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  1. Wilfrith

    grenade accident?

    I have noticed that if you throw a grenade, and then you have a second grenade in your hand when the first explodes, you die and get a message "Accident -1 xp". This has happened to me several times now.
  2. Wilfrith

    The Issue With Field Maintenance

    I just played a skirmish with the new Jadgpanther on this Village skirmish map. I stayed alive for most (12 minutes) of the game (15 minutes), died once, 2 minutes to respawn. The game was over before I could get into action a second time. This is a good way to make people play a different game; after all, players want to play, not sit around waiting to play.
  3. Wilfrith

    Nominate Heroes & Generals for a Steam Award

    I have a love-hate relationship with this game. I play for several hours, every day. Still. Despite all the foul-ups. Despite all the frustration and even the rage it causes. So yeah, I did actually vote for this game. And most of the familiar names here (familiar to me) still play this game too, so they obviously derive 'some' pleasure from it. I know it's free to play but please listen to the community, Reto. Please fix the minor bugs first before trying to introduce new content or doing a complete overhaul of some aspect of the game. More balance; less BS please: yes P-38/Me410's... I'm talking about YOU!. (A seemingly simple fix like building defenses at the right height to benefit the defenders instead of causing them aiming and shooting problems for example, would be a useful start.) Edit: oh yeah: btw, the respawn times are ridiculous. Why would any designer think it's a good idea to stop players from playing too much?
  4. Wilfrith


    I have 10 different infantrymen, all with unique loadouts. A long time delay penalty on one affects them all. And this is not really the point: the main point is people want to play the game, not wait around for a long time. As a business proposition, lengthy respawn times are a really bad idea. I strongly suspect that some players will look elsewhere for a game that won't waste their time!
  5. Reto: Why do you make players wait to respawn? Do you want to drive players away? Players want to play not wait. Fix the respawn times for heaven's sake! Put them back to the way they were because as they are now means this game is massively less enjoyable than before the latest update.
  6. Wilfrith

    R.I.P Heroes and Generals

    Just got team-killed leaving the spawn. Two minutes to re-spawn. Tell me again how good this update is.
  7. Wilfrith

    R.I.P Heroes and Generals

    4400 hours over what period of time? I didn't count Steam hours. I average 5 hours a day. I didn't include this info to "play the hours game". I added it for context; by any measure, this should tell you I have been a loyal customer. It's got nothing to do with 'playing an hours game'.
  8. Wilfrith

    R.I.P Heroes and Generals

    I feel like a mug. I've spent money on this game. I've spent 3,500 hours playing it over 2 years. Now, with this update, I feel that I've been robbed by a bunch of people who don't do the work, don't do the research and development properly, and only know how to mis-manage their own product. The recent release of an obviously unready update shows an astounding lack of competence. This is the first time in 2 years that I don't have the enthusiasm to play, and I have just quit a War battle (something I've almost never done in the past). I've played this game EVERY DAY for the last 2 years (apart from one weekend when I was away from home). But I don't think I will be playing much more in the future. The new spawn system is insane. 1. Allowing everyone to play every role if the resources are available is ridiculous. The game need a limit on the number of auxiliaries, not a total free-for-all. 2. Time to spawn is too much. I'm not prepared to wait 90 seconds to spawn with my main soldier. And field maintenance for a character hasn't taken part in a battle is unjustified: no participation = no maintenance required. 3. I I'm being penalised twice over now: I had to spend a lot of time and credits (and sometimes real money) to get a good loadout; that was what the grind was all about. Ok, fair enough. But now I've done the work I have to wait a long time to spawn. That isn't justified. 4. The list of characters is so messy and (could be) so long as to add quite a few seconds to the already outrageously long spawn time. Why are the characters constantly changing places on the list? There should be one fixed order: the order in which they were bought/recruited. You would know where everyone is, that way. 5. Four-man squads are too small. Friends playing the game can't always get into the same match. This discourages people from playing. Reto should be trying to encourage team play, not discourage it. Not to mention all the other problems with this update even after the hotfix, like the sounds, the difficulty of destroying vehicles now (the Weasel has become the new vehicle of choice for the GTA fanboys). Well, I've had my little whine. I don't suppose Reto will give a damn about anything I've said: I'm only one customer so why care? Anyway. I will be busy this weekend looking for a new game to play, so I may not see many of you in-game. Have fun... if you still can.
  9. Wilfrith

    Update 1.12 - Deploy! Drive! Destroy!

    Good updates for driving and tanks; very bad for infantry deployment. Who the hell wants to waste several minutes of every game just waiting to spawn? This needs a rapid fix or player numbers will very likely fall off. We are here to play, not to twiddle our thumbs. There are some sound issues (already stated above).
  10. Wilfrith

    Vehicle Gameplay Update - Handling - Round 2

    I have tested all the German infantry vehicles in 1st person mode. They all handle very well now and this a great improvement. The Kübelwagen windscreen (windshield) obscures the driver's view a little. IRL you could move your head to compensate. The only major problem I have noticed is that the SdKfz's driver can't see the road 2-3 metres in front of him. I think this would have caused a few problems in WWII. Maybe the driver's seat could be raised so he has a better view of the road immediately in front of the vehicle.
  11. Wilfrith

    Fair Play– Update 1.10.2 is here

    Really nice update; well done, Devs! It addresses some of the issues I've had with the game recently. What do people think about the idea of naming and shaming banned users? Is Reto intending to do this in the future? Personally, I'm mostly in favour of naming and shaming.
  12. Brand me a noob then. A noob with 2,500 hours in the game and a couple of hundred hours flying all classes, all factions. But against very good players (Champi0n and WarDaemon [iirc]) we had no chance. I took down 8 PE3's this morning while outnumbered 1:3. The PEs is beatable; it's only a little more maneuverable than the Me410. It is better than the Me410 but not as good as the P-38. Of course if you know better, show us the videos of you flying the Me410 against P-38s. That might convince me you are right and I am wrong.
  13. and of course you are right. except that isn't what happened. it was 4 good GE pilots v TWO v.good US pilots. I don't see why you assume it was all down to bad players