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  1. doucheffect

    My latest Feedback

    Borrowing cash from a bank to pay an employee to do that would be the first step. Not going to happen.
  2. doucheffect

    New technologies and gaming communities

  3. doucheffect

    Sniper Rifles

    but ImMa sNipEr i dOnt cAptuRE d fenD pTs dOwn VOTe
  4. doucheffect

    New technologies and gaming communities

    Devs, admins, moderators - will be taking their thin skinned, sensitive feelings to a whole new level over on discord. muh feelings - "Topic Closed"
  5. doucheffect

    Is there absolutely no solution???

    Further reward the real winners of the matches, those capping, assaulting and defending the objectives, especially the main objectives 01,02,03. Can they give extra points for actions in 01,02,03 vs other caps? Can they lower capture points off dead lines, farming dead lines? If these items can be addressed then they should massively reward, increase XP and points for those doing this work to win the match. In conjunction with this, massively reduce the exp/points for long range kills, long range sniping, which encourages camping and not playing objectives, but bump up cap/defend points for recons if possible. Massively reduce points earned by tank kills vs infantry, especially HE vs infantry (make HE rounds fired a credit cost, and an expensive one), destroying empty all terrain vehicles, and bump up points earned for tank v tank kills (get rid of tankers able to carry AT equip while at it.) Reduce points earned for infantry killing tanks, but also reduce AT cost a bit. Reduce points earned by pilots. Too many infantry players jump in planes to farm easy credits, all while leading the scoreboard with ease. Again, those capping and defending points should be dominating the top of the scoreboard not the nearly invincible fighter pilots. The paratrooper system could use some attention as well. It's really pretty simple. Just find a way to massively reward those playing the objectives that are needed to win the match. All the other crap like planes, tanks, recons are just tools to assist infantry in winning the match.
  6. doucheffect

    buff german pls

    But Germany needs to have an equal or better jeep too! Don't forget the 2 German recon cars vs the derp allied counterparts.
  7. doucheffect

    buff german pls

    Lol triggered af.
  8. doucheffect

    buff german pls

    Yeah it's rough having the best motorcycle in the game, and outside of jeeps, the most effective other inf vehicle, the kettenkrad.
  9. doucheffect

    buff german pls

    How about your assessment on the Kettenkrad vs the Weasel? The Ketten is 10x the vehicle of the Weasel, and virtually nobody uses the worthless Weasel unless they are just derping around. The Kettenkrad is awesome and I use it all the time when playing German. Maybe this is Reto's way of their weird balancing across the board?
  10. doucheffect

    US free war wins

    Wehraboo intensifies!
  11. doucheffect

    M1/M2 assault rifle just got real

    FYI, Reto will forum ban you for upvoting your own posts. With that said, always triggered AF.
  12. doucheffect

    Tier 2 Heavy Tank Balance

    Funny thing is, Reto nerfed the Pershing's forward and reverse speed a while back, all while the Tiger II was untouched. Made no sense whatsoever. IMO, even with its old speed given back, and maybe a slight armor buff, the Tiger II would still be better, like the old tanking system before the armor update. I still think the Pershing should be a little cheaper to spawn and have a shorter respawn timer. It's certainly easier to kill by any tank and AT infantry than the Tiger II is, so there's no reason it should be the same price and spawn time.
  13. doucheffect

    PTRS and other AT weapons vs planes

    I dunno, I've had pretty good use with the 222 against planes. I try and move after each round of shots at a plane. Just saying I get frustrated at not having much of a counter on the US side for planes. It's really plane v plane for US or nothing. Reto speaks of balance often, well this is clearly an area they are lacking.
  14. doucheffect

    PTRS and other AT weapons vs planes

    Certain Balance? SU: PTRD, PTRS, AA guns GE: Panzerbuchse, AA guns, 222/Autocannons US: AA guns