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  1. Der_FeldGendraMeire

    AGAIN!- Undeployable Assault Team

    Well then I want a refund for the ATs, I can't play like that, my General is stuck on the same rank for almost a year now!
  2. Der_FeldGendraMeire

    AGAIN!- Undeployable Assault Team

    Yesterday(April-16 2019) I payed for a mechanized infantry assault team and I chose Berlin as the location in which I want my assault team to be deployed in, Today(Apirl-17 2019) I saw that my assault team had all the recourses that it needed but it didn't deploy, so I instead tried to deploy them in Copenhagen, but when I pressed the "Deploy!" button, nothing happened, the menu was stuck in the state you see in the image below. I am tired of this, this is not the first or the second or the third time it happens to me, I loose because of it my Warfunds. Older reports: Images:
  3. Der_FeldGendraMeire

    Fake Ribbons

    Didn't help but thanks for the suggestions
  4. Der_FeldGendraMeire

    Fake Ribbons

    After a good match with my Jagdpanther I went to check my progress on its ribbon, there I saw I completed it, so I bought the HE ammunition but I recived nothing and the credits were gone and the ammunition is locked and the ribbon progress went back.
  5. Der_FeldGendraMeire

    Suspension is Too Sensitive

    When I am playing as a tanker my tank tends to vibrate a little bit which makes aiming on a far target a lot more difficult then what it should be, and when my tank is on an uneven terrain (like a road and a sidewalk) my tank would vibrate a lot and when i shoot the shell would go a lot lower then where I aimed.
  6. Der_FeldGendraMeire

    Morale restoration bug

  7. Der_FeldGendraMeire

    Morale restoration bug

    My assault teams dont get their moral back up when they get defeated when they are spouse to. THIS IS AN EDDITED VERSION SORRY IF I CONFUSED ANYONE ☹️🐛
  8. Der_FeldGendraMeire

    Do you have a WWII Relic?

    A few medals and a soviet navy black officer uniform with 2 rows of buttons and a naval coat(not a trench coat).
  9. Reporting: Der_Feldgendrameire ------------------------------------------------------------------ Bug: Shot a tank and got assist kill for killing my friendly tanker. Mission ID: /M 2048595456864054693 /P 378102450380441977 /W /lang en /NOSERVER /H 0 /PS 1400676039782885044 /V 153079 /x steam /R "ircserver=" /R "chatp=1400676039782885044::Z5rygqSd+aMtSz+E1/ZVLC2aFhs" /R "sync.delayShow=1" /R "actionhost=" /R "useDX12=1" /R "render.enable_pbr=0" Map Encountered: Town Location Encountered: D3 Details: I Was shooting a Soviet T- 38 Model 1937 With a PanzerFaust and When I destroyed it there was a friendly tanker inside. (I unlocked the broken tank and I did not expect someone to be in there). How to Reproduce?: Getting an ally to sit in an enemy vehicle and destroying it( I hope that's what you meant). --------------------------------------------------------------------
  10. Der_FeldGendraMeire

    Assault Team Malfunction 2

    I tried to spawn a medium fighter assault team and deploy them in Berlin, it took a long time to get the resources it needed to be able to deploy, Berlin was captured by the USSR and the assault team didn't deploy. I tried to deploy the assault team in one of the other cities we had but when I pressed the city I tried deploy the assault team in it would just stay in the window of the assault team spawning place selection. I was charged for the undeployed assault team and didn't get to deploy them at all. I was already answered in the last time I wrote the report long time ago which I didn't understand the answer and how it is related to my situation. Link to the last report:
  11. Der_FeldGendraMeire

    The Outside Paratrooper

    In some matches there are paratroopers without planes, and they could be spawned like a normal soldier. Sometimes the paratrooper may spawn outside the map where a plane should be, and thus, die from falling from that same place. Before I wrote this report it happened to me 6 times, 3 in a row.
  12. Der_FeldGendraMeire

    The Khutor Church

    In Khutor Church there is a big room in the front of the church that you can go upstairs, and I found it quite difficult to go upstairs as you can easily get stuck between the stairs and the floor above. The only way I found to get out of this situation currently is to suicide,
  13. Der_FeldGendraMeire

    shooting h3= -10XP

    I found that if you shoot your own H3 when its on an enemy vehicle it will give you 10XP penalty, that's all there is to it.
  14. Der_FeldGendraMeire

    Update 1.09.1 – Player Level Adjustments

    YOU DIDNT GET IT AT ALL, planes get so much XP because they are OP
  15. Der_FeldGendraMeire

    Change IS to IT

    I suggest that in the last part in the APCR ammo for the tanks you change the "is" and put instead an "it" I think its the right way to say this sentence. "Its high velocity gives is a very flat trajectory". "Its high velocity gives it a very flat trajectory". Then again, English is not my native language.