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  1. doucheffect

    M22 locust para tanker

    would be pretty cool seeing a tank para dropping in this game
  2. doucheffect

    M2A2 is OP

    All these years of Panther and Tiger II OP/domination, it's funny to see so many German players complain about an "OP" tank outside of their own faction. The irony is bliss.
  3. doucheffect

    Can we have real armor weight values in?

    Yeah the vehicle physics are still messed up. I noticed the hellcat flips way easy. I hit a small rock, flipped the tank on its top, hit the train tracks, flipped the tank on its top. Jeeps/Kubels can push tanks too easily, and can even knock them over at times. Light tanks can push much heavier tanks too easily, and flip them. The stunt motorcycle is still pulling out sweet spastic moves, even when not even going fast. The weasel needs to be faster offroad for a track vehicle, same for in the water.
  4. Sure if you are getting into their sides and rear at point blank range and keep moving to avoid their gun. Head on you will never win a 1 v 1 vs a medium, let's be honest here. Bad German tankers that have been used to years of easy mode Panther and Tiger II tanking need to learn to adapt. You can no longer just sit in one spot deflecting tank shells after tank shells like they used to. I think it's good that they are required to have some sort of awareness now.
  5. doucheffect

    Faction balancing

    The no MG on your jeep is a lame argument when you consider that SU has the T-20 mini tank. Never bring the m1 carbine into a discussion when claiming your faction is weaker due to weapons. I do agree that the German APC is a huge advantage, even more so now since they are so hard to destroy and you can insta-spawn on them. Shooting the driver out of the GE apc is incredibly difficult while it is way too easy vs the US/SU APC.
  6. doucheffect

    Its so fun to fight a tiger 2 with this shirt update.

    How many belts frontally?
  7. Might as well put horses in the game then if bicycles are going to be useless. Would grass slow down the horses too? Or maybe the leaves in a forest?
  8. doucheffect

    New Soviet weapons please

    Spoken like a true intellect.
  9. doucheffect

    New Soviet weapons please

    Read again what I wrote... I never said I expected it. I said I favor realism and historical context, but I am a realist and realize it will be fudged for games.
  10. and we are still stuck on terrible lines due to bad or low rank squad leaders after the "choose the soldier" you want update. That choose your soldier part is only applicable if that resource in on your line, or you are the squad leader. A terrible slogan when squad 2.0 still prevents us of "choosing our soldier", or choosing a line to play off of.
  11. doucheffect

    New Soviet weapons please

    Then don't play it.
  12. Your two cents are what 80-90% of the community wants, and I would lean to the 90%. I'll say it again, look at how positive the response was from the community when Reto turned it off. This game hasn't had that much praise for Reto in a long, long time.
  13. Exactly, just turn it off. Or meet in the middle and make AR way longer for any match so it can't be abused over and over, since they can't set different timers for skirms/encounters/assaults.
  14. doucheffect

    Reduced Timer

    I have a feeling it is to help the assaulting teams, since they are the ones that are far more handicapped with the tough lines (water crossings), add in the slow offroad/water speeds and this update made it even harder to assault. Plus the tank buff. I hated the timer reduction at first, but then it got me thinking, it exposes those who refuse to defend even more. Learn and adapt is what I say. I'm sick of teams that flat out don't defend.