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  1. Pcfreak9

    Sturmtruppe 37 [EU]

    Who are we: Sturmtruppe 37 is a small squad of experienced German soldiers who is playing together for a long time. After a while we decided to make a formal squad out of our little squad and decided to grow! Our goals: - Most of all is FUN the highest goal! - Be an influential factor in the war campaign What we offer: - Maturity - Newbie friendly environment - Experienced core group What is required: - A mature attitude - Teamplay - A sense of humor - English speaking Our discord: https://discord.gg/JUW897Z If you have any questions regarding Sturmtruppe 37 you can ask them in the #general chat. If you want to join leave a message in the #recruitment channel or contact me. High regards Pcfreak9
  2. Pcfreak9

    [ENG] Silly point capturer wants active clan

    Sarimachiel! if you like you can join our team from time to time aswell. You can allways add me!
  3. Pcfreak9

    Too many snipers now

    I agree with the OP. Scopes should be a recon thing ONLY! :!:
  4. There is no reason to buy a rank 1 for any academy trained character imo. Just save up a bit more credits or gold and buy a rank 12 one.