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  1. doucheffect

    American domination in war

    More toxic SU whining from you as if they are the only victims to nerfing. Let me remind you of the US nerfs (I won't bother with GE nerfs, someone else can): Thompson way back when the ppsh was nerfed M1/M2 back when the mg42 was nerfed M1 carbines were ruined years ago Johnson somewhat recently nerfed Pershing (speed reduction) Chaffee (speed reduction) M2A2 tank recently nerfed Again, you fail to recognize the other factions have received just as many, or more as the others. So tell me again, how are correct statements toxic? I'd argue that your lack of objectivity in regard to the other factions is far more toxic than someone like me calling you out for your constant tin foil hat whining posts about SU and their equipment.
  2. doucheffect

    Use Allies vs Axis in war

    I have always stated the same thing. Worst decision ever on so many levels of creating balance, money stream opportunity for Reto, true history...I could go on and on, but I've done so in many other posts, I can't bring myself to repeat myself anymore over than on these forums. Reto took the easy and lazy route and it's biting them in the butt now.
  3. doucheffect

    Use Allies vs Axis in war

    I'm not making some accusation. It's well known that GE dominates staged. That in itself is not good for the health of the game, and staged leads to war. Nor is war in a healthy state either. Simple, and I'm just pointing that out. I'm not suggesting anything other than pointing out the differences. But I too think that combing the US/SU Allies v Axis, + adding Italy would be a good start in the right direction.
  4. doucheffect

    Use Allies vs Axis in war

    GE still dominated staged when they were good in war. GE seal clubbing in staged does not help the game build a player base for the underpop factions in the CURRENT mode of the game, or even the past... Simple as that.
  5. doucheffect

    Use Allies vs Axis in war

    I understand the problems adding SU created. Yes, there is a huge difference now, and that when new players start this game, it's through staged. They then proceed to get slaughtered in staged by GE, and always have been, and then many probably never get a chance to get involved in war on those underpop factions. I don't understand how that is hard to understand for you. You need a healthy staged to build a war population, and GE has always dominated staged at far higher levels than their performance in war. So yes, there is a big difference.
  6. doucheffect

    Use Allies vs Axis in war

    Huge difference in that staged is what feeds and creates war players, and GE is overpopulated. So ge roflstomping in staged helps contribute to the underpopulation/overpop problems of war. Overpopulation is probably the biggest problem for GE in war, so bashing on new or low level future/potential US or SU war players is not good for a healthy war mode of this game. Besides that, GE still wins around a 50% or so w/l rate in war, in staged I'm pretty sure GE is winning 80-90% of matches. The whole big picture process is bad from the start, and that begins with staged.
  7. doucheffect

    Q about M3 Lee...

    Even with both guns properly rotating shots and hitting, it will still easily lose to Panzer IIII's on up, and shredded by TD's. It even has a tough time with both guns blazing vs Panzer III's. Still can be fun to use, troll around in. I enjoy a challenge anyway.
  8. doucheffect

    T28 Suddenly USEFUL???

    One more truthful post actually. L2P.
  9. doucheffect

    T28 Suddenly USEFUL???

    Because it doesn't fit the narrative of "all SU equipment is inferior" or "all SU equipment sucks", "All SU weapons were nerfed", "SU was nerfed to the ground". etc. etc...
  10. doucheffect

    Reto on strike too?

  11. doucheffect

    American domination in war

    Tin foil hat excuses, and not true either. The only SU equipment that was truely nerfed was the completely broken PTRD. In actuality, the US and GE have had just as much, or more stuff nerfed as SU. Take any good US clan/team, or GE, swap them to SU, and they will win just as much, and perform just as well with SU equipment. To say otherwise would be idiotic. The real reasons for HnG's problems in the RTS/war are far bigger than silly tin foil hat "nerfed faction" nonsense, regardless of what faction someone plays. SK1M3R, all you do on the forum is play the constant "SU victim" card. Get over it, it's all BS, and the true victims are all those who play war/rts, regardless of what faction they choose to play. Reto neglected war/rts far too long, and this is now the result.
  12. Are you done with your hyper emotional response now? On the good side, Reto is actually addressing RTS issues, and getting more involved with the community. Yet, here you are going off the deep end like it's the end of the world. They can always change the timer back if that is what is needed, but this will give them and the players an idea of what a longer timer does. The no AR experiment let us know how that worked, and we learned from it. War is a mess anyways, who cares if they try some new things.
  13. doucheffect

    US staged team ; home for people with learning disability

    I really enjoy reading these posts. In some ways they make me feel better about constantly being in these matches as well. So much truth, and I can relate 100% to your experiences.