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  1. I wonder how old are you people... other hand, I think it possible that some players know about "it" (subject if this post) and with perfect defiance write all to hide true about it... P.S. TIP for newbies (if there ever look it here) I am actually playing Ger para, with this FG42 (default without simple upgrade), bought half price with Xmass promotion. Ideal grind of coins with low cost of use about 20-60 repair cost when 3,5k earn - fast maps, longer time maps: 8k-11k with cost 80-150 coins to repair after battle) Most of action Iam the winner of shooting duels (die only with shot in back or out of ammo). For me this gun (default stats) are to Over Powered. P.S. 2 MODERATOR we can close this post if it possible.
  2. GUYS are you reading with understanding ? To FG-42 not need to add any upgrades... this weapon is overpowered with DEFAULT STATS = stable, accurate and has good damage (to fast kill). P.S. I dont know what kind of Johnson gun you played guys... for me Johnson is not so go... with DEFAULT STATS. (after adding some upgrades its powerful like it should be = after adding upgrades)
  3. I played all fractions. Iv got 1,162 hours game-play on steam in H&G. Iv got (except pilots) all class of soldiers. I unlocked most of gun in almost all class and most of my soldiers are "old kind" (made them before update that change leveling - from simple recruit to change class). Playing with Johnson and for example PPS-43 I dont have such feeling like in FG-42 (default stats). For both guns I need to add some upgrade so make those weapons stable, accurate and to get more damage (to fast kill). BUT in FG-42 I dont need to add any upgrades... this weapon is overpowered with default stats - for me it isnt fair vs other fractions paras... thats all... Good luck in battle... P.S. make this game more balanced (make some valuable post - no just troll ones...
  4. Hi, I played all nation paras... and Germany weapon machine-gun for paras is overpowered.. seriously... without any upgrade I could fight like pr0 with this weapon: its very good default accuracy, 1-2 shot in torso killing enemy, in my subjective feeling its "headshot" probability is very high in most actions there is NO spread bullets at all (even burst shooting) cost of using this gun without any upgrades is seriously... ridiculous...!!! (possibility of unbalanced make massive money with German fraction para) Please consider to "nerf" default stats of this gun... German fraction has to much bonuses already: most "H&G game veterans" play mostly Germans on the end of their career, so players on this fraction are super pr0's (in most rounds)...
  5. Hi, Iv got much issue with high ping... Why game force connect me to host in USA or China (HongKong) when I'm connecting from EU (Poland) ?! Come on... people be serious... make regional filters for it. Allow us = players to choice: if we wanna play on EU hosts or over the word but with higher ping (over 150ms but most cases = over 250ms... I suppose to its politics (maybe low population players on servers or something similar) but come on... let us = players decide... do not force connect players true ocean connection to USA = I get 250ms minimal ping there... its unplayable !!! With hope you consider my opinion Good Luck! Player from Poland BieliK
  6. Hi, there is wrong text in desrciption window , in Polish version for gun: Johnson M1941. Actualy there is description for truck car... change it please... _________________________________________________________________ After over 1 year... still there is wrong description, in window, in Polish language version for gun: Johnson M1941. STILL there is description for truck car... not for paras machine gun... Maybe use description from WIKI: link: