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  1. Player requested UI improvements in Update 1.11.1

    Okay, I made a short video explaining why I think you should bring back the HQ, in one way or another. https://gaming.youtube.com/watch?v=PK7OS7ARCMc&feature=share
  2. Player requested UI improvements in Update 1.11.1

    Possible bug: Moving out from a battle ending seems to have a lot of latency, I was trying to counter a timed relock @Châtillon-sur-Seine towards Dijon - the enemy had barely cleared 2/3 of the (long) way, my ATs just didn't move out, was a fast enemy moto guard though, so I'm not totally sure.
  3. Player requested UI improvements in Update 1.11.1

    Very good. Overall the best update I have seen since Rommel build, I have to and want to admit that things are looking promising again!
  4. Player requested UI improvements in Update 1.11.1

    Having looked at the HQ thing a bit more, I must say that as a result of removing the HQ, information is now actually much harder to find. You need to click on an AT in the war map column, then find the tiny "details" icon of the info window that pops up (and know that it exists... go figure how many people will fail at that), or hit the small one in the column itself - in both cases that takes you to the soldier screen with the AT highlighted, so you cannot systematically check AT after AT with ease. If you want to see XP progression, you also need to hover the mouse over the AT info tile. That is a seriously game flow hindering design, and information fragmentation, bottom line - please just bring back the HQ. Don't fix things that are not broken. Wouldn't hurt to have the HQ as an alternative, for people with more than a handful of ATs, would it? Code is already written... so to teh rescue, @Reto.Vashu
  5. Player requested UI improvements in Update 1.11.1

    Yes, the interface is cluttered with large tile-like stuff, for instance making the AT row collapsible again would be a good tweak, or even better - a button to hide most of the HUD so you can pan around the map more easily. 2 - Umm, now you have to switch to the soldier screen instead if you want to reassign teams, thus it's still an additional action, so it's not saving any steps (even with the details button) - but well, just a question of habits I guess. 3 - Why not let people let opt in or out of leaving random squads, that's a bit patronizing player's preferences. If I like people I randomly joined up with, I'll now have to send friends invitations, squad up again,... not a quality of life improvement like this IMO. ... but apart from a bit of tweaking potential, most of the changes are very welcome. --- BEST changes, really helpfu IMO: You get to name new ATs when buying them. Zoom to AT and battle. ---- Needs to be adressed soon: Airfield highlighting.... Hey Reto - question: To make up for the long wait while you're working at the back end stuff, how about giving everybody the ability to rename all their old ATs ONCE for free? I still have plenty with automatically assigned double designators...
  6. P38 cancer still here I see, so goodbye again!

    I find it funny how it's always the high skill pilots here who claim that all planes are totally balanced. Of course people like Adrian and WarDaemon can beat P38s in their SU/GE counterparts, even more so because they usually have proven wingmen sitting in TS with them, hell, they probably can shoot P38s down with a recon plane, but that doesn't make them balanced in a general sense.
  7. Just in case any Reto staff stumble upon this topic and happens to read it, please be advised that Unt here is some russian boy living in his mom's basement, at least judging by his comments in German Army chat, where everybody who wants to retain their mental sanity has blocked him.
  8. War is now broken.

    There are a lot of reasons not to. And a lot of good reasons. They have all been told countless times.
  9. AR logic is not logic !

    Apparently, there is still a random factor in the mix, and Robotron once said that there's a whole matrix to calculate AR, but in this case I'd say: Vehicles of any kind do count, and while we do not know the precise factors (perhaps some whales have conducted extensive experiments...) - 70 bikes seem to have outweighed 30 jeeps plus 10 inf and 10 APCs. Surprising, because APCs should really count for a lot, but still.
  10. Letter from the CEO #4

    Skipped the most important short time development question, about the warfund bug status, and Gargamel was telling some really beautiful bedtime stories about the P38 just being "more visible"... ...other than that, I like JM, he's answering questions straight to the point. Very nice!
  11. Summer Sale: 15 days of sale

    Thx Reto
  12. Summer Sale: 15 days of sale

    If I buy a uniform for an old infantry soldier who can change career, and then change him to recon - will he retain the uniform, as long as the type of uniform is available for both inf and recon? E.g. nagual
  13. 4th of July giveaway

    It will become active when your other memberships runs out. You just need to redeem the voucher before July 5, it will then auto activate. Edit: Damn ninjas
  14. It will funnel some hardcore tankers, but by no means will it funnel casuals from war battles. The ARE going to join for the war bonus, and then they will quit when they cannot play the way they would like to. Basic psychology. Simple: The one you just patched out, where all soldiers spawned played got equal WF and XP. It was a way to get things done in the past, it will be perceived as one again. It was a bad move to remove it in the first place anyway. Tweak it, with inimum alive requirements or the like, but don't punish people for playing it smart. The alternative goal of grinding a soldier will be a strong incentive not to leave the match given the lenght of the HG Grind™, it will give people something to do that makes sense to them even in an apparently lost match, because the reason for ragequitting is the feeling that it makes no sense to stay, isn't it. Apart from pure rage. You might want to spicen this up with a low ticket XP and, MUCH more importantly, ribbon XP bonus, call it Front Fighter or something, but on a low enough level to avoid exploiting it of course.
  15. Letter from the CEO #4

    I have a technical suggestion: Put the Reports to the General outside of the game client on a webpage with login (like here for instance). Should make things a lot easier and make it rather independent of warserver changes, as long as the generated data are stored in a database using the same formatting. Checking on AT's performance is no time critical task, it doesn't have to be accessible at a moment's notice ingame.