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  1. LuisCyphre

    You did it, Reto! Thank you!

    It's a trend, yes.
  2. LuisCyphre

    Bring 1.13 income back!

    Wait, that's not in the changelog!
  3. LuisCyphre

    You did it, Reto! Thank you!

    Okay, you really don't get it that at prime time, people NOT (any more) rushing to deploy and anxiously waiting for the war restart so they can get their ATs out, is a sign of decay. A sign of lost impetus. Of motivation. That is sad.
  4. LuisCyphre

    Changelog 1.13.1 NEW ANTI TANK WEAPONS

    They clearly decided to just ignore the history aspect, since we're fighting in Switzerland, in Turkey, and Sweden already. Capitals make no more difference to that situation. The rotation might bring some fresh wind into the RTS though.
  5. LuisCyphre

    Changelog 1.13.1 NEW ANTI TANK WEAPONS

    Moved Bazooka to Tank Destruction lvl 4. Moved SU PTRD 1941 to Tank Destruction lvl 4. Moved PanzerSchreck to TD lvl 8. Why?
  6. LuisCyphre

    You did it, Reto! Thank you!

    New players know nothing about that, nor do they care. That being said, of course it is just a moment's picture what we see here, it is just that in all the war restarts that I was in, I never witnessed anything like it before, most certainly not in EU primetime. Mind you, the para queue was still filled up to about 3 days length in the first few seconds.
  7. LuisCyphre


    That is Soviet propaganda, they didn't "insta disappear," most SU generals just chose not to deploy. They were sulking.
  8. LuisCyphre

    You did it, Reto! Thank you!

    And you think GE players don't?
  9. Today, on a saturday afternoon, shortly after 15 o'clock Central European Time: That is a MAJOR achievement - three and a half years after you announced your intent: Nice work. Congrats!
  10. LuisCyphre

    Can i delete soldier?

    Use your second soldier for a flexible configuration to use in battle. One for instance for general purpose, one for close quarters.
  11. LuisCyphre


    Merge all soldiers of a player, allowing them to be played in any faction; weapon unlocks (for any faction) remain on a per soldier basis. So for instance soldier A might have an M1/M2 when played on US side, a STG on GE side and an AVS when played on soviet side, same applies to vehicles; he might have a jeep and a motorcycle on US side, but no vehicles on GE side (because you haven't bought any for him) and so on. Merge the ATs into one pool for a player as well. Objective: Allow people to take their ATs and soldiers with them to other factions, while still being bound for the duration of a war (for war battles and RTS) to one faction. This should help to even out the population imbalance. Short title: Allow faction switching with all assets.
  12. LuisCyphre

    step up your APC game

    Nice - but with a recent update, Reto thought it fit to block spawning in APCs when enemies are too close. Driving them right into an objective is no longer really prudent and here, defenders will be above by the fueling station usually.
  13. LuisCyphre

    We should cut Reto a break.

    I have, but Trello clearly does not show this yet.
  14. LuisCyphre

    We should cut Reto a break.

    Indeed, we should cut Reto a break. We can see from the recent rather huge develompents like TD tier 3, the gunplay changes, the fortress skirmish and the deployed testing for new AT arsenal, the sudden turn-around concerning AR mechanics from a flat "no" to "we're discussing how", that apparently the new CEO is willing to make some major changes and push them.
  15. LuisCyphre

    war wins

    Old sheet, stopped being maintained in march 2017, but should be complete until then.