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  1. I have deployed after a year, because of the 14 day vet and once it's gone I'm out too. It's 2020 for fucks sake, noone cares if you no.564646464646464 in the queue, what customers want to know is WHEN the ATs' will be ready (even rough estimate). I'm working adult I really have no time to check 24/7 if my ATs are actually ready. For what I should actually buy gold? Throwing money to the ducks under the bridge in my town is currently more satisfactory than to deploy and play RTS in this game.
  2. Dalnar

    why the 50cal should become an infantry gun

    All the talks about how .50 is hardcore heavy weapon, but noone mentions that it can't penetrate shirt in game.
  3. Dalnar

    HELLCAT-main battle tank of america

    Hellcat is too durable for it's speed, that's undeniable. But the majority of bad players just complains about what kills the most. So even with Hellcat nerfed to the ground, they would still complain about its potential successor. It's not like US has many viable (cost-effective) choices for spawn.
  4. Dalnar

    Why US tankers have M1A1 ?

    Seriously? Were you actually EVER killed by M1A1? If so, tell us more about how it happened. Must have been a great story.
  5. It's always amusing to read GE/US justifications about FW190/Hellcat. It almost looks like that they mirror themselves... GE(FW190 fine, nerf Hellcat!) US (Hellcat fine!, nerf FW190!).
  6. Dalnar

    Why US tankers have M1A1 ?

    Oh the logic of average wehraboo player....
  7. The irony is that the same people that argued for years how STG is mediocre gun at best are now complaining that everyone can get it (in stock). Priceless. If the weapon is so...mediocre, why care? Beside 1246464656416464646 STGs were lying on the ground in most matches against GE, so everyone could easily pick it up anyway.
  8. Dalnar


    The future is obviously only one faction (GE) - fighting bots. But the good news is that they will be able to use the OP US/SU vehicles against them. Wehraboo hellcat ! priceless.
  9. Yes please, the US is in dire need of another plane with just MGs...
  10. A-24 Banshee was the army variant of SDB. Although I'm not sure this game needs more air cancer. I would love P47 with rockets though :p I mean it's still .50 cals but at least 8 of them and 10 rockets as well.
  11. Dalnar

    I feel sorry for US faction

    I guess the key difference is that when wehraboo cry, they still continue play the eternally underpowered (superior teamwork) faction and GE remains overpopulated. When US/SU cry they quit for GE and break the RTS game - which is the only interesting part of this otherwise below average FPS. So even if you do not care about SU/US cryboys, without them the game simply dies off. I think instead trying to fix and balance the game, RETO should simply introduce axis vs axis gameplay, so once the wehraboos finally conquered the game and forums as well, they can finally play against each other in fully balanced environment and practise their superior teamwork and coordination. Ah well, wanted to deploy after few months. Seems pointless. Will check next year.
  12. Dalnar

    CHANGELOG 1.16 - Aim, Fly and Fire

    If "Introduced Plane Bullet Convergence, can be disabled in options" is what I hope it is (did not play for a while), then US got something useful finally.
  13. Dalnar


    Not every headshot is pure hit kill. Majority of autobursts headshots are actually just simple kills. The last bullet would kill you regardless of where it hits, just when it hits to head it shows as headshot.
  14. Doesn't matter if they were statistically superior. I will take 100 Shermans with spare parts for another 100 over 50 Panzer IVs any day. The thing is, cost is another "asymetrical balance stat" they could tweak to justify the "superior engineering", but we all know how the wehraboo community in this game would react to this. So here we are in HnG where not so equal stuff costs the same and we call it fair and balanced.
  15. By the same logic we should make GE stuff 15x more expensive, because they produced so little of everything. I mean +-500 Pumas vs +-8500 Greyhounds. It's a little ironic that GE playerbase expects their vehicles to meet "historical accuracy" of "wehraboo OPness", but refuse to suffer of the consequences of "superior engineering", aka expensive, slow, inefficient production.