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  1. LuisCyphre

    Next round of weapon balancing

    While you're at it, please take another look at the grenade throwing arcs. You can't really get one lobbed through windows from an angle from below reliably any more, and things like clearing upper levels in the church are far too hard to do now. I know nadespam isn't really what anybody wants, but the nades should at least go where you aim them to...
  2. LuisCyphre

    comment changer ses touches

    You can only do that ingame, unfortunately. Once you're in, press ESC.
  3. LuisCyphre

    i need share this xD

    Please tell me you threw a snowball at him.
  4. LuisCyphre

    Feedback from a veteran returning

    Do you see anything pointing the other way, besides that? They were hard-pressed even with old bugs already, the Trello board is empty. That "further development" statement is nothing but lips for the sake of the statement.
  5. LuisCyphre

    Flamethrower buff

    BURN, noob, BURN!
  6. LuisCyphre

    Feedback from a veteran returning

    It is available on public record, page 8, 3rd paragraph from the bottom, specifically. @moderators, just as a precaution, since posting that link last time resulted in the thread getting hidden, may I remind you that these informations are legally mandatory to be published to the public for a reason.
  7. LuisCyphre

    Feedback from a veteran returning

    You seem to have missed the fact that presently all development on H&G has been halted, as layed out in the annual company report strategy (which is publicly available, by law). They're working on a new game and I doubt we'll see anything really new here any more, just bugfixes and some gimmicks.
  8. LuisCyphre

    thread to evacuate your anger against randoms

    @x) No. I am not. I'm still not playing for any clan any more. I grew old, you see.
  9. LuisCyphre

    question about RTS

    Yes, you got that right, how much ever N_E_TheSpanishInquisition tries to play it down.
  10. LuisCyphre

    question about RTS

    It is randomly distributed among the ATs present at the end of a battle, e.g. pushed-out lines don't get any, and how much material was pulled from your ATs doesn't matter. Plus, soldiers (including specialists) may be pulled from one AT and the vehicle from another, that also doesn't matter. Reto's reasoning behind this: In the old days™, people took to F11-ing and respawning until they observed a ticket deducted from their AT on the war map, so they knew they now would get the XP and the WF they themselves earned.
  11. Really? You are not saving videos of every match but create logfiles, even if we look at the size of counter-strike demo files for comparison (still in the kilobyte range), it is just not imaginable with today's server arrays that this can cause any problems at all?
  12. LuisCyphre

    thread to evacuate your anger against randoms

    I'm a random! Ask me anything!
  13. LuisCyphre

    Bulletproof Fence

    For your information, you can shoot the fence posts to bring it down...
  14. I'd bet a thousand gold against finding any.