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  1. At the point we're at now, that is just wishful thinking.
  2. LuisCyphre

    why do you keep deploying?

    Here you go again :facepalm:
  3. LuisCyphre

    why do you keep deploying?

    If that were the case here, as of course as you say it usually is (and is just about everywhere else), we'd have AR permanently off by now, with some basic priorisation system at least. But it isn't. Get real. Reto only pretend to listen. When they like to.
  4. LuisCyphre

    why do you keep deploying?

    You're a coward, like all of them. Stand up for your game.
  5. LuisCyphre

    why do you keep deploying?

    I really don't get it. Or to be more precise, I don't get how you guys tick. ALL the strategy game community called for AR to be permanently removed after the test, with the most intense response ever on a single topic here, if I'm not sorely mistaken. Then you just let it die, after Reto simply turned your request down, without giving any reason. You shrink back into the shadows. And then you still deploy. You're all behaving like addicts. That is SAD. All of it.
  6. Yeah, no surprises here. That you have the cheek to claim you're listening, while lapsing into silence every time you don't like that feedback, and apparently still have the guts to look into the mirror each morning, is beyond me.
  7. You stopped talking to us @Reto.Millan or are you considering this ultra clear vote and how to follow up on such an almost unanimous request with such a lot of attention without investing too much time?
  8. I have a single wish: If it aint broken, don't try to fix it. Elaborate: Fix broken things instead.
  9. And then silence fell, Reto.Moto's most lethal weapon.
  10. Reto Challenge™: Launch an ingame survey with a running time of at least a week. Just do it! You'll get the same result. Prove that you're listening by deeds.
  11. Okay, we get it, that is a definite "no", set in PR terms. Against the clear, overwhelming feeling of everybody but a few russian whales who have been destructively abusing broken mechanics for years, much to the loss of the community - and to your company no doubt. And you wonder how you attained your image? You wonder where negativity stems from? Tell you what: The war server has to have all the variables, - which battles are there, - are they fun, - how long have they been active, - what kind of battle is it, all that already available at all times, right? Because it's being displayed, so yeah, it has. It's just a 4-dimensional field and maybe one sub field for the type of battle! It's not rocket science! I could get my 17 year old nephew to program an algorithm to choose which battle to launch first based on that information on a fricking sunday afternoon after taking a prolonged nap and before walking the dog! That excuse is the lamest thing I have EVER heard from any of you. Or frankly, from anybody everywhere for a very long time. Don't you feel ashamed of posting such nonsense.
  12. In case you haven't noticed, the start post already was bilingual. Jeez.
  13. geschlittert, that is not productive -. -
  14. Yes, but do us all a favour and stop the whataboutism...
  15. And that is a mistake. A huge mistake. War suddenly worked as well as it hasn't in years, people, veterans of old, were flocking back to the game. With some minor additions (battle priorisation) you have the means here to make the RTS worth playing again, at your hands, for the taking. The poll results speak for themselves, even if not representative. Don't push this away to infinity again for God's sake.