and what people like and expect. Just think about it, get creative or something. Thank you.
  14. LuisCyphre

    New technologies and gaming communities

    Hallo Zwiebel.
  15. LuisCyphre

    New technologies and gaming communities

    As you might have expected, I'm a forum fan. I have been an active member and for several years a mod of a large German gaming forum (mods.de) since, uh, the times of Halflife 1 - and that has actually turned into an almost family-like and incredibly informative and funny place. With people getting older, and the old counterstrike main page where it originated from being gone and so on, there are far fewer users these days of course and some dead sub forums, but it still lives at its core and provides an incredibly good way to talk about almost anything, in a way that cannot be rivalled remotely by the ADHD-like Discord or Twitter style of communication. For instance, with the pandemic and everything, subforums for that were created in march 2020 and it has grown into a gold mine of totally reliable, well founded information, flanked by political discussions, mostly in a civilized manner. I doubt you'll find any other place on the internet with such an amount of collected information on every aspect of the subject. So, I hate seeing forums die, in general and here...