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  1. Der_FeldGendraMeire

    Suspension is Too Sensitive

    When I am playing as a tanker my tank tends to vibrate a little bit which makes aiming on a far target a lot more difficult then what it should be, and when my tank is on an uneven terrain (like a road and a sidewalk) my tank would vibrate a lot and when i shoot the shell would go a lot lower then where I aimed.
  2. Der_FeldGendraMeire

    Morale restoration bug

  3. Der_FeldGendraMeire

    Morale restoration bug

    My assault teams dont get their moral back up when they get defeated when they are spouse to. THIS IS AN EDDITED VERSION SORRY IF I CONFUSED ANYONE ☹️🐛
  4. Der_FeldGendraMeire

    Do you have a WWII Relic?

    A few medals and a soviet navy black officer uniform with 2 rows of buttons and a naval coat(not a trench coat).
  5. Reporting: Der_Feldgendrameire ------------------------------------------------------------------ Bug: Shot a tank and got assist kill for killing my friendly tanker. Mission ID: /M 2048595456864054693 /P 378102450380441977 /W /lang en /NOSERVER /H 0 /PS 1400676039782885044 /V 153079 /x steam /R "ircserver=" /R "chatp=1400676039782885044::Z5rygqSd+aMtSz+E1/ZVLC2aFhs" /R "sync.delayShow=1" /R "actionhost=" /R "useDX12=1" /R "render.enable_pbr=0" Map Encountered: Town Location Encountered: D3 Details: I Was shooting a Soviet T- 38 Model 1937 With a PanzerFaust and When I destroyed it there was a friendly tanker inside. (I unlocked the broken tank and I did not expect someone to be in there). How to Reproduce?: Getting an ally to sit in an enemy vehicle and destroying it( I hope that's what you meant). --------------------------------------------------------------------
  6. Der_FeldGendraMeire

    Assault Team Malfunction 2

    I tried to spawn a medium fighter assault team and deploy them in Berlin, it took a long time to get the resources it needed to be able to deploy, Berlin was captured by the USSR and the assault team didn't deploy. I tried to deploy the assault team in one of the other cities we had but when I pressed the city I tried deploy the assault team in it would just stay in the window of the assault team spawning place selection. I was charged for the undeployed assault team and didn't get to deploy them at all. I was already answered in the last time I wrote the report long time ago which I didn't understand the answer and how it is related to my situation. Link to the last report:
  7. Der_FeldGendraMeire

    The Outside Paratrooper

    In some matches there are paratroopers without planes, and they could be spawned like a normal soldier. Sometimes the paratrooper may spawn outside the map where a plane should be, and thus, die from falling from that same place. Before I wrote this report it happened to me 6 times, 3 in a row.
  8. Der_FeldGendraMeire

    The Khutor Church

    In Khutor Church there is a big room in the front of the church that you can go upstairs, and I found it quite difficult to go upstairs as you can easily get stuck between the stairs and the floor above. The only way I found to get out of this situation currently is to suicide,
  9. Der_FeldGendraMeire

    shooting h3= -10XP

    I found that if you shoot your own H3 when its on an enemy vehicle it will give you 10XP penalty, that's all there is to it.
  10. Der_FeldGendraMeire

    Update 1.09.1 – Player Level Adjustments

    YOU DIDNT GET IT AT ALL, planes get so much XP because they are OP
  11. Der_FeldGendraMeire

    Change IS to IT

    I suggest that in the last part in the APCR ammo for the tanks you change the "is" and put instead an "it" I think its the right way to say this sentence. "Its high velocity gives is a very flat trajectory". "Its high velocity gives it a very flat trajectory". Then again, English is not my native language.
  12. Der_FeldGendraMeire

    server down !!! .... again

    I can relate to it so much, but it is such a good WW2 game, and it's free of charge It's like making a deal with the devil- you will get a free WW2 game, but instead of money he wants your anger and frustration! BTW o love you to much reto to give up on you, like my passion to HL2
  13. Der_FeldGendraMeire

    The rock of expensive doom (BUG)

    In the game I have many times, driven my tiger 1 by accident on a rock, and each time, i would get stuck or get collided into the rock and i have a proof of it in an image I demand this issue to be fixed, it made me miss many IS-2's and it is outrageous
  14. Der_FeldGendraMeire

    Cannot change soldier's

    I have downloaded standalone version after deleting h&g from steam because i had problems from being unable to change the soldier and play other soldiers and factions (which started to be permanent) all the way to the damaged files that made the game unplayable, i tried to play the standalone, and it was 1 to 1 the same thing. what else can i do ?!
  15. Der_FeldGendraMeire

    Cannot change soldier's

    now its almost permanent, im stuck on infantry and i cannot change to any other class, this is a broken game, officialy. and no, i dont plan to use any of the other game versions, i should be able to play with the version i have.