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  1. I am just curious about the tick rate or hertz of H&G's servers. Hopefully, a dev or informed person can help me out with this.
  2. TheJacksta

    STG Mods --- I know there are several threads like this ---

    If you download macros for your stg you can teleport through walls and shoot through them too. Also gives you no recoil and aimbot.
  3. TheJacksta

    H & G Hack & Cheat

    It’s ight my dude I’ll just pull out my knife macros so I can pre-knife you through walls
  4. TheJacksta

    H & G Hack & Cheat

    No hacks just macros boisss
  5. TheJacksta

    New Soviet Anti-tank weapon

    Yea, those cheapskates!
  6. TheJacksta

    New Soviet Anti-tank weapon

    That would be a lot of team kills because the Soviets trained them on the wrong fuel and "gunfire from the tanks scared away the of the dogs, causing them to run back to the trenches and often detonated the charge upon jumping in, killing Soviet soldiers."?????
  7. TheJacksta

    I keep seeing STG Lazer guns!

    Exactly right, just never sprint and pull down and you’ll do well.
  8. TheJacksta

    I keep seeing STG Lazer guns!

    Boi, I have countless hours with the stg and I am very, very good with it. I average a 50% headshot rate or more. I also happen to know that there is NO DIFFERENCE whatsoever between single fire and automatic. Plus, I see that your faction is SU, so, tell me, how much time have you spent using and analyzing the stg?
  9. TheJacksta

    I keep seeing STG Lazer guns!

    You guys know that the majority of people who use macros just use them to spam stuff in chat, right? I mean come on, how stupid do you have to be to think that an auto-clicker on an automatic gun makes any difference?
  10. TheJacksta

    Why am i uninstalling this game

    Ammonium Dichlorate
  11. TheJacksta

    Why am i uninstalling this game

    Looks like you need this,
  12. Unfortunately, you can’t get a PPD. Only 1 gun per three people.
  13. Yes, but your character was originally an Infantry that you bought a long time ago. Your friend bought his from the soldier shop. I don’t know how long ago the career option was taken out, but Reto removes it because too many people were getting rid of their first infantry. Now, those characters are referred to as Legacy. You can change their role at anytime for the cost of credits or gold, but you do not get the same items as someone who bought their character from the charecter shop.
  14. It only comes with a PPD if you buy him from the soldier shop. He only comes with the T-38 if he was a legacy character that you converted.
  15. TheJacksta

    stop blaming players for team kills

    Boi why would you ever get rid of teamkilling? Its the best part of this game!