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  1. Icy_Ivan

    buff german pls

    It's fun to read the requests of the players of the German faction about the baff of German weapons. The Germans have the best weapons in the game - so all wealthy players try to buy a captured German stg, mg42, mg13 and panzerbuchse 39. I will remind you that in the Soviet faction, so far (!!!), they have not solved the problem with high recoil and low shooting accuracy on the avs36. The ppsh40 actually shot farther and more accurately than the mp40, but in this game it's the other way around. The German Tiger2 tank is the most resilient tank in this game, the FW-190 surpasses the LA-7 in firepower and maneuverability. Soviet and American tankers and pilots have only recently been issued new camouflage uniforms, while Germany has had them from the start. It is also worth noting the fact that Germany very often wins on the global map. Thus, I do not see the need to improve German weapons and equipment. However, I agree that it has become more difficult to play for Germany - the appearance of modules for captured weapons has affected.
  2. Icy_Ivan

    Easter Egg

    Apparently, making one soldier a general is the only way out at the moment. Unfortunately, if a tankman and a pilot are added for daily missions at the same time, I will have a big problem. I hope that the developers will have time to do something about this problem by then.
  3. Icy_Ivan

    Easter Egg

    The update with Easter eggs caused a pleasant feeling. However I would like to ask a question about the "daily reward". The fact is that at the time of its appearance, I already had the maximum number of heroes for one of the factions (32 if memory serves). After 112 days, the daily reward earned me one infantryman for each faction. Everything is fine and at first I was even happy, BUT during the battle, one of my infantrymen disappears!!! Everything is fine in the menu and I can choose any hero, BUT during the battle, one of the heroes in the list DISAPPEARS! Are the developers going to solve this problem somehow? Why can't make 40 or 50 hero slots?
  4. Icy_Ivan

    Post your new soldier (faces) creations

    Let me remind you that Romanians, Hungarians, Hindus, and even Africans fought on the side of Nazi Germany. So everything is historically accurate, lol.
  5. Icy_Ivan

    AVS36 (Fix asap,please)

    In the 17th year, the AVS was a good rifle. Even in 2019, it was still possible to play with it, but then the developers introduced mg13 (it's funny, but when recharging, till now, you don't need to pull the shutter) and began to bring the balance towards the Germans. I have 3 avs36 and you think that I haven't tried putting or removing mods? With mods, this weapon is only getting worse now. What does it have to do with just me? Just go to any battle for the Soviet faction and read in the chat as the players "praise" this weapon.
  6. Icy_Ivan

    AVS36 (Fix asap,please)

    SU clan players used cheats a few years ago as a protest for developers who turned a blind eye to cheaters for the German and American faction. The entire clan opposed the inaction of the developers. They all got banned, but their feat is still remembered.
  7. Icy_Ivan

    AVS36 (Fix asap,please)

    I have 2000 hours in the game. I have MG42, stg, bar, johnsosn, tompson, I have tiger 1, tiger 2, jagpanter, pz2, I have 3 Soviet tankers and ABSOLUTELY all SOVIET TANKS. 2 Soviet snipers with armored cars, 3 Soviet paratroopers (1 with PPSh, 1 with PPS, 1 with SVT-40 and grenades), 3 generals for the Soviet faction and all other slots for the Soviet faction are occupied by ordinary soldiers. I've been in this game for a few years now. So I know for sure that the Soviet Faction has the worst bad weapons. Soviet guns has the worst shooting accuracy in this game (with the exception of rifles, but you will not attack with them). Where is the SKS for Soviet paratroopers, or at least the dp-28 machine gun? Why do Soviet armored vehicles have 45-mm guns, but do not have high-explosive shells? Why does a German 20 mm automatic gun on a German armored personnel carrier have a fragmentation effect? Where are the Soviet m-72 motorcycles with DP-28 machine guns? Why is the is-2 tank not equipped with a dshk machine gun? Where are the normal 37 mm anti-aircraft guns? In addition to the fact that the Soviet faction has "logs" and not small arms, there are also a lot of "random" flaws. Only for some reason the Germans have fg-42s for German paratroopers, American paratroopers have johnson. American and German cars have machine guns, but the Soviet faction have nothing.
  8. Icy_Ivan

    AVS36 (Fix asap,please)

    The main number of hackers play for the Germans and Americans. Since all the cheats and tips about setting up macros are published in English and, first of all, in the English-speaking market. The AVS36 is now just a flawed weapon. The AVS36 is now just a flawed weapon. Even without modules, when shooting, the sight instantly toss up, which causes big problems (it is not possible to effectively hit targets at a distance of even 50 meters and it is not possible to kill several opponents at once, because in addition to the high recoil, there are only 15 rounds (although the Soviet Union was developing experimental 25-round magazines, and also to this rifle ( as well as to the SVT-40) approached the stores from the Finnish machine gun).
  9. Icy_Ivan

    AVS36 (Fix asap,please)

    The Soviet Union developed the AK (Kalashnikov assault rifle model 47 year) on the basis of their own developments. The Soviet Union, during the war, developed an intermediate cartridge as well as the Germans, and by the 45th created the SKS for this intermediate cartridge. I will also note that the SKS managed to take part in the Second World War, albeit sporadically. So the Soviet designers did not steal anything. They used their own developments. While the German designers stole THE PPSh fuse and put it on the MP40. And I just remind you that the monetary debt of Germany after the Second World war was how cost the whole of Germany - i.e. the Soviet Union could simply to borrow some technical know-how, or completely to relocate Germany to Russia...
  10. Icy_Ivan

    AVS36 (Fix asap,please)

    I see you have already run out of arguments and decided to switch to insults. Don't waste my time with useless chatter.
  11. Icy_Ivan

    AVS36 (Fix asap,please)

    Soviet weapons were the best weapons in the war, for your information. The PPSH shot further and more accurately than the MP40. PPSH had 71 rounds in the drum, and then received 30-round magazines (plus a convenient wooden stock). The PPS was even better than the PPSР - it was the most effective and cheap submachine gun, which in its characteristics was not inferior to the MP40, but cost several times cheaper and allowed to arm many more soldiers. The DP-28 is, in fact, the first full-fledged light machine gun. Unlike the MG42, the DP-28 can actually be fired standing up and hit somewhere. SVT-40 and AVS36 were in the Soviet army since the Finnish war. Well, the Soviet KV-1 and T-34-76 easily destroyed any German tank in the 41st year. You need to engage in the study of history, and not to collect gossip on the Internet.
  12. Icy_Ivan

    AVS36 (Fix asap,please)

    The problem here isn't just with AVS36. Any Soviet automatic weapon is much worse than the equivalent of the Germans. Why? - I don't understand. Apparently this is the prejudice of developers who still do not know who put an end to the Second World War.
  13. Icy_Ivan

    Update 1.18.1 - Combat Rebalance

    I'm interested... Only I get into battles where our team has ping 1 and the opponent's team has 3-4 ping? Moreover, I only see this when I fight against the Koreans. If this is a problem in the server and due to long distance, why does this happen when auto-picking on the global map? I have not seen this before, but over the past 2 months, such battles have become more frequent...
  14. Icy_Ivan


    In fact, the balance between the US and Germany is worked out normally (of course, the American tanks are the weakest in the game (except for M18 and Chaffee), but in reality it was the same...). the Balance of tanks and armored vehicles between the USSR and two other factions is also done well (only it is not clear why the T-34-85 goes slower than the Panther tank), but... the Soviet faction has a monstrous shortage of universal weapons. At short and medium range, only the dp-28 can shoot well (not counting rifles). the Dt-29 and AVS-36 have become simply disgusting weapons, no modules help. And... When will add something interesting for the Soviet paratroops? Why is there no DP-28 machine gun or SKS rifle? BA-11 armored vehicles do not have high-explosive shells and after closing the hatch, the driver - mechanic sees nothing... Ampulomet also poorly designed and is a useless grenade launcher in the game. This weapon must either be replaced with an experimental RPG-1 grenade launcher or increase the damage inflicted (or increase the damage from the high-explosive effect).
  15. Icy_Ivan


    The number of players will not increase as long as the game has a disgusting balance. (Playing on consoles? Seriously? Are you missing the Asian ping? After the introduction of Chinese the number of cheaters has only increased...)