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  1. LuisCyphre

    many esp and radar hacks

    Just that you're paranoid doesn't mean THEY are NOT after you True, I also get the feeling more often recently, but still only very, very occasionally, that someone is cheating. But the reason might simply be that I'm not playing that often any more and am out of practice, so I'm just getting pwned more often.
  2. LuisCyphre

    This post will change the gunplay

    Damn clickbait title for just another rant. F*** off.
  3. LuisCyphre


    Looks like a firewall problem to me.
  4. LuisCyphre

    why is this game so dark?

    It is that dark so you can't see properly from your tank, you got that right.
  5. LuisCyphre

    This game is dying, so...

    To remotely feel like an old player the new player would need a lot of soldiers with different layouts and a lot of gold badges...
  6. LuisCyphre

    Ubuntu/Linux mit oder ohne Proton

    Ich bezweifle das sehr stark, weil die Entwicklung auf Bugfixes und Balancing runtergefahren wurde. Wenn du das also nicht selbst mit Wine oder so hinbekommst... wird das bestimmt nix. Aber installier doch einfach auf einer Partition Windows und boote da über GRUB rein, wenn du möchtest. Parallelinstallationen kann Ubuntu von Haus aus, Windows auch.
  7. LuisCyphre

    Rushing ruining the game?

    Rushing is an art. An important one. And it's actually not that easy to perform a good rush.
  8. LuisCyphre

    Unpopular Opinion - One of the BEST updates?

    Finally the end of bitching about OP weapon this, OP weapon that. As to the captured vehicles skin, I would have preferred something remotely realistic, like a flag put on the hood or pinned to the sides, but well. A skin is probably easier to do than a model change. Anyway, quite useful. How often have I run to an enemy APC only to find out that someone has already unlocked it!
  9. LuisCyphre

    Flash player

    Erm, no, That's not how it works. Direct system access would be end of anything of course, but that is not required. You see, basically, programs use certain common dlls, so, an innocent program (like a browser, that would be about worst case) calling that code can make use of the vulnerability therein.
  10. LuisCyphre

    Captured STG experience

    You need to include more effects and random memes. Otherwise it's boring.
  11. LuisCyphre

    Flash player

    For some attack methods it can be sufficient if for example a vulnerable dll is just present on the system. And after that support end, it will be a prime target for malware developers.
  12. LuisCyphre

    Where is Hades?

  13. LuisCyphre

    Flash player

    Since Adobe ended support for flash by Dec 31, 2020, we can all look forward to gaping holes of security vulnerabilities very soon.
  14. LuisCyphre

    RETO you won - I join the dark side

    Cross my heart!
  15. LuisCyphre

    RETO you won - I join the dark side

    Valid plan, come join me on US side!