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    Si estas buscando trabajo en equipo y juego competitivo sin dejar a un lado la diversión y el buen ambiente, pasate por el discord y únete a nosotros. Somos una gran parte de la comunidad hispanohablante de H&G (que juega SU) y hemos conseguido construir un grupo de gente normal y madura, que le gusta jugar en equipo, ganar partidas, aprender de las derrotas y disfrutar siempre de un ambiente libre de jugadores tóxicos. No importa tu nivel ni cuanto tiempo lleves jugando. Tampoco tu género, procedencia, talla de ropa interior o si tocas el bajo en un grupo de punk, si lo que quieres es pasarlo bien y crecer como jugador, eres bienvenido en Jaguar Rojo. (Aquí tendrás mi amor en forma de apoyo aéreo) Un saludo, camarada!
  2. I really find it the best of the new planes (in air superiority), it is just a different way of playing and as @Wobix said, it reach its peak when you use it in pairs. You can't expect to be as good as P-35 in a dogfight, its not that type of plane. I had no problem shooting from far, the damage its close to 0, but its acurate.
  3. mutachiro

    Aircraft controls

    Why not? I dont think its that hard to get used to classic controls, but some people would like this.
  4. mutachiro

    HnG days are counted....

    You are exagerating too much. This game has a lot of problems, but its not the half as bad as the bunch of cryers say it is. If been a dedicated player since I was 13 in other games and every community has been like this, specialy in games from big companies. This game has evolved a lot, I love the way it is growing, there is a lot of things they doing bad but NOT all of them, and they know how to rectificate (planes update!). There is just too much people that is complaing because this game is not exactly, step by step, the game they see in their heads. This post is one in and ocean of stupid crying and unconstructive BS from that part of the community. And If that part of the community starts a victimizer post like this crying as always and telling us they are leaving this community to start crying in another, makes me really happy!
  5. mutachiro

    HnG days are counted....

    Yeah, go play CoD mate. Thats were players like you belong. There is too much antigame and unconstructive BS talkers in H&G. Farewell and have fun!
  6. mutachiro

    Planes ATs stucked

    Im playing war and I just send medium and heavy fighters to a match and they are entering a closed lane, so I can not spawn as pilot. They used to go back to the airport when the lane was closed, is it a bug or Reto changed that mechanic?
  7. mutachiro

    Leaderboard suggestions

    Would it be possible to separate War stas from Assault?
  8. mutachiro

    Changelog 1.08 - Planes & Ladders

  9. mutachiro

    Changelog 1.08 - Planes & Ladders

    So the result is.....? P-40 will crash other planes to kill them? Now its a rammer plane?
  10. mutachiro

    Changelog 1.08 - Planes & Ladders

    Using your logic P-40 is now going to destroy tanks by ramming into them. Yep, very clever
  11. mutachiro

    Changelog 1.08 - Planes & Ladders

    That makes no sense... What is the point on that? Im pretty sure they are talking about guns.
  12. mutachiro

    Changelog 1.08 - Planes & Ladders

    When you say slightly buffed P-40 Warhawks vehicle versus vehicle damage, did you buffed P-40's .50 caliber or did you buffed .50 cal in general?
  13. mutachiro

    Plane's Bombs

    One post created by a plane hater... Never read about this happening. It would be an advantage for Yak-9 by the way, its bombs are inside the cockpit.
  14. I think the other heavies should be more like Me-410, that would be a good start for balancing mediums and heavies.
  15. Pe-3 can keep turning with mediums too, so Me-410 is the one being isolated haha
  16. Man, Ive been playing 410 the whole morning and I have to say you are f*****ng right. Its not a bad plane in my opinion, but it cannot compete against the other heavies. Its faster yes, but not enough to be an effective zoom and boomer. P-38 and Pe-3 can climb as good as 410. Turning ratio is poor too, it even stall earlier than the others. Dint had the change to play against mediums, but If it is overwhelmed by its counterparts, there is no way it could be match for mediums.
  17. Sure mate, I would love to. Im just too lazy for leveling up another soldier but I really like german planes, they are beautiful. One of these days.
  18. Ive never flyed the 410 but Ive played against german pilots who could keep my turning ratio with Pe-3 and Yak-9 aswell.
  19. mutachiro

    Public Test Wednesday Sept 6th 1330 CEST (now Closed)

    Well, Im pretty sure thats a problem in your playing today, not in the game status.
  20. Im pretty sure its not a P-38 thing. I think every heavy fighter can keep turning ratio against mediums. Right now heavies are better in dogfight than any medium.
  21. mutachiro

    Public Test Wednesday Sept 6th 1330 CEST (now Closed)

    Im flying Bf-109 D1 right now and I dont think its as bad as you say man. Its inferior in flying performance to Bf-109E, obviously, but can beat mig-3 in doghfight. You have to change the way you fly, dont chase planes that are faster than you, you are doing it wrong. Stop blaming the game for everything you cant do. I was in the same match against you when I was playing mig-3 and you kept chasing me while I was climbing man, you just dont know how planes work.
  22. mutachiro

    Pilot Production is too low

    If you divide the production there will be half of the poeple doing the same thing, thats not solving, its hiding the problem. Decrease the income and exp gained is solving, making them harder to fly so less players dare to learn is solving. If you dont like a mechanic of the game, dont use it yes, but not all plane gameplay is broken. I dont destroy empty cars, I dont join assault for farming, and Im pretty sure there is a lot of players who do the same.
  23. mutachiro

    the truth GE players wont say

    Ok man, english is not my mother tongue either. Sorry, I got it the wrong way.
  24. mutachiro

    the truth GE players wont say

    Man, this is not true... If you say so its because you dont play planes. Tail gunner in this game makes 0 diference in a dogfight, at least with heavy fighters. Don't get me wrong, Its not OP, but is is not underpowered. Its as good as any other heavy plane.