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  1. doucheffect

    HG 2.0 new artwork leaked

    Are those tanks pictured new? What's your point?
  2. doucheffect

    (UPDATE) fix found for high cpu/low gpu utilization?

    This is an interesting thread because even really good GPU's are underutilized in this game, or wildly inconsistent in utilization which leads to higher than normal CPU usage and lower FPS performance because of it. Once in a while I'll get 90+ gpu utilization for short periods while playing HnG, and I'll get 140-165 fps under that range of gpu utilization. But, most of the time it's sub 60% utilization (averaging around 80-90 fps), and often down around 33%. Last night I was sitting at 45 FPS on town map with 33% Utilization, no reason for this, it's clearly a game issue. All temps are fine, this game is just whacked out with optimization or something. I'm still curious if what you mentioned above impacts all computers.
  3. doucheffect

    Honest to God, HnG forums are actually not toxic

    Shi$ talking that can be backed up is much better IMO than people that constantly say stupid stuff, constantly whining, or complain about their faction being "weak", "nerfed to the ground",...blah blah wine fest crap. Right @SK1M3R
  4. doucheffect

    P51D is just a joke.

    Top rate, even Hades would probably agree, unless it was me doing it - I love shi$ talking on the forums. Well played.
  5. doucheffect

    Vehicle Spawn Price Sheet

    Lol, 6 things that still stand out, and are quite silly IMO. The chaffee isn't all that great anymore after the armor update, but it's still the 5th most expensive tank/td in the game to spawn at 716 cost. Behind the tier 2 heavies King Tiger, Pershing, and IS2 all just over 1,000, and just behind the M36 heavy TD at 785. It's more expensive than all medium tanks and standard TD's in the game, and move expensive than 2/3 of the heavy TD's. More expensive than the E8 and the Panther. Funny, considering I see 10x more Stuarts now in games than the Chaffee. For how crappy the standard M4 Sherman is in game, why is it 3x more expensive than a Panzer III? 360 vs 118 spawn cost is silly, considering I don't think the M4 is any better than the Panzer 3. Why is the IS2 and the Pershing still the same cost as the Tiger 2? The T2 is so much better, and the IS2 and Pershing are now probably lesser or equal tanks tp the Tiger I, but the Tiger I is only 334 spawn cost vs 1009/1008. Here's a 4th point: The SU-76 is not on par with the M10 or Hetzer, each cost about 152. The SU76 should be 100, while the M10 and the Hetzer should be more than the current 152 IMO. Maybe the M10 being the most. Why is the E8 still the most expensive medium in the game, it was even more expensive pre-update when the Panther dominated everything in sight? The M2A2 starter tank is still easily the best of the starter tanks, but they all cost the same at 14. I would keep the T-38 at 14, and just barely bump up the price on the Panzer I, and bump up the M2A2 at least 3x its current price. That's all for now...
  6. doucheffect

    Changelog 1.13.2 - New Fighter Planes

    I had a couple posts deleted today I think. Pretty weak sauce material on my part really. P.S. I like some of the updates Reto did with the terrain. (inserted because that is constructive feedback, so I can't get in trouble)
  7. doucheffect

    US = war, GE = staged, SU = ???

    Actually his list was not perfect, but it is more accurate than yours, but at least you tried.
  8. doucheffect

    Changelog 1.13.2 - New Fighter Planes

    Lol, surprised they haven't banned you for these comments for being "toxic". They drop the hammer on me for far, far less. I love their selective and wittle feelings hurt censorship.
  9. doucheffect

    US = war, GE = staged, SU = ???

    Accurate, but I would take it a bit further. GE still wins war matches at a rate of 50-60%, like the US. SU is always under 50%. Yet GE wins between 80-90% of staged matches where the vast majority of players play this game. So tell me where the real problem is, or the bigger problem when analyzing the game from a staged vs war perspective. I'd argue that staged is a much more rooted problem than war, and a broken staged sets up the failures of war, under/overpopulation. This simple yet fundamental issue goes way over everyone's heads who complain about the war situation. You can't grow war as long as the pipeline of players through staged is so ridiculously broken and lopsided in W/L by Germany. You might as well called staged German Farming Simulator. So again, how do you build a war population equal on the US/SU side when new players rage out of this game on the under pop factions before they even qualify for war mode? Everything in this game has a cause and effect, and the above mentioned is a biggie.
  10. doucheffect

    Changelog 1.13.2 - New Fighter Planes

    Has Reto ever acknowledged the massive FPS drops when planes are in matches, and why that happens? It's always been this way, I drop 40-70 frames when planes enter matches. I'm talking even before this update, it's been like this for years. Also, the FPS stability has continued to be so unstable, even with top of the line gaming computers. No other game that I play has such inconsistent fps/drops and sluggish fps play because of it.
  11. doucheffect


    But but, Reto must dedicate time and resources to merge posts on the forums, that's way more of a priority!!! Ask @SK1M3R!
  12. doucheffect


    Dude who cares. They have better things to do with their time than derping around with stuff like this.
  13. doucheffect

    Optimisation Status : ....good

    I upgraded my cpu and gpu, each about 3x higher rated + a 144 monitor, and doubled my ram, and I get worse fps and overall performance than I did 2 years ago. This game runs like absolute crap now, just heavy and slow feeling. All temps are good, no problems with my hardware.
  14. doucheffect

    RTS situation